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    As the World Turns - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'As The World Turns' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Austin Peck Hints At Brad's Future on ATWT!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    Brad's been cozying up to Carly... (
    A couple of days ago, I spoke with Austin Peck about the upcoming Soap Cruise (by the way, there is still time to sign up and sail away with your favorite stars. Find out more here) and we got a little sidetracked talking about his current storyline on As The World Turns and the love quadrangle involving Brad, Carly, Jack and Katie.

    Austin says there are a few surprises on the way for his alter-ego Brad Snyder.

    Austin Peck - "Brad's a good guy but he's human. He does have a very selfish side. (But) He is such a pleasure for me to play after Austin Reed on Days - he was written so archaic and so good that he couldn't know anything. Sometimes I just felt like, 'He's so dumb!'."

    Kristi - "Our readers what to know - is Brad really trying to get over Katie or is he just trying a subtler way of winning her over?"

    Austin Peck - "I think it's both. I think that Brad has been living a certain way for so long that he really has fallen in love with Katie but to what extent he really doesn't know. He can't commit to loving her. . .He has a lot of pride to a certain degree and he's not willing to fully commit his heart to something that isn't really there for him."

    Kristi - "Do you think Katie is the right girl for Brad?"

    Who will Brad choose? (
    Austin - (laughing) "What do you think?"

    Kristi - "Okay, we'll just move on. Where is Brad heading in the next few months?"

    Austin - "There are some things with Carly that will sidetrack him and there are some of those old habits. . .I think coming up soon he'll really start to reveal more about his heart and what he really cares about."

    But will that reveal help place "Brad" as part of the new super-couple of Brad and Katie or Brad and Carly?

    Here are a few comments from the developing "Brad and Carly" fans:

    Carly4Ever said - "I would love the writers to pursue something with him and Carly. Jack and Katie will both be red with envy and so be it, they deserve each other at the. . .At the moment Brad is the best person for Carly and I hope he remains that way for a very long time."

    Mat99 said, "Carly and Brad sounds pretty good at the moment."

    HappyToChat said, "I finally think it's time Carly was allowed to be with someone who loved her for who she is. I think Brad could be that person."

    And here is what a few "Brad and Katie" fans have to say:

    Jlynn said, "I hope if Brad and Katie get together, maybe they'll be nice and stable and we can see something healthy there play out."

    PinkDaisys said, "I really want Jack and Katie to stay together, looks like she may have someone there to help her fight Carly...and if something should happen (knock on wood that it doesn't) to break Jack and Katie up, at least she'll have someone who cares about her to fall back on."

    So, what do you fans think? Are Brad and Carly the new, hot couple? Or is it Brad and Katie all the way? We want to know, so comment below or create your own thread in our message boards!

    And, huge thanks go out to Austin Peck for speaking to me, not only about the Soap Cruise, but also about current events in Oakdale. We love hearing news from the set. As the shooting schedule heads into the busy fall ratings period, we are looking forward to seeing a lot more of you on ATWT!

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    Posted by AgentSweetness at Monday, September 17 2007 01:29 PM

    Brad and Carly have what it takes to form somethin lasting. Maybe this thing will Carly will help him develope as person.

    Posted by liz mac donald 2007 at Monday, September 17 2007 06:35 PM

    hey will u send mr Austin's real name from days of our lives

    Posted by robyrobi at Tuesday, September 18 2007 11:27 AM

    I am siting here watching this show and let me tell you I cannot stand Katy....m She is always after some one eles guy. I hope Carly dosen't die...

    Posted by Deb.R at Tuesday, September 18 2007 02:28 PM

    I love Carl (please don't die) but I can't see her with Brad. Maybe Katie for Brad but I don't really see much of a connection with her either. What I think is someone else is out there waiting too be found. Go find her Brad!!

    Posted by suunyside at Tuesday, September 18 2007 06:38 PM

    I think the time Brad spends with Carly and her illness will bring the two of them closer. She needs to start over and start something new instead of reliving the past with Jack.

    Posted by Cosmic Empress at Tuesday, September 18 2007 09:11 PM

    You all seem to forget history but so do the writers....Carly was blackmailed into marrying Brad and Brad was NEVER, EVER good to or for her.....Carly's history should be kept consistent and for Jack and Katie...Katie's selfish self has to show more now that she is still threatened and as things get closer - Remember that Jack professed his love of Carly in his state of semi-conscious. I can't see Katie letting that alone for long and doing some really dumn thing to Carly that Jack is appalled by (like laying into Carly accusing her of faking her illness)

    Posted by lulubud at Wednesday, September 19 2007 06:31 PM

    This is very torn in my mind. I love Carly and this is why I watch the show. I absolutely did not like Brad at first, but as the human, caring side has come out, he is now adorable. I do want him with Katie and not Jack. There are no sparks between Katie and Jack, they are horrific to watch together. I think Carly and Jack need to get back together, but Jack had better grovel for the way he mistreated her and love her for who she is without trying to change her. I vote for Jack and Carly. I want to see Katie put in her place and made to feel like the terrible person she is and has always been. After all she is the reason all of this happened. She is the reason those kids had thier mom run, which I cannot wait for her to find out the truth there. She still does not know Jack let her go. Katie should be with Brad, at least there is chemistry there. She treats him like dirt and that needs to change though. Who does she think she is? She is the most malicious, mean spirited, vengeful person on the show and now she is acting like a baby about Carly. Jack and Carly and a newly broken hearted, devestasted and nice Katie because if she continues to treat him like trash then Brad deserves better. Much like how terrible Jake treated Carly and he seems to forget. Can the producers remind him and fix this rediculous matching, it does not work. Jack and Katie make me sick to even watch.

    Posted by longviewer at Thursday, September 20 2007 06:17 AM

    I really hope Carly and Brad become an item. I am so sick of Carly jurking Jack around all these years, its time for Jack to have someone that will be true to him. Katie has never been my favorite but, think she would make Jack a better wife. Carly's always thought she could do any thing she wants whenever, be with anyone anytime and Jack has always taken her back. It's time Jack takes a firm stand with Carly and send her on her way.

    Posted by scoutscout at Thursday, September 20 2007 12:00 PM

    Plez don't kill Carley off. She's my favorite actor on the show...

    Posted by MZ.DLEE at Thursday, September 20 2007 12:11 PM


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