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    Who Are You Seeing Behind My Back?

    Wednesday, August 18 2010
    Barbara and Emily are rescued, Luke and Reid argue and Chris continues to lie.

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    Posted by Barb G at Wednesday, August 18 2010 03:53 PM

    Hey North---whatcha studying? Huh...huh...huh...???

    Bravo, Peteena, Bravo!!! Well said! I too have been watching ATWT since the very beginning! I was a baby, but my Great-Grandparents watched every day and so did I. I'll be 56 in October so I'm actually older than the show! Oh, my...that's depressing!!!

    Cards1---I'll keep the fire nice and hot waiting for you, since I'm pretty sure I'll get there first!!! You just gotta laugh...what more can I say? Laughter is the world's best medicine for the soul...along with chicken soup...

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, August 18 2010 04:08 PM

    I'm doing my Master's at Concordia in Montreal. It's in Human Systems...

    right now I'm not working at all, I'm sitting with three books open, and am feeling sad that being a foreigner I can't watch today's episode again (outside of the states they don't let you)

    I hope they have biiiiig hand baskets

    Posted by Barb G at Wednesday, August 18 2010 04:42 PM

    North - I'm very impressed and proud of you! Human Systems sounds very interesting. I've always wanted to visit looks like such a beautiful city! I get to see some shots when the Pittsburgh Penguins play hockey there (and usually beat your butts!...just kidding).

    Can't you go to and watch today's episode again? When I was in Canandaigua, and missed a few episodes, I watched them when I got back home to PA. Maybe you can try that and see if it works. If not, go to They usually post the "highlights" there along with blogs (I'm not computer smart enough to blog) but I read them and they're pretty good. at least one of those three open books for at least a little while. It'll make you feel better! And, by the way, that handbasket will be plenty big enough..of that, I'm sure!!!

    Have a good night...

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, August 18 2010 04:54 PM

    Thanks Barb G. I actually live in Toronto... it's a bit of a commute... and love the Penguins... The Leafs are worse than both the Canadians and the Penguins.

    If you are outside the states you "out of the region" and cannae watch episodes. reallly? cool.

    good to know. good to know

    back to it...

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, August 18 2010 07:39 PM

    Peteena you and me are in the same boat, I have watched this show for more than 40 (can't believe it's been that long) and I still miss GL. Am still refusing to watch Let's make a Deal, watch Y&R and B&B, but your right not the same. I guess we'll all be waiting with a handbasket with Barb G. and north of the border. ITA about Emily. I have never been a Meg fan but I hated they left her baby with Emily. But it looks like the writer's are going to have a truce between her and Barbara. One thing I look forward to is the return of John Dixon. He can sure things up.

    Posted by My princess at Wednesday, August 18 2010 08:44 PM

    Hello All spoiler
    I read where Reid dies in Holden's arms. The elevator falls.Don't know if that is true. I've been watching off & on for years. Do you all remember when Lisa's son died?

    Posted by Buffy Davis at Wednesday, August 18 2010 09:52 PM


    Here are the remaing spoilers from the tv guide. com interview with executive producer Chris Goutman:

    **So who's getting hitched? "Barbara and Henry will finally make it to the altar," reveals Goutman. "They are very flawed people but they know there's no other way to complete themselves other than being with each other. Their wedding will help heal the incredibly dysfunctional Ryan family and expunge the ghost of James Stenbeck once and for all. Once that ghost is put to rest, Emily and Paul will be able to see through all their mishigas and finally realize they are meant for each other. They are going to raise Eliza together and be a family."

    Carly and Jack will also wed. "I think it's imperative we bring those two together even though they have never been able to get it right," Goutman notes. "We've watched them go through so much, often to the point of viewer frustration. But odds be damned and differences be damned, these two belong together."

    The relatively new Katie-Chris attraction is hitting a massive roadblock — Chris is suffering from a dire heart condition — but Goutman hints that they, too, will end on a blissful note. "We couldn't wrap things up with Katie still in a state of mourning over Brad's death, Nancy's death and Chris' illness," the exec says. "She's the sweetheart of our show and she deserves a little happiness after all she's been through."

    Goutman adds that Chris' parents, the legendary Bob and Kim, "will elect to go on to the next stage of their lives" and their long-brewing argument — should Bob retire as chief of staff and spend more time with his wife? — will be resolved in the final episode. Meanwhile Tom and Margo, who currently have the longest-running marriage in soaps, will go out as a team. No surprise there, but Goutman says "there's an interesting little twist in store for them and they will end the show as empty-nesters."

    But what to do about Holden and Lily? Though ATWT's premiere couple since the Reagan era, the duo has been estranged for quite some time now and Holden was all set to marry Molly last week. The writers didn't let that happen but not so Holden and Lily could walk down the aisle instead. "We made the choice not to marry them at the end of the show but we will leave them in a place where we know they will always be intertwined," Goutman says. "Holden and Lily are no longer the kids in the hayloft like they were in the '80s. These characters must move beyond that and evolve. They must grow up if they are to be with each other for the rest of their lives."

    Lily's buttinsky mom, Lucinda, also has some love in store — she and her ex-husband, Dr. John Dixon, will reunite when John comes back to Oakdale to try to save Chris' life.

    Posted by KatStevens at Thursday, August 19 2010 05:00 AM

    Reid was GREAT today; he kind of reminds me of House in the show of the same name. I'm glad Barbara & Emily have been found & their s/ls can evolve. A couple omments on spoilers & the Goutman interview: 1) In whose world is Katie the 'sweetheart of the show' (NOT MINE!); 2) If the ***spoiler*** about Reid/Chris is accurate, I don't like it. Alas, all viewers can do is enjoy the few remaining days of the show.

    Posted by SoapCritic74 at Thursday, August 19 2010 06:40 AM

    ***Comment on the Spoiler***

    Why would the writer's do this to Reid and Noah? You would think that they would not follow the storyline of Y & R. Victor getting Colleen's heart.... I will say that I did not get the idea that this was what was going to happen by the article. If it is though I impore the writer's to change this before it is too late at least let the ending bt good. Reid should not die! Hell let Katie die and give her heart to Chris.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, August 19 2010 06:44 AM

    Buffy Davis Thanks for the ***SPOILERS**** I expected much of it but I did expect Lily/Holden reunion. Not that I wanted that but I expected it. This Lily is ok but IMO she never had the chemistry with Holden, Martha Byrne had. I do hate the way they ended the Meg character, not been a Meg fan but I did want to see her get her baby back. It would have just killed me if someone else had raised my baby like Emily. They should have let Emily had a miracle pregnancy, if they wanted her and Paul to have a baby, and let Meg have her baby back IMO, but oh well the writing is on the wall now.

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