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    As the World Turns - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'As The World Turns' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    As The World Turns Throwback Thursday Poll: Simon Frasier.

    Thursday, February 23 2012

    Accidentally in love.

    Australian con man Simon Frasier came to Oakdale in 2000 to retrieve a family heirloom. In order to accomplish his task, he ingratiated himself into the life of a lovely local resident. The two endured quite an ordeal in the process, which included trying to escape his crazy sister Celia's clutches.

    Once the two were rescued from the island Celia imprisoned them on, Simon faced deportation.... » Read More

    As The World Turns Flashback Friday Videos: Hal's Death.

    Friday, February 17 2012

    Saying goodbye.

    In July 2006, long time "As the World Turns" actor Benjamin Hendrickson passed away . TPTB decided not to recast his character and addressed Hal's death onscreen in October of that year.

    Over his many years in Oakdale, Hal served on the police force as Margo Hughes' partner and as the Chief of Police. He was married to Lynda Graves, Barbara Ryan (three times), Carly Tenney and Emily Stewart. He... » Read More

    As The World Turns Throwback Thursday Poll: Who's The Daddy?

    Thursday, February 16 2012

    Unplanned pregnancy.

    Julie Wendall came to town in 1989 when Lucinda bribed her to get John's newfound son Duke Kramer out of Oakdale. Lucinda's plan backfired a bit, as although Julie seduced Duke, she started up a flirtation with John's other son Andy and then turned around and blackmailed La Walsh.

    When all the scheming blew up in Julie's face, she leaned on Andy, who lost his virginity to her. Julie then moved... » Read More

    As The World Turns Flashback Friday Videos: Craig Is The Father.

    Friday, February 10 2012

    "He's your son."

    Sierra came on the scene in 1985 when Craig helped her escape her homeland of Montega. Her father was the country's former ruler who had been killed by revolutionaries. When they went after Sierra, Craig brought her to Oakdale to safely stay with her godmother Lucinda Walsh, who turned out to be her mother.

    Craig and Sierra grew close and became engaged. When Sierra learned the truth about Lucinda,... » Read More

    As The World Turns Throwback Thursday Poll: Bob's Wife Jennifer.

    Thursday, February 09 2012

    What's the connection?

    Kim Sullivan came to Oakdale in 1972 and fell for Bob Hughes. However, he was married to Jennifer. When Bob and Jennifer's marriage hit the rocks, Kim and Bob had a one night stand, which left Kim pregnant.

    Much to Kim's disappointment, Bob returned to his wife, who was also pregnant. Kim married John Dixon and was told her baby had died. However, the baby was really alive and living with a... » Read More

    As The World Turns Flashback Friday Video: Luke And Noah's First Kiss.

    Friday, February 03 2012

    Nothing's wrong.

    Luke and Noah first met while working together at the WOAK television station in Oakdale. While Luke was out and proud, Noah wasn't exactly on the same page yet. They became friends and Luke started having feelings for Noah. However, Noah insisted he was straight and started dating Maddie.

    Things started to change though on August 17, 2007 when Luke stopped by the station, as Noah prepared for... » Read More

    As The World Turns Throwback Thursday Poll: Lily's First Husband.

    Thursday, February 02 2012

    The first trip down the aisle.

    Despite Holden being the love of Lily's life, they hit a few rough patches in their decades' long relationship. One of their first obstacles was Holden knowing, but not telling Lily about Iva and Josh being her real parents. Then, Holden married Emily and Lily grew close to his brother Caleb. Next, there was Lily's first husband Derek Mason.

    Derek was in Oakdale from 1988 – 1990.... » Read More

    As The World Turns Fan Fiction Poll: Where Has Jennifer Been?

    Tuesday, January 31 2012

    Blast from the past.

    In the latest ATWT fan fiction story, Jennifer has revealed herself to be alive and well to Craig. wants what you think happened to Jennifer. Do you think that she was being held against her will or did she leave on her own?

    Let us know what your opinion is by casting a vote in the poll below. As always, feel free to elaborate, or add an answer of your own, using the comment section... » Read More

    As The World Turns Fan Fiction: Holden And Lily's Secret.

    Monday, January 30 2012

    Back to Oakdale.

    Our latest fan fiction piece gives us a chance to return to Oakdale and see what our favorite characters might be doing. This third installment looks at what might have happened between Lily and Holden. Jennifer showed up alive in the As The World Turns second fan fiction story . Her story continues here.

    Alone at home, Lily hears someone entering the front door. She smiles when she sees it is... » Read More

    As The World Turns Flashback Friday Video: James Stenbeck Returns.

    Friday, January 27 2012

    Hello Barbara.

    In November 1986, Hensley Taggart lured Barbara to Duncan McKechnie's castle under the guise of Duncan being hurt. However, it was all a ruse as Duncan was nowhere to be found. In fact, Hensley had Duncan's disturbed sister Beatrice locked away and he drugged Barbara's drink.

    In the meantime, a pregnant Margo and Brian McColl braved the stormy weather in order to save Barbara from Hensley's lecherous... » Read More

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