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    As the World Turns CAST - Molly Conlan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Molly Conlan Played by Lesli Kay on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lesli Kay as Molly Conlan

    Birthday: June 13 1965
    Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia
    Marital Status: Married; Keith Coulouris (December 25, 2003)
    Real Name: Lesli Kay


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    Something Fishy.

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Lily takes a walk and sees Holden and Molly burning the DVDs.

    The Answer Is No.

    Monday, June 07 2010

    Lily decides she can't live without Holden and wants him back. As she arrives outside the farm house to tell him, Holden is inside telling Molly to marry him so he can protect her. She weeps. Lily walks in and is about to tell him how he feels when she notices Molly. Holden explains he just proposed. "This night's been full of surprises," Molly says. Lily wishes them well and runs for the door. Molly suggests he go after her. He wants an answer to his proposal first. "The answer is no," she says. She loves him but thinks they are too freaked out to make plans. They argue over this and she claims that she didn't kill Silas in self-defense; she just wanted to get rid of him before he could publish their sex tapes. He repeats that he wants to marry her but she still needs time and decides to talk to Carly.

    Molly goes to see Carly, who is complaining about her latest fight with Jack. Molly explains the proposal and cries about the timing. "I killed a man tonight," she adds. Carly offers her sympathy and Molly swears her to secrecy before explaining how Silas taunted her and she killed him, though not in self-defense. Carly insists that she still did the right thing and she should stick to her story and do whatever Holden says. "It's a fantastic way to start a marriage," Carly says.

    Molly goes back to the farm and tells Holden she'll marry him.

    She's Toxic.

    Friday, June 04 2010

    At the Old Mill, Holden and Silas fight. Silas taunts and Holden punches him out. Molly explains that he got stoned and tried to rape her. She admits that there really are videos of her and Silas. Holden ties up Silas and then goes out to get his phone. Silas continues taunting her, telling her that she will never be happy with Holden. When he tells her she is cheap and dirty, she picks the gun up. He continues pushing her and gets his hands loose. When he tells her she will always be his 'whore', she shoots him just as Holden returns. They can hear the police coming so Holden tells her what she has to tell the sheriff when he arrives.

    Holden and Molly go to the farm house. He thinks the questioning went well and pulls out the recordings of the shooting and the sex. She asks him to destroy them. He wishes she had come to him for help. She cries and tells him she's sorry. He's sad that she's doubted him and tells her he wants to be with her. To prove it, he asks her to marry him.

    I'm Just Here For The Food.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    At the Old Mill, Molly asks Silas to back off again and demands everything he has on her. After he locks the door, he tells her no one can hear her. When he begins telling her how much she turns him on, she guesses he's high. He talks about their home made porn and suggests they make some more. She asks for a drink. When he leaves to get it, she tries calling Holden and leaves a message about what's happening. Silas grabs the phone and smashes it. As he kisses her, she pulls a gun and demands the key to the door. He throws it across the room and taunts her. After he knocks the gun from her hand, they struggle. He pins her to the table and records raping her. Holden runs in and pulls him off.

    Obviously Not.

    Wednesday, June 02 2010

    When Molly get into her car, she's shocked to see she has twenty text messages from Silas. He suddenly opens her door. She repeats that she wants nothing to do with him. He asks her again to reconsider and then asks her out for dinner. "You and I are over," she insists. He warns that he will make things difficult for her and threatens to reveal 'mementos' of their time together.

    When Molly gets to the farm house, Holden is waiting for her. He tells her they have been invited to dinner. Silas begins calling but she claims it's work and won't pick up. He pushes her to pick up. When she does, Silas orders her to make time for him or he will release photos of her. He threatens to come over and show their 'home movies' to the family. Holden walks off to take a call and Molly begs Silas to leave. He agrees to do that only if she meets him for dinner at the Old Mill. Holden returns and assumes she was just on a business call and needs to cover a story. She promises that this will be the last time she does something like this and then she will dedicate herself to him.

    Molly arrives at the Old Mill. It's been abandoned. Silas shows up and locks her in with him.

    You're A Good Kid.

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    At the farm house, Molly gets another text from Silas to interrupt her time with Holden. She puts her pants on and goes downstairs. Silas rushes up to her and says he wants her back. She doesn't want a peeping tom. When Holden begins calling for her, she sends Silas away. Holden comes down and she tries covering but he's paranoid. They argue about Faith. He's worried she's mixed up with a bad crowd.

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