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You Were Collateral Damage.

Monday, August 16 2010
Gabriel tells his dad about Lucinda and Carly and Jack's operation doesn't go as planned.

Liberty and Gabriel are down at the water skipping stones and talking about their parents. He tells her that they need to let them take responsibility for themselves. He explains that Lucinda set his father up and claims he doesn't care what happens.

At Lily's, Holden eavesdrops on Lily talking to Craig about financing. He barges in and tells Craig that she isn't interested in whatever he's selling. Holden rails at Craig, who insists that he's not pulling anything. Lily tells her ex that she's not an idiot and she can make her own choices. Holden groans and plods off. Craig thanks her for trusting him. She might believe in him but she's not giving him any money. He tries to talk her around. When that doesn't work, he explains that he borrowed money from some unsavory sources and needs to pay up so he can get her company back on track.

At the Lakeview, Carly is trying to sweet talk information out of Blackthorn but he's reluctant. She tells him she used to be a stripper. As she keeps probing him, Janet wanders in. Jack listens through the surveillance system and panics. Janet tells Blackie that Carly is Jack's ex too. The women begin to bicker until Jack rushes in and drags Janet off, claiming there is a problem with the cabin. Once they're gone, Carly tells Blackie what turns her on and he suggests they go upstairs for some room service.

Parker walks into the farm house. Faith quizzes him about his trip to college campuses. He seems bored by the whole thing and might rather stay in Oakdale. She wonders if he wants to stick around for Liberty. He claims not. Gabriel and Liberty walk in as Parker complains about getting an education. The boys bicker and Gabriel accuses Parker of being a spoiled rich kid and Parker accuses him of being a crook like his father. As they lunge at each other, Holden runs in and gets between them. Gabriel has a fit and decides to quit working there and leave. Faith asks everyone to chill out. Holden stops Gabe from leaving and then complains about Craig. Gabriel runs off. Liberty follows and Parker follows after them. Holden asks his daughter what is going on between her and Parker.

Craig goes to the bar at the Lakeview for a drink. Gabriel approaches him and tells him that Lucinda is the one who is after him. He explains what he knows and then his father explains the mess he is in and how he wants to put some distance between them to keep him safe. Craig asks him for a favor.

Lily drops by Worldwide to see her mother and flatly asks her if she brought Sierra and Lucy to town to keep Craig busy. Lucinda confirms it. Lily is tired of everyone thinking they know what's best for her. Lucinda tells her that she needs Holden in her life to help her make decisions. Lily rolls her eyes. Her mother suggests they go for a spa vacation to relax. Lily agrees to go, but only as her friend.

When Lily gets home, Craig arrives and informs her that her mother sent Francoise after them and the whole scam was her plan. "You were collateral damage," he says. Craig calls in his son to tell her what he knows. After Gabriel tells her everything, he leaves. Craig puts the rest of the pieces together for her and guess she got Blackthorn involved so he would end up dead. Lily decides to buy all of his shares of Worldwide.

Parker and Liberty meet by the water and talk about when they first met. He says the best day of his life was when she went into remission. They discuss Gabriel and Faith and then agree to be friends forever. He walks off as Gabriel arrives and tells her what he just did for his dad. She's impressed.

Lucinda drops by the farm house to tell Holden that she has Craig out of Lily's life now. She reminds him that he and Lily are free agents now and urges him to go after her.

Blackthorn takes Carly up to his room and asks her to sit on his bed with him. As he answers her questions vaguely and she avoids answering his, he reaches around and rips the wire out of her bra. He accuses her of working with Jack and threatens to send his lawyer after her. As he threatens her, Jack bursts in and stops them. Blackie taunts them for harassing him. Janet walks in and berates Jack and Carly. Blackie insists he's innocent and Janet backs him up. He orders Carly and Jack out. Janet complains that her friends are being overprotective and he's impressed that she stuck up for him. They kiss.

Jack and Carly go home and she gives him the wallet she swiped from Blackie. They find a St. Carmello medal and then bicker about what to do next.

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