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    Take It Or Leave It.

    Friday, August 13 2010
    Everyone warns Lily about Craig, Dusty gives Janet an ultimatum and Carly wears a wire.

    Lily finds Holden sitting in Al's. They talk about their kids getting over his botched wedding and then he whips out her necklace. He puts it on her and she tells him this is the sweetest thing he's ever done. As they chat, he begins making snide remarks about Craig. She storms off and he follows. She thinks he ruined his gesture by acting lousy. Holden thought she came to her senses about Craig and they bicker.

    In his room, Craig opens a box and finds a clock ticking inside. It has a note that says it's not a bomb... this time. Johnny comes in and asks about the clock. His father tells him this was a mistake and drops the clock in the hall. Sierra walks by. "Looks like I caught you at a bad time," she says. She interrogates him about the perfume factory and worries that Lucy is being used as a pawn. He claims that he's a victim of Lucinda and then they bicker about Lily. Craig claims that he can be good for her.

    At the farm house, Dusty and Janet continue to bicker about his sleeping with Lucy. He reminds her that she pushed him away but it's not too late for them. "You can't stop loving me. Take it or leave it," he says. The ultimatum offends her and she rants until Liberty interrupts. Dusty departs and Janet cries to her daughter. Janet clangs pots until she explains that she caught Dusty in bed with his ex. After Janet cries some more, Blackie calls to ask how she's doing. He apologizes again for kissing her and hopes he'll see her around.

    Over at the station, Jack laughs at Carly for throwing herself into things. He agrees to set her up with a wire to go after Blackthorn. She's determined to make sure Craig gets what he deserves so she can move on. He gets excited as she unbuttons her blouse so he can attach the wire. They start making out. She tells him to lock the door. Holden barges in before he can and then tells them about Craig. They tell him that they are working on this too.

    At Lily's, Gabriel tells Lucy what he knows about Lucinda's plan to destroy Carlisle and Craig. She guesses that her grandma brought her there to distract her father. She urges him to think of their little brother when he decides what to do with what he knows. After Lucy leaves, Lily and Sierra arrive. Gabriel decides to leave and the women discuss things. Sierra accuses her sister of sleeping with Craig. Lily explains that she isn't so her sister is relieved, though she warns her that getting involved with him is more like a war than a relationship. Lily's heard all of these warnings. Lucy returns to add another warning about Craig. Lily guesses her mother dragged them both to town and they explain that Lucinda brought them there.

    Craig tracks down Dusty at Metro and asks him to take Johnny out of town. Dusty guesses that Blackie has been uttering threats and storms off. Craig tries leaving Dusty messages to stop him. Gabriel arrives and listens as Craig calls to check on his young son. Gabriel approaches his father and tries to tell him what he knows. Craig just expects another rant so he walks off.

    Dusty storms into Al's to corner Blackie and threatens him to stay away from Johnny. Craig arrives and gets between them. Dusty leaves and Blackie complains, then demands his money fast.

    Back at the farm house, Janet throws out the print of the Mona Lisa Dusty gave her and wonders why she still loves him.

    Liberty finds Gabriel skipping stones in the water and joins him. They discuss how hard it is to understand and help their parents.

    Craig meets Lily as she waters her plants. She wants to believe in him but that's hard since everyone thinks he's the devil. Craig defends himself and insists he's trustworthy as Holden eavesdrops on them from inside. Craig promises Lily that they will achieve all of their goals, but they need her money to do it.

    In Old Town, Dusty tells Lucy to stay away from him and her father because things could get ugly. She's sorry things worked out the way they did and hands him back his good luck charm. "It didn't work for me," she says. Her mother approaches so Lucy says goodbye, claiming Janet would be a fool not to take him back.

    Jack takes Carly to the Lakeview and they set everything up for her surveillance. He wishes her good luck. She goes down to the lounge and approaches Blackthorn. They sit down to have a drink. She claims that she writes for a financial blog and begins asking him questions about how he made his fortune. Janet walks in and sees them together.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Blackie rips out Carly's wire.

    Gabriel tells his father that Lucinda is after him.

    Janet tells Dusty she's going away with Blackie.

    Dusty is grabbed by some thugs.

    Noah tells Luke that Reid is cheating on him.

    Barbara screams when an electrical fire breaks out.

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    Posted by Earthmom at Friday, August 13 2010 12:34 PM

    Oh! I thought Janet's head was going to start spinning on her shoulders when she saw Carly talking to Blackie!!! Cracked me up! That poor woman has had more eye openers this week than she can handle! LOL!

    Posted by cards1 at Friday, August 13 2010 12:39 PM

    Another Crap day what a shame so close to the end.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, August 13 2010 02:24 PM

    happy dusty and janet talk to each can't to see them next week

    Posted by thelookoflove at Saturday, August 14 2010 04:39 AM

    Yes, Janet pushed him a way repeatedly and they were officially broken up. The fact that he ran to catch up with her in the Lakeview lobby and then the farm emphasizes that they are still emotionally committed and together. I completely understand that Janet would be broken up about it (without it being a question of morality) and as she said to Dusty, it will take more than 30 minutes to get over it.

    Posted by lona at Saturday, August 14 2010 05:09 AM

    Find Barbara!! She has now been kidnapped for three weeks!! In the same clothes. Writers you have ruined this show. I hope you are black listed and never able to write another show. You shouldnt even be able to write out a check!

    Posted by Judipur at Saturday, August 14 2010 06:14 AM

    I agree with lona the writers aren't fit to write for any other show. How they got paid to write some of this drivel is beyond me. The other soaps that these clueless writers end up at had better prepare themselves because they will probably be canceled and it's going to happen probably sooner rather than later. I just hope all the atwts stars find work on others shows as MW has. But I wouldn't advise them to go to where the atwts writers end up.

    Posted by Re-Write at Saturday, August 14 2010 06:15 AM

    After being a B&B fan since it started, I have just in the last two years starting watching this story. I am just sick they are taking it off, because it has became my favorite.
    I am praying secretley to myself that another station will pick this up, but probably not.
    I just hope that Jack and Carley get married in time for us to see that it is going to work this time. I hope Janet and Dusty get married, and yes, I hope Craig and Lillie get hitched too. Whoa........the icing on the cake would be to see Lucinda get hers for all she has done. I hope Lillie disowns her.

    Posted by GLandWT at Saturday, August 14 2010 08:13 AM

    Lona, I agree with you about the writers.

    Barbara was in the party warehouse prior to July 4th. She tried to set off some fireworks on the 4th - (I guess that was ATWT's way of celebrating the 4th of July...). We are now entering the third week of August. This s/l should have been solved within two weeks.

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