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    As The World Turns Poll: A Brutal Turn Of Events.

    Friday, September 03 2010

    Accident or fate? (
    It was a hard week in Oakdale.

    Not only did Nancy pass away, but Dr. Oliver suffered a fate usually reserved for women in silent film melodramas. Reid's demise will help save Chris, but is that a fair exchange or a price too high?

    Please vote in our poll and let know what you think. Don't see the answer you would have picked? Let us know what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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    Posted by Earthmom at Friday, September 03 2010 02:11 PM

    I feel sorry for the next soap opera to hire these pathetic writers. If these guys don't find a new profession...there will be no soap operas left.

    Posted by JWB- at Friday, September 03 2010 03:16 PM

    Sad to see the character go, but then it also somewhat reflects real life. Sometimes things don't turn out happily.

    Posted by roseie97 at Friday, September 03 2010 03:23 PM

    these writers have ruined our soap-no wonder it is being taken off the air. a sad end to a really bad ending story line

    Posted by Barb G at Friday, September 03 2010 04:07 PM

    A fair exchange?!?!? Are you kidding me? This was an unnecessary price too see the demise of Reid so that Chris could live!!! What a helluva way to end what was once, and could have been again, a great soap opera!!! Have you not see the ratings lately? There is a LOT of interest in this soap...and it's not because of the storylines that have been given to us, the viewers, lately. We've stayed loyal even though the storylines have been beyond bizarre!!! It's because we grew up with ATWT and remember all the people in Oakdale whom we've loved and/or hated for so many years. It's because it once was not afraid to delve into subjects that were taboo to other networks. It showed a slice of real Americana in it's diversity and characters. But that's gone now, and has been for a good, long while. Yet, we've stuck in there...hoping against hope that this show would not end but would be picked up by another entity who saw the true potential in good, compelling storytelling. However, sadly that hasn't happened. So on the 17th of September the world will stop turning once and for all. What a truly sad end to the once great ATWT. Yes, the writers had a diamond in the rough to revamp and to develop new and even more interesting stories to tell. However, they dropped the ball and let this icon of the television industry spin out of control with erractic storylines, some boring to the point of tears, and yet others so compelling (i.e., Luke and Reid) were destroyed in one final cruel act. Shame on you! You've given your profession a black mark that will not soon be forgotten, nor forgiven!!!

    Posted by aliciamasters at Friday, September 03 2010 07:48 PM

    This storyline was unnecessary at best, homophobic at worst. With viewers mourning the show, and the cast mourning Nancy, there was more than enough grief to go around. Add in the fact that Luke was on the verge of an actually functional, healthy relationship, and there were no valid reasons to destroy it.

    ATWT had the chance to change the world. It did, once; it showed two great coming-out stories with Luke and Noah. It also could've showed that their gay couples, like every other couple in Oakdale, could grow together and apart. It could show that everyone deserves a happy ending, and that no matter your sexuality, everyone deserves to be loved.

    Whether it was intentional or not, they chose the trope of noble, sexless gay sacrifice. I'm terribly disappointed in this last failing on ATWT.

    Posted by Acadian Proud at Friday, September 03 2010 09:41 PM

    I feel that the writers took the easy way out. Soaps love tragedy so why no go off the air with one, one last twist of the knife. Go out with a big bang.... Rather than leaving things up in the air with Luke and Reid and letting the viewers decide how their future in their own mind, they decided to they would kill off one of them, making sure that Reid became truly 'human' but knowingly donating his heart to Chris to allow him and katie to be happy.... 2 well known and loved characters.... Also forcing Luke to finally 'grow up'.....

    All of these could have been accomplished without killing off Reid but that would have made the writers work a little bit harder. It could have also allowed them to give a fitting tribute to Helen Wagner for the final shows.

    Posted by ysd26 at Friday, September 03 2010 10:17 PM

    This show just didn't get it & that's why soaps are a dying breed. Reid was one of the most vibrant characters ATWT has had in a very long time. He was a breath of fresh air in a dying show & he was often the voice of the fans. In one swift move, ATWT decided to do a FU to the fans & have the character die in the most cliched storylines of all time. Jean Passanante dusted off & recycled this plot from when she did it 9 years ago at ALL MY Children.

