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    Who Are You Seeing Behind My Back?

    Wednesday, August 18 2010
    Barbara and Emily are rescued, Luke and Reid argue and Chris continues to lie.

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    Posted by Buffy Davis at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:42 PM

    Thank you North of the Border. Don't kill the messenger.

    Posted by lilyholden#1fan at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:42 PM

    Get over yourself Emily! At least Barbara is reaching out, seemingly sincere. I am SSOO glad this stupid story-line is over!

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, August 18 2010 01:02 PM

    Quite frankly the only reason I was still watching ASWT was for Luke and Reid. They are the most interesting couple on this show. Thanks for the spoiler, now knowing he's going to be killed off, I have no reason to continue watching. Chris and Katie are annoying, why not kill Katie off? There's an idea.
    The way they handled the Molly/Holden reunion was a mess. Barbara's sl dragged a little too long, I lost interest. Yawn!!!!!!! Oh well, maybe I'll tune to One Life to Live.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Wednesday, August 18 2010 01:03 PM

    Hello everyone, we've been having big thunder storms here in Virginia and badly needed rain. I am so glad Barbara has been rescued, Emily needs to find a clue. Paul needs to set her straight about his mother, I don't care if you don't like the m-i-l or not, you don't disrespect your husband's mother. Now, show us some Henry and Babs and get away from dreary Iris.

    Posted by Barb G at Wednesday, August 18 2010 01:09 PM

    Blesseddiva, I agree with you. It was an anti-climatic ending and it did suck! After all this time, that's all the writers could come up with? Sucked big time!!!

    I too had read about Reid being killed off a good while ago. It just was too depressing to share with anyone else. I've been in a funk for weeks since I found out. What a terrible way to end such a beautiful love story!!! I'm as devastated as Luke will be if this does happen.

    Buffy, like North of the border said, enjoy it while we still can. That's all we can do at this point...

    North, nice to see you kept your word and are still watching and writing. As far as getting to attached to "soap characters", I've done the same thing for years and swear I'll never do it again...but I do! I think that's part of the "magic" of soaps. That you get so involved in other people's lives and troubles that you sometimes forget about your own, if only for a little while! I look at it like was a good Luke and Reid day and I'm going to enjoy each and every one while I can! And I agree about the issue of being sexless so far. I hope the writers tread in that water before the show fades into darkness forever. They should, though, since it's been implied on more than one occasion on this site, that at least some of them must be gay...and you know who I mean! Enough said...

    Cards1, love your posts also and Peteena too! You two are great!!! I'm sure I'll be waiting in hell when that handbasket arrives, sicko that I am!!!

    Final thought for today...did anyone else notice how many posts there were yesterday? Haven't seen that many for quite awhile. It's nice to see so many new names posting and sharing their feelings about ATWT! It's a nice send-off to a great soap!!!

    Good evening, all...hope there's peace and love in your "world"...

    Posted by Earthmom at Wednesday, August 18 2010 01:34 PM

    Aren't soaps wonderful? I love the way simple concepts like space and time cease to exist. Take size for example. I can see Emily wearing the same size as Barbara. I can see Iris wearing the same size as Janet. But, sorry. There is no way Iris can wear Barbara's clothes. But, there you are. She does.

    I think soaps are allowed to use the same logic as cartoons. I'm OK with it...I love cartoons. In what real life world would a mansion like Fairwinds have such flimsy construction that 2 petite little people like Emily and Barbara knock down a support beam by leaning on it from a sitting position. Only in a soap would they have WonderWoman strength. I love it.

    Too much fun!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, August 18 2010 01:45 PM

    Thanks Buffy I hate to see that happen. I like Luke and Reid together better than Noah and Luke. Chris needs to tell Katie and his parents about his heart problems. I don't think Reid should tell Luke about Chris which isn't ethical for Doctor to do.

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, August 18 2010 02:22 PM

    Right now I prefer Reid with EVERY character over whomever they are currently with... I think there's some good chemistry between reid and chris. someone mentioned reid and dusty...

    except Henry and Barbara.. we'll give them some time together, and not Emily, Emily IS a twit.. she deserves Paul, twit is evidently contagious. And i will leave out Carly and Jack, Carly would eventually leave Reid for Jack, and Jack would destroy Reid's spirit with his perpetual disappointment and moralizing... craig would just steal his trust fund.

    (I'm supposed to be studying you can see my many ranting posts how well I'm doing)

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, August 18 2010 02:35 PM

    Finally Barbara is free! and she can go to the bathroom, take a shower and have a hot meal! I hate the *****SPOILERS***** about Reid but unfortunately I believe they are true. I hadn't heard Chris receives his heart but it makes perfect since with John Dixon back on the scene. Reid has been one of those characters that has grown on me. I actually believe Barbara and Emily are going to come to some sort of a truce before the end of the show. I hope Iris doesn't get away. I hope Qwen finally realizes she can't trust her. Barbara is mad at Henry now but I read a *****SPOILER***** and I believe Barbara and Henry get married. Barb G, I guess we will waiting on that handbasket together, whatever that

    Posted by Peteena at Wednesday, August 18 2010 03:26 PM

    Thanks for the props, Barb G! I've watched this show for over 40 years (my mom watched, so basically it's been on for my whole life) and will miss it terribly. B&B and even Y&R will never really take the place of the ones I grew up with, namely ATWT and Guilding Light, and soon they will both be gone. Words cannot express my sadness. That may be pathetic, since it's only a TV show, but it's true and if there's anywhere I can say that it's here.

    As for today's ep, I haven't watched it yet, but am SO glad that Barbara has been rescued! Emily is the #1 character that I want to slap today (it takes a lot to beat out Katie!), because even when they were dying and Barbara was apologizing, holier-than-thou Emily (who has done as bad or worse things than any character on this show except James - including Barbara!) could not do the same. So, Babs apologized to the woman who SHOT HER SON AND LEFT HIM FOR DEAD, but that woman was not big enough to return the favor. That's so Emily, and really disgusting.

    And finally (since I seem to be on a full-blown rant now), CHRIS: GROW A PAIR AND DEAL WITH YOUR ILLNESS, YOU WHINY TWIT!!!!!

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