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    As The World Turns Poll: A Brutal Turn Of Events.

    Friday, September 03 2010

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    Posted by Barb G at Monday, September 06 2010 04:40 PM

    Thank you...Keeping It Real Too: OMG!!! What a beautiful ending to a beautiful love story!!! Have you posted this on the message boards yet, because if you haven't it would be wonderful of you to share it with as many people as possible...I have a feeling that everyone who reads this, who are Luke and Reid lovers, will adore your happily ever after ending!!! I know I did.

    Thank you for such a happy picture in my mind right now which will stay there always!!! (blissfully happy sigh.....)

    P.S. Have you ever thought about applying for a writing position on the soaps, cause you sure would make a great writer... I have a feeling that OLTL will be looking for a new writer soon...very soon!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your alternate ending (which maybe you should change to endgame ending!!!) Luke and Reid forever!!!!!

    Posted by miss dustymccouch at Tuesday, September 07 2010 02:52 PM

    It was a cop out here was my storyline.OK I am no writer but wishful thinking.

    Reid walks in after Luke was asleep in the lounge.
    He dreamt all of this and it proved to him that he couldn't live with out Reid. He had this dream that Reid had this accident & died when Luke wakes up & see's Reid who did get the heart and Chris was already in surgery

    Luke jumps right into Reids arms!! Reid says"Luke Calm down do you want to buy me a cape I mean I did what any man would do" (Luke) "no no you are amazing your here your alive! (Reid) of course I'm alive and you say I drink too much coffee. why are you shaking.
    (Luke) I had this dream this terrible dream you were gone...(Reid says) gone?
    yes you were dead...
    Reid says "and you say you love me? Smarks and walks away. Luke is standing there Katie comes running out Reid saved the day got Chris the heart. Luke is still shook by his dream.

    Katie says Luke you look like you have seen a ghost
    Reid walks by and says he did sneaks up behind Luke and says BOO!...

    Luke just grabs Reid and looks tearfully in his eyes and says you have no idea what you mean to me you are my life my life is nothing without you...

    Reid says if I new you were going to get all mushy and say such sweet things heck I would bring in more hearts into this hospital...

    Luke says I have all the Heart I need it's in you Reid and I love you....Ok Reid says not while I'm at work...then whispers with a wink but save that for later.....

    Katie smiles and says ok you two may be we'll plan a double wedding.They all smile and Reid says Ok this is a hospital not a wedding planning event walks away and looks back at Luke & says oh by the way I am very much alive and it's because of you Luke coming into my life......end of scene

    Posted by Earthmom at Tuesday, September 07 2010 04:57 PM

    Miss DustyMcCouch...awesome! I love it! You should post it on the main message board...there are a few others there. It's really hard to get to this part of the site for my computer...not sure why. I think everyone would enjoy it. Put it with Keeping It Real's alternate ending. Let's see how many more we get! )

    Posted by miss dustymccouch at Wednesday, September 08 2010 06:42 AM

    Thank you you made my day. I will post it on the other one may be a new thread....I know their were so many other ways the writing could have gone:(:(

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