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    As the World Turns - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'As The World Turns' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    As The World Turns Saturday Teaser Poll: A Man For Henry.

    Saturday, June 26 2010

    Helping Henry down the aisle. is throwing a teaser poll each Saturday for those of you hanging around on the site. There is one actual teaser in the poll among the possible multiple choice answers. Can you tell what will come next?

    Henry is pushing ahead with his plan to marry Vienna in spite of any complications that arise, and in spite of how much he has to drink. But he needs more than just a bride for... » Read More

    As The World Turns Poll: Being With Paul?

    Friday, June 25 2010

    It's a rivalry that's been going on for awhile but it looks like it's about to end.

    The endless coming and going between Paul, Emily and Meg will soon be finished and they might not all be left standing. Although they've all been pretty nasty to each other at one time or another, who really deserves to be with Paul in the end?

    Please vote in our poll and let know what you think. Don't see the answer you... » Read More

    As The World Turns Weekly Blog.

    Friday, June 25 2010

    Thoughts on the week of June 21:

    The big news of the week is that the show shot its final episode . All of the actors are now moving on and the sets will be torn down as CBS mulls over which game show will replace it. What kind of conclusion we can look forward to is anyone's guess, but there is a definite sense that things are ending. Maybe that's just because things are coming off as even more rushed than usual.

    ... » Read More

    As The World Turns Video Promo: Losing Ground.

    Friday, June 25 2010

    Declarations, threats and confrontations.

    Luke offers to help Reid figure things out; Barbara confronts Vienna; and Meg takes a shot at Emily. » Read More

    As The World Turns' Colleen Zenk Pinter At Summer Stock - NYC 2010.

    Friday, June 25 2010

    Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Ryan) will be appearing at Summer Stock - NYC 2010.

    The As The World Turns actress will be appearing on stage for the gala event. It will feature show tunes from Summer Stock NYC, with performances of Broadway hits past and present performed by stage vets accompanied by a live orchestra.

    Orchestra seats are available for $24 and balcony seats for $12. The show will run from Friday... » Read More

    As The World Turns Video Promo: Meg At The Mansion.

    Friday, June 25 2010

    When being in jail isn't bad enough.

    Barbara shows up to taunt Emily with the news that Paul is moving Meg back to Fairwinds. » Read More

    As The World Turns Video Promo: The Last Photo Shoot.

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    A final farewell.

    The cast of As The World Turns got together for their last group photo shoot and cameras were there to capture this behind the scenes look at the emotional event. » Read More

    As The World Turns Completes Shooting.

    Wednesday, June 23 2010

    As The World Turns taped its final episode on Wednesday June 23, 2010.

    Brian T. Cahill, senior VP and managing director of TeleNext Media Inc, released this statement: “While we are sad to see As The World Turns come to an end, we remain proud of the achievements the show has made over the last 54 years and are extremely grateful to the loyal fans who invited us into their homes every day. There is still much in store for... » Read More

    As The World Turns Video Promo: Feeling Rejected.

    Wednesday, June 23 2010

    Mixed feelings.

    Reid gets stuck watching a friendly moment between Luke and Noah. » Read More

    As The World Turns Video Promo: Wedding Jitters.

    Tuesday, June 22 2010

    Not the wedding day she'd expected.

    Molly gets cold feet after she imagines her wedding dress covered in blood. » Read More

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