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    As the World Turns CAST - Faith Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Faith Snyder Played by Valentina De Angelis on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Faith Snyder

    Birthday: January 31, 1985
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Valentina De Angelis


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    The Anti-Matrimonial Couple.

    Thursday, April 08 2010

    Lily goes to see Molly at WOAK. She wanted to thank her for her help. They talk about Faith, who appears in the doorway. Molly spots her and ushers Lily out. Faith pops up and asks if her mail has arrived. She claims she ordered something for her mom and had it delivered there. Molly's impressed she's trying to make peace. Holden shows up and Faith skips away. He asks Molly what is going on. She's evasive and that worries him. After he leaves, she's told that Silas Whitman is having his hearing and she should cover it.

    Faith goes back to school. The gift she had delivered was a book. Pills are hidden inside of it.

    Lily arrives at school and the principal tells her they caught Faith with pills. Lily covers and says that they are anti-anxiety medication. She takes her daughter away.

    Lily takes Faith home and confronts her about the drugs. Faith insists that the drugs aren't hers. Her mother demands her purse, telling her that trust has to be earned. When she looks through the bag, she finds the book and the drugs. Faith spins her a story but her mom doesn't believe it and doesn't know what to do. She calls Holden over. He confronts his daughter and blows up when he finds out that she dragged Molly into this. Lily declares that she is taking her away to the cabin to sort things out. Holden back her up and says that he's going with them.

    Is Your Favorite Flower Calling?

    Wednesday, March 31 2010

    At home, Lily and Faith bicker. Lily looks forward to a day when her daughter doesn't hate her. Faith grabs some cash and walks out.

    Janet sits at Dusty's hospital bedside and asks him to wake up. Jack arrives. Janet asks him who would do something like this to Dusty. Rocco looks in through the glass and listens. Jack admits they don't know much of anything yet. He takes Janet away for breakfast and Rocco calls the prison to leave a message for Ralph. Jack and Janet return and she tells him that they can all go back to being boring as soon as Dusty gets better. She's shocked when she spots her father. Jack begins taking jabs at Rocco's mob connection until he has to leave to take a call. It's Holden filling him in on Faith. Jack runs off and Janet fills her father in on her divorce. He acts forgiving and says he'll always be her father. Liberty and Faith suddenly walk in. Janet is shocked. Faith smiles as the mother and daughter hug. They rush off.

    Parker and Molly go to Lily's. Jack arrives next. Faith comes in and announces she has news. She explains Liberty's return. Her mother is still annoyed. Holden tries stopping the argument. Parker jumps in and tells Faith she was idiot to do this. "I hope you get grounded for life," he says, storming out. Faith chases after him and explains herself.

    Molly runs into Faith on the street. Molly buys Faith's cigarette off her and crumbles it. She offers to be a sounding board for her.

    Back at Lily's, she and Holden worry. She's grateful for Molly's help but asking for it is painful. He says all kids are like this and this just hurts more because she's older. Molly arrives with Faith. Her father tells her everything she did wrong and asks her to prove she doesn't need to be grounded. She hops upstairs relieved and the parents thank Molly.

    A Handful.

    Tuesday, March 30 2010

    Faith wanders the street with her father. She gets snubbed by some other girls and pouts. He can see she's upset so he offers to buy her a cookie. When he leaves to get it, Gabriel walks by. He tells her she ruined his day by stealing a dress. He got fired for it. Holden returns and she asks him if he can give Gabriel a job. Holden stutters. Gabriel excuses himself.

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