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You Dropped A Bomb On Me.

Thursday, August 12 2010
Janet realizes she has blown it with Dusty, Lucy feels used, Carly and Jack work together to stop Craig, and Craig gets a surprise from Anthony and Lucinda.

Janet interrupts Lucy and Dusty having sex in Dusty's suite. She remarks, "I guess I should have knocked." Dusty pleads with her to stay, but Janet angrily leaves. Lucy thinks it might be for the best if he stays. Dusty thinks Janet came over to mend things and admits he wants to be with her. Lucy thought he wanted her. Dusty says he wanted Lucy in the moment, but if Janet wants a future with him, he wants one, too. He leaves a sad Lucy.

Lucinda finds Gabriel outside of Lily's home repairing Ethan's toy. She notes that Gabriel is taking advantage of Lily's guilt. Gabriel informs her Lily is out and is upset about her business deal falling apart. Gabriel boasts Lucinda already knew. Lucinda asserts she will protect her family at all costs! Lucinda follows Gabriel inside and tells him that Craig is a liar and manipulator. She warns Gabriel to never trust Craig.

Carly listens on to Craig and Anthony in Old Town. When Anthony leaves, Carly asks Craig what sort of shady business deal he is involved in now. She demands to know why he sabotaged her company! Craig claims Lucinda is behind it all. Carly is still furious that he was involved in the company without her knowledge. Carly orders him to stay away from Lily, but Craig boasts that she is jealous. Carly thinks it is another smokescreen and yells that no one wants him around.

Jack bumps into Janet in the lobby of the Lakeview. Jack wonders what is wrong and Janet cries that she never wants to see Dusty again! Jack wants to drive her home and she reluctantly agrees.

Craig goes to Worldwide to see Lucinda. He is surprised to see Lucy waiting on Lucinda, too. Craig notes that she has been crying and wants her to confide in him. Lucy admits that Lucinda lured her there believing that she had a chance with Dusty. Craig believes she can do a lot better than Dusty. Craig bashes Lucinda, but Lucy defends her and claims that Lucinda's heart was in the right place. Craig asserts Lucinda is using her to destroy him. Lucinda arrives and wonders what Craig is doing there. Lucy angrily tells Lucinda that Dusty is in love with Janet. Lucy yells she won't be manipulated by either of them and angrily leaves!

Back at the farm, Janet tosses out her lasagna she made for Dusty and wonders why she can't find a man who wants to stay with her. Jack gets her to admit that she saw Dusty and Lucy together. Jack points out that she kept turning Dusty away. Janet worries she has blown it. Dusty suddenly appears and asks if he can come in. Jack leaves them alone to talk. Dusty apologizes for what she saw and wishes she called first. Janet tells him it wouldn't matter because he already moved on. Dusty remarks that he can only get slapped down so many times and didn't want to move on. They agree they are in a loaded situation. Janet is still upset that he was with Lucy and doesn't know how they can move forward. Dusty is tired of fighting. Janet lists out all of his mistakes. Dusty points out that he left Lucy to come talk to her.

Gabriel looks through his personal pictures in Lily's living room. Lucy knocks on the door and asks if she can talk with him. Lucy tells a skeptical Gabriel she came to town to meet him. She hands him a necklace that belonged to his mom. Lucy tells him his mother gave it to her and was a special person. Gabriel is angry at how his mom was treated. Lucy understands his anger, but thinks things would have been different if Craig had known he was his son. Lucy points out that everyone makes mistakes, but is proud he is her brother. Gabriel softens and thanks her for the necklace. Lucy hopes they can stay in touch. Gabriel wishes she would stay in town, but Lucy admits she needs to get away from Dusty and the battle between Craig and Lucinda. Gabriel asserts that she should believe Craig because he heard Lucinda admit to setting him up!

Carly goes to the police station and tells Jack about Craig and Anthony's conversation. Jack wants to find evidence and take things one step at a time, but Carly yells she can't sit around and let Craig get away with something else! Carly offers to saddle up next to Anthony. Jack wants her to stay out of it, but Carly asserts he can't stop her. Jack laments that the problems between them have made her doubt the strong and incredible person she is. Carly thinks the risk is worth it, but Jack tells her they are in it together and asks how she feels about wearing a wire.

Anthony goes to Worldwide to see Lucinda. An annoyed Lucinda tells him she thought he was handling Craig. Anthony claims Craig will break soon. Lucinda wants him to break immediately! Anthony tells her he is sending Craig a message he can't ignore. Anthony wonders why she hates Craig so much. Lucinda says Craig's crimes are too numerous to list and finally he will get what is coming to him.

Craig returns to his suite and desperately tries to hit up his business contacts for loans, but is interrupted with a delivery package. He reluctantly opens it and discovers a clock with a note that reads, "No Craig, it's not a bomb...this time!"

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Anthony yells to Craig that he wants his money!

Carly tells Jack they will find out who Anthony is linked to.

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