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    As the World Turns CAST - Molly Conlan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Molly Conlan Played by Lesli Kay on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lesli Kay as Molly Conlan

    Birthday: June 13 1965
    Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia
    Marital Status: Married; Keith Coulouris (December 25, 2003)
    Real Name: Lesli Kay


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    You're A Good Kid.

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    When Faith gets home, her father says he thinks her friends have been hanging out around the house. She points out she has no friends so he accuses her of dealing drugs. She's offended and walks out. Holden realizes he just screwed up. Molly tries to apologize and explain but he'd rather go back upstairs. She suggests that he go and make things up with his daughter instead. As soon as he's gone, she runs off.

    Molly tracks Silas down at the Lakeview and he offers himself to her again. They argue about how she destroyed his life for the sake of revenge. He begins threatening her and warns her that she will regret this.

    Molly goes home and tells herself that Silas is gone for good.

    You Could Have Fooled Me.

    Wednesday, May 26 2010

    Molly is at the farm house unwrapping another negligee from Silas when Holden startles her and asks what's in the bag. He snatches it away from her and then assumes she got it for his benefit. They flirt and he suggests they have a date night so they can have some private time.

    Molly is at WOAK when Holden walks in and asks her how many lies she's told him. She apologizes and says that she's told Silas to stay away and didn't want to bring this up because she's afraid it would ruin things between them. She assumes he wants to finish with her and offers to pack her bag. He asks her how they can make Silas go away.

    Silas arrives at Metro and finds Molly waiting. He flirts and she sneers before repeating that they will never have a future. After she orders him to go, she walks over to Holden and tells him it's finally over.

    Molly and Holden go home and she tells him he's precious. She gets a text from Silas.

    We Can Do It Together.

    Wednesday, May 12 2010

    Molly drops by the farm house to see Holden. He's busy and doesn't seem happy to see her. She wants a picnic but he fobs her off. She guesses he's still mad about Silas and makes him some lemonade. He doesn't know why she turned to another man so she explains she was desperate for attention. Holden says they need to stop playing games and trust each other. They make out until Lily calls and worries about Craig. He offers to meet her at home. After he leaves, she calls Silas.

    Molly meets with Silas in his room. He complains about the paparazzi. She tells him she doesn't want anything from him, not even an interview, and apologizes for misleading him. He doesn't believe her and wants them to be together all the time. She says that's the last thing on her mind. He kisses her. Molly moves away from him. He reminds her of their past and what a seductress she was. She heads for the door.

    Holden drops by WOAK to see Molly. He tells her that he won't be spending time with Lily anymore and explains what he did. She's impressed and tells him she pushed Silas away. An intern drops off a package for Molly. When she opens it, she's startled to see lingerie from Silas inside. She hides it away.

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