    It's not bad enough that they have him die in a stupid way (a train crash--really?) they had to commit character assassination as well. A brain surgeon isn't stupid enough to stay & try to triple start a car on railroad tracks, especially with the bars coming down. Then he can't get off the seatbelt. What kind of death car was this?==it stalls & has seat belt issues.

    Then to top it off they add the cliche of the gay tragic ending. We have the gay man giving up his life, so that the straight boring couple that no one cares about gets their HEA. In the end, all the straight people get happy endings(yes, even Craig) & the gay ones end up 1 dead, 1 mourning, 1 alone. Yeah, it looks like ATWT gave in to homophobic hate at the end.

    I don't know how Chris Goutman & Jean Passanante keep getting jobs in TV. I'm not watching anything they're ever associated with again. OLTL is going to be next soap to die with Jean Passanante working there.

    Posted by Rose3939 at Saturday, September 04 2010 09:08 AM

    I am so angry by this ending. Luke deserves a happy ending. He finally has a mature relationship with Reid. Luke learned how to stand up for himself. He found a man that loves him for who he is and doesn't want to change him. A man that will stand by him through good times and bad. One that takes responsibility for his own actions and not blame Luke because something goes wrong. These two characters have a love that will last a lifetime and should have been allowed to end the show together and happy.

    The character of Chris Hughes, should not have been saved. The character has been recast many times and just recently came back to the show. His selfish actions caused him to get as sick as he did. He should have had to take responsibility for his actions, not get rewarded by them. He gets to live while Reid dies. There is no justice in that. Also the romance between him and Katie was rushed and unnecessary. Katie hadn't had enough time to mourn Brad (it had been less then a year), before being thrown at Chris. This is a rebound relationship at best and not one that will last much past the end of the show. This is not a love that will last through the ages.

    And then there is the whole, if ATWT hadn't been canceled then there would not have been any reason to kill off Reid. Luke and Reid would sill be together and be building on a life together. So this is telling the fans that the writers and producer don't care what the fans want to see or what they truly care about. How any of the writers (especially Jean Passanante) got another job after showing their contempt for what the fans want to see, is beyond my understanding. I certainly will have nothing to do with any that is touched by Chris Goutman or Jean Passanante in the future.

    Now what angers me the most is the message that this ending is sending to the world. If you are a straight then you get to be happy, but if you are gay then you deserve to get death, devastation and despair. It is a complete slap in the face to the GLBT community to again be treated like we what we feel doesn't matter. To treat us like we are second class citizens that do not get to be happy. That we will never be treated equally. Gay couples are not treated the same as straight ones. They don't get to kiss as often, they don't get to make love even after they have been a couple for months (when a straight couple has sex after only a few weeks), and don't even think about actually showing them on a bed.

    ATWT had a chance to show a real gay love story. They created Dr Reid Oliver, a character that was not at all a stereotypical gay character. He was a real person, not defined by being gay. It was just one small part of who he was. He was a character that could really educate people about that gay people are human too. We are not different then straight people. The only difference is in who we attracted to. Our feelings are just as strong as anyone else is. We deserve to be treated the same.

    Posted by Barb G at Saturday, September 04 2010 10:42 AM

    Rose3939: WOW!!!!!!!!! What a post!!! It is everything I've been feeling and saying for months!!! They (the writers) had the greatest opportunity in the "world" to educate people about a gay couple in love. I'm not gay, just a middle-aged mom, and I found this love story to be completely believable, beautiful and captivating! It's touched me in a way no other storyline has ever done before. I only wish that it didn't have to end, especially the way they did it. It was so cruel and sent the wrong message to all people. Thank you for your eloquent and personal view...

    Posted by Earthmom at Saturday, September 04 2010 11:20 AM

    Exceptional post, Rose3939. Thank you for sharing your insights.

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