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As The World Turns Spoilers (New)

Thursday, September 16 2010

Janet goes into labor. (Soaps.com)
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Week of September 13:

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Monday September 13:

Janet goes into labor.

Carly and Jack discuss their future.

Tuesday September 14:

Holden and Molly reconcile.

Rosanna returns to make things up with her sister.

Wednesday September 15:

Craig gets drunk.

Margo tells Parker's parents he wants to be a cop.

Jack and Carly discover Janet going into labor.

Janet is taken to the hospital.

Jack and Carly get married.

Thursday September 16:

The baby is born.

John runs a DNA test on the baby.

Carly advises Jack to sit down to hear the news.

Lucinda thinks Holden and Lily are back together.

Luke urges Noah not to abandon his dreams.

Jack's bad news turns into something good.

Bob says goodbye. (Soaps.com)
Friday September 17:

Jack is asked to be the baby's godfather.

John Dixon answers Lily's prayers.

Bob retires.

The Final Week:

Head Writer Jean Passanante previewed the shows end and its final sweeps:

Carly and Jack finally take the plunge again and decide to make a future together but there are a few twists left for them.

Molly, Holden and Lily all try to reconcile.

John and Lucinda provide some comfort for each other.

Dusty is finally happy for once.

Henry and Barbara stay happy.

Craig tries to make restitution to the people he's hurt.

The younger castmates all follow their dreams.

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