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    As the World Turns CAST - Faith Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Faith Snyder Played by Valentina De Angelis on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Faith Snyder

    Birthday: January 31, 1985
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Valentina De Angelis


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    Best Day Ever.

    Monday, August 02 2010

    Molly wakes up in bed. Ethan, Natalie and Faith walk in and hop on her bed. They wonder where their dad is. Molly assures them that she's not there to take their mother's place. Faith takes the kids away as Abigail comes in. Molly thinks this will be the best day ever.

    We All Make Mistakes.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    Out in the woods, Faith climbs out from under Parker and searches for her condoms. He tells her they shouldn't do this and her first time shouldn't be in the woods. She thinks being with him would be special. Parker says they have been friends forever and shouldn't do this. She begins kissing him. Carly and Jack approach in the distance. She wants to drag her son away, but Jack holds her back. They watch as Parker tells Faith that she's not thinking. She complains about her crazy family. Parker knows how she feels and convinces her that they shouldn't do this. His parents finally interrupt and tell Faith that her mother is fine.

    Carly walks Faith back to the farm house and begins doling out advice. Faith reminds her that she had an affair with her father and nearly destroyed her family. "We all make mistakes," Carly says, promising that everything works out the way it's supposed to in the end. She gives her advice about how to know when a man really loves her. Faith's not sure she should take advice from Carly.

    All This Joy Might Be Too Much For You.

    Friday, July 23 2010

    At the farm house, Liberty is mocking Parker's lack of sewing skills. Faith wanders in and Parker tells her she looks hot. Holden arrives to pick up his daughter. Once they leave, Liberty gets grouchy. They talk about his shoot the other day and she explains how she couldn't interrupt his flirting with Faith. He thinks she must have been jealous. Gabriel calls so she goes off to see him.

    Faith arrives at Carly's for the shower. She checks in with her mother. Lily is looking at old photos. Molly joins them. Janet arrives and joins Carly in the kitchen to apologize for their situation. Carly begins to probe about Dusty and Janet complains about how overprotective he is. Carly knows the feeling but tells her to embrace Dusty and his paranoia. They re-join the guests and talk wedding plans. Faith starts to worry as her mom gets rapidly tanked. Carly tries to break the tension and they begin opening presents. Lily slips out. Her daughter trails after her but Lily sends her back inside and then leaves her gift on the doorstep. Inside, Faith is surprised to notice her mom has vanished and leaves to call her dad about it.

    In Old Town, Faith freaks out and calls Parker to tell him she's scared that her mom has run off. They talk about how their parents endlessly go back and forth. She's afraid her mom will do something weird and is determined to find her. She gets off the phone and runs into the woods screaming until she gets tired and sits in the grass. Parker finds her and she cries that everything always seems so sad. She feels terrible about all of the horrible things she's done to her mom. They remember when they were young and only trusted each other. Their families are both wrecks. She wonders what's wrong with her. He thinks she's fine and kisses her. They make out.

    Fond Of Craig.

    Wednesday, July 21 2010

    Lily goes home and Faith wanders out to see her. They catch up for a second and then Faith needs to leave for a dress fitting. She asks her mom to go with her.

    Molly and Holden are shopping at Fashions for the wedding. After he sends her off to pick up some pumps, Lily and Faith arrive. Things are awkward. They convince Holden to stick around and see Faith's dress. When she slips off to try it on, Holden and Lily begin bickering about Craig. She assures him that she can take care of herself and he's forfeited the right to have a say in her life. Faith comes out in her dress and they tell her she's beautiful. Lily turns away and sobs. She and Holden are upset to see their little girl all grown up. Lily's just realized that this wedding is for real. Molly rushes back and interrupts their sentimental moment. Lily runs off.

    It Always Ends Badly.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    After Jack rides Parker about getting a summer job at the farm, Parker gets a call to do a commercial for a tennis sportswear line. He tells Liberty and Faith about it as Gabriel works on furniture for Janet's new place. Parker leaves and Gabriel disdainfully discuses Parker new gig with Liberty. Faith comes out after changing and says she's going to watch Parker's photo shoot. Liberty and Gabriel get in a fight about Parker and she leaves to go watch the shoot as well.

    At the tennis courts, Carly goes over the contracts and offers her opinion on Parker's wardrobe. Parker goes to change and Jack tells her how impressed he is with her. After Parker changes, he sees Faith, who feeds his ego, and he is happy to see her. Jack and Carly look on with pride at Parker as he shoots the commercial and inch closer to each other. On a break, Carly goes over the particulars with the producer, as Parker teaches Faith how to play tennis. Liberty walks up as Parker and Faith have fun on the court and thinks it was stupid to come. Carly and Jack note how well things worked out for Parker and then Jack asks Carly to dinner. Carly tells him he's on.

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