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    Who Are You Seeing Behind My Back?

    Wednesday, August 18 2010
    Barbara and Emily are rescued, Luke and Reid argue and Chris continues to lie.

    At Lily's, Luke accuses Reid of lying to him about his patient. Reid admits he saw his patient at the Lakeview but refuses to say anymore. "Who are you seeing behind my back?" Luke demands. He admits that Noah tipped him off and Reid explains that he was only helping someone back to their room. Reid's not very comforted by his boyfriend's lack of trust. Luke apologizes and sheepishly asks if he can still go to the party.

    At Fairwinds, Paul and Henry discuss Iris and wonder what she's up to. Henry thinks they should question her and they head out.

    Kim stops by the hospital to see Bob and wonders why he hasn't gotten ready for the party they're going to. She thinks he must be nervous about who the board will choose to succeed him. They discuss their son and he thinks that he doesn't even want the job. Kim still has faith in him.

    Chris is in Katie's doorway begging him to go to the trustee's party. She turns him down. They bicker about how he goes back and forth. He manages to talk her down. When she goes off to dress, he sits down and contorts in pain.

    Gwen and Will corner Iris in Old Town and order her to go to an AA meeting immediately or they'll check her into rehab. They bicker about her wearing Barbara's clothes and Iris claims that she is just jealous of her. Will gets a call from Paul and leaves to meet him while Gwen drags her mother away.

    Henry and Paul go to the Lakeview to search Barbara's room. Paul is still reluctant to believe Henry's theories. Will arrives and tells them that he wouldn't put anything past Iris.

    At the AA meeting, Gwen prods her mother to talk to the circle. Iris begins telling her story and starts to cry. When the meeting ends, Will, Henry and Paul run in looking for them.

    Luke and Reid head to the Metro for the party. Chris and Katie arrive. The doctors step aside and Reid urges Chris to got o the hospital. Chris refuses and insists this is his choice. The trustees begin questioning the doctors. Kim and Bob wonder what's wrong with their son when he doesn't seem able to say anything constructive. Reid tries to help Chris out. Bob calls for a break. His parents worry. Reid orders Chris to the hospital to see a cardiologist. "Why?" Katie asks, interrupting. Chris covers and Reid walks off. Katie wonders what's wrong with Chris. His parents walk over and Bob asks his son if he wants to back out. Chris tells Katie he wants to go. As they leave, Bob is shocked to see his son walks out and complains to Kim. Across the room, Reid tries covering to Luke. They begin arguing and Reid admits that Chris is his patient and he's very sick. Luke's impressed to see Reid showing his more compassionate side for his rival. Reid admits that he's changing and he has Luke to thank for that.

    Bob and Kim go out for ice cream in Old Town and discuss their son. He thinks Chris has too much on his plate. He's sure they both want what's best for their son.

    Katie takes Chris back to her place and wonders why he seems so wiped out. She worries about when the the shoe will drop with him but he assures her that things are okay. She invites him inside and they start making out on her couch.

    Iris and Gwen return to Fairwinds. Iris apologizes to her daughter for unburdening herself on her and then goes off to 'pray'. Will calls and asks Gwen to keep her mother there. He arrives with Paul and Henry. They explain they think her mom has something to do with the disappearances. Paul suddenly smells smoke.

    In the wine cellar, Emily moans at Barbara as sparks fly from the electrical box they accidentally smashed. They try to shimmy out of their bonds but that doesn't work and the room fills with smoke as they argue. Coughing, Barbara apologizes for treating her unfairly. Emily tries to apologize but that doesn't work out. Barb wonders if they'll be friends if they survive but Em says that's not possible. As they start choking, Paul kicks the door open and rushes in. The women are untied and explain that iris was behind it all.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Katie wonders what's wrong with Chris.

    Emily tells Paul she's being punished for her misdeeds.

    Gwen catches her mother.

    Henry is afraid he's lost any chance he has to be with Barbara.

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    Posted by Buffy Davis at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:10 PM

    I really like Luke and Reid. I hate that Reid will be killed off and Chris will receive his heart. I use to like Luke and Noah but once they got together, their storylines were horrible. I wish the show would end with Noah going to California and Luke and Reid staying together.

    Posted by beagle lover at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:20 PM

    Wow, where did you get your info?! I had no idea that any of that was going to happen! I must know, I must know in case there are spoilers for my other soaps!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:21 PM

    Buffy Why do you think Reid will die? I haven't read anywhere that he will.

    Posted by Buffy Davis at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:29 PM

    I read this online at tv Executive Producer Chris Goutman gave an interview. This is what he said about Luke/Reid/Noah:Prepare for a tragic, yet heroic, twist to the Luke-Reid romance — one that'll set the stage for a potential rapprochement for Luke and Noah. "Without giving too much away, I do think Luke and Noah will always have a deep and abiding relationship," Goutman says. "Reid came along and challenged that love and his presence made Luke and Noah grow up. Their relationship will endure." That said, Goutman admits that if ATWT had not been cancelled, Luke and Reid could well have been a couple for the ages. "Their connection was immediate and they are dynamic together," says the boss. "Soon after Reid's arrival, we had a lot of diehard Luke and Noah fans suddenly rooting for Luke and Reid. It was the best of what soap opera can be."

    I think it is pretty clear the Reid will be killed off and Chris will receive his heart.

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:30 PM

    Buffy, I agree completely but.. what can we do.. enjoy it while we can...

    there are so many Reid fans on this site, so nice, he's a great, complex character, like when Luke accused him of cheating he said... no? and really you should trust me... and luke said... hmm ok sorry... and then reid said good let's go to the party...

    any other couple, luke would have refused to tell him what he suspected, stewed, dressed up, followed reid to see where he went.... likely in a maid's outfit.. followed him into some weird, seedy, compromising position...then reid would see him, never forgive him, fake his own death or sever illness, driving luke back to him only long enough for luke to find out reid was lying etc. etc. until he was REALLY sick

    for a soap they are a pretty drama free couple...
    (and sexless.... but that's a different issue)

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:33 PM

    You are supposed to ***Spoilers" before you write spoliers.

    some of us don't want to know. That is such awful news because I really like Reid.
    Why the the hell would they give reid's heart to Chris? I don't even like Chris, and I don't like him with Katie. That sucks.
    Chris can't even be honest and tell Katie he is sick. So he will selfishly subject her to the possibility to losing another lover. Way to go Chris!

    This whole kidnapping story had an anti-climatic ending, huh? I was secreting hoping Iris was working for someone like James, even though I didn't want to see James.
    I don't know it just sucked.

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:33 PM

    beagle and diana

    this site has pretty detailed scoops...
    it is implied here...

    Posted by awall at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:38 PM

    Glad to read Barbara was found today, Emily could have been left there until the show ended. Maybe Gwen will get her head out of the sand as far as her mother is concerned, can't believe she keeps falling for her lies. Hopefully the thief didn't get away with the money and she will be thrown under the jail. Where is keystone cop Margo doing all of this this. How did she ever make Chief of Police? Hopefully the storylines will pick up now, we are on the final countdown now. No Janet, Liberty or Gabriel today, great.

    Posted by lilyholden#1fan at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:39 PM

    Get over yourself Emily!

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, August 18 2010 12:40 PM

    In Buffy's defense the spoiler was pretty widely discussed yesterday in posts without any **** stars...

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