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    As the World Turns CAST - Faith Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Faith Snyder Played by Valentina De Angelis on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Faith Snyder

    Birthday: January 31, 1985
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Valentina De Angelis


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    You Happy Now?

    Friday, April 16 2010

    Lily is packing Faith's stuff at home. Faith is sure her mom wants Holden back. Lily isn't answering this but her daughter says it's obvious. "I let your father go awhile ago," Lily claims. Faith hopes she means that because she doesn't stand a chance.

    Lily and Faith run into Liberty in Old Town. Lily runs off to get something and the girls chat. They talk about where each of them are living and Liberty says she's uncomfortable being around Parker when she doesn't want to get back with him. He's her best friend and she doesn't want to lose that. Lily returns.

    At the farm house, Holden lunges at Silas and orders him away. Silas drops the fact that Molly told him that he ran off with his ex last night. Bickering ensues and Silas explains about the interview. Holden kicks him out. Molly complains about her terrible judgment. He says those days are over. She wants to lure him into a roll in the hay. Their make out is interrupted when Lily and Faith arrive. Lily declares that they should have a family dinner night regularly. Molly offers to cook and says she made a casserole. Holden looks for booze. They heat up the casserole and sit around to eat. Joining hands, they say grace and dig in. It tastes like dirt. Lily laughs and she and Holden reminisce about her awful cooking. Molly puts her food in the trash. When she takes it outside, Faith follows her and warns her that Lily is still after Holden. Molly doesn't want to have this conversation and tries to pretend it's nothing. Faith goes back inside and Silas calls Molly. He's a 'classless pig' but she agrees to the interview anyway.


    Thursday, April 15 2010

    At the cabin, Lily can't sleep. Neither can Holden. They talk about Faith and how she hasn't grown up yet. This leads to reminiscing about raising the kids. He pulls some ancient marshmallow paste from the cupboard and they slather it on bread. They rehash their mistakes and eat. Faith looks in and watches him spoon feeding Lily. The parents worry more and Faith listens before bursting in and telling them that she won't corrupt the other kids. "That's your job, isn't it mom?" she snipes. They argue. Lily's confused. Faith wants to move out of her place and over to the farm. Lily is okay with that. Faith is satisfied and plods off. Lily whimpers and tells Holden she needs to let her daughter go. He's sure it won't be for long.

    Holden meets Molly at the farm house and tells her that Faith is moving in. They hope that this will be a good thing. As they kiss, Faith and Lily arrive. Faith bustles off and Molly tries to put a positive spin on things. Lily begins arguing with her and then hopes she can help Faith. The girl in question returns and the adults lay down the law for her. Holden and Lily step outside and she repeats that this is the right thing to do. She thanks him for the fluffernutters he gave her last night. Molly stares through the window at them. When Holden returns, Molly says she thinks things will be better and they arrange to meet up in the hayloft. As they make out, Silas wanders in. Holden kicks him out.

    Lily and Faith go back to her place to continue packing. Faith tells her mother to admit that she wants Holden back.

    I Need You.

    Friday, April 09 2010

    At home, Lily orders her daughter to pack her bag so they can leave. She asks Holden not to go with them but he thinks that she needs help with Faith. Their daughter demands that Molly go with them. Holden insists that this is a family matter and she doesn't call the shots.

    Faith is taken to the cabin by her parents. Faith moans, even though they brought ingredients for smores. When her parents go out, she tries to get reception on her phone but has no luck. She finds some booze and swigs down a few glasses. Her parents return with groceries once she's drunk. Lily accuses her of trying to sabotage things. "I hate my life and it's all your fault," Faith moans to her mom. Holden tells her that they are there for her. She points out that they have never given her a stable life. They ask her to help them help her make things better. Faith cries on her mother's shoulder and starts to get nauseous. Molly bursts in. Lily rolls her eyes. Molly stutters until Lily drags her daughter out to sober up. Holden wonders if she's upset about him going away with Lily. He explains the latest problems with Faith. She admits that he hurt her feelings by running off without telling her. He says he will make things up to her.

    Faith and Lily sit outside. She doesn't think she can do all of this talking and wants to go back to town. Her mom reminds her that she was her age once. She complains about her own mother and admits that it breaks her heart to know that one day she won't be around. When they go back inside, Molly leaves. The parents put Faith to bed and reminisce about being snowbound with their daughter. She wishes she could have their early, easier days back. He doesn't think that's impossible. Their hands touch.

    The Anti-Matrimonial Couple.

    Thursday, April 08 2010

    Faith gets snubbed by some girls at school. Her father calls to check in on her. She assures him that everything is fine.

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