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    As the World Turns CAST - Faith Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Faith Snyder Played by Valentina De Angelis on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Faith Snyder

    Birthday: January 31, 1985
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Valentina De Angelis


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    The Evil, The Evil!

    Monday, June 14 2010

    At Worldwide, Craig gets in Lucinda's face and they scream at each other. He orders her to make Gabriel retract his statement and ties her to the chair. She screams so he stuffs her scarf in her mouth and leaves. Lucinda kicks her desk until Faith comes in and finds her. She unties her and asks if this is all about Gabriel. When it becomes clear that Lily has told Craig more than she's let on, Lucinda shrieks and sends her granddaughter away to look after Lily.

    Gabriel takes Liberty to the Lakeview and asks her if she wants to be alone with him... in Craig's room. She warns him that she's not ready for sex so he says he won't pressure her. As they head for the elevator, Faith walks by and spots them going up.

    Parker runs into Faith at Java. He moans about Liberty being with Gabriel.

    The Monster.

    Friday, June 11 2010

    Faith is at home, cringing at Gabriel. They bicker and he asks about Parker and Liberty. Simultaneously, they get calls from Parker and Liberty inviting them to the party. Carly arrives at the door to talk to Gabriel in private. She asks him to stick to his story no matter what Jack says to him.

    Parker is waiting for his mom at home. She tells him that they will all help Liberty celebrate but Jack will go separately. He worries that his parents are fighting again. Faith arrives. Carly goes up to change and Faith tells Parker he needs to move on. Gabriel sticks his head in and tells Parker to get his dad to back off. Parker turns to Faith and tells her what really happened and how he could end up in jail. He worries about Gabriel's influence over Liberty.

    At the party at the Lakeview, Liberty wonders why Gabriel hasn't shown up. Parker badmouths him until he arrives and then punches Gabriel in the face. Liberty gets upset and runs off. Gabriel trails after her. Parker is about to follow them but Faith stops him.

    She's Toxic.

    Friday, June 04 2010

    At Lily's, Faith questions her mom about kissing Holden. Lily admits she still has feelings for him but claims it doesn't mean what she thinks. Faith is sure she's trying to snag him off of Molly. Lily downplays everything but she's glad her daughter is being nice to her. She has a glass of wine and stares at a photo of Holden. She passes out and dreams of getting married to Holden again and Faith telling her this is 'the best day ever'. Molly was just a 'substitute teacher with privileges', imaginary Faith says. Waking up, she decides to go and find Holden.

    Faith sits with Parker at Java. She prods him to let Liberty go. He claims he never even thinks about her. As she quizzes him on history, Liberty walks in. Faith leaves and Liberty unloads on him about her problems. They say they've missed each other and hug.

    You're A Good Kid.

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    Faith goes to see Parker at his place and he tells her that he's not being charged. He still feels bad though. They talk about how 'dense' his parents are. Holden calls her and orders her to come home. After she leaves, he talks to Sage, telling her that everything will be fine.

    When Faith gets home, her father says he thinks her friends have been hanging out around the house. She points out she has no friends so he accuses her of dealing drugs. She's offended and walks out. Holden realizes he just screwed up. Molly tries to apologize and explain but he'd rather go back upstairs. She suggests that he go and make things up with his daughter instead. As soon as he's gone, she runs off.

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