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    As the World Turns CAST - Molly Conlan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Molly Conlan Played by Lesli Kay on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lesli Kay as Molly Conlan

    Birthday: June 13 1965
    Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia
    Marital Status: Married; Keith Coulouris (December 25, 2003)
    Real Name: Lesli Kay


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    The Universe Is In Balance.

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    Holden goes to the farm house and Molly tells him she's not going anywhere. She tells him what Lily did and he suggests that they wait so he can give her the wedding she's always dreamed of.

    Thanks For Nothing.

    Wednesday, June 23 2010

    At the farm house, Holden tries to get Molly to stop worrying and assures her she's in the clear. She wonders why he's so eager to get married immediately. He tells her to forget about Lily and Silas and everyone else so they can stop wasting time and be together. That's enough to talk her into it. She's been dreaming of marrying him since she was a little girl. They kiss. Kim calls Molly and tells her she's arranged for her to go to Chile for a story... but she has to leave today. Molly says she can't go today because she's getting married.

    Lily walks into the farm house and finds Molly in a wedding dress. When she explains that she is getting married today, Lily says that's a very bad idea. She claims that Holden just wants to marry her out of pity and says that she can never replace her. When she brings up the forensic evidence she has against her, Molly cringes. Lily guesses that Holden is marrying her so he won't have to testify against her. Molly begs her to let this go. Lily is sure this marriage is doomed before it's even started. When she leaves, Molly cries and holds her flowers. Moments later, Holden arrives and finds a note from Molly declaring she had to go to work and can't get married.

    Molly goes to WOAK and says that she can go to Chile now. Kim's not sure that's a good idea anymore. Molly cries and tells her she's having problems with Holden. "I'm Molly Conlan. Girls like me don't get happy endings," she says. Holden arrives. Kim makes herself scarce. Molly tells him he needs to think of his family. He wonders what got to her. She explains that Lily has proof against her. He understands but he doesn't want her to run off. He asks for some time and walks off. Lucinda drops in to see Molly and threaten her. Molly asks her to save her breath.

    Love Chooses You.

    Tuesday, June 22 2010

    At the farm, Molly goes through wedding magazines but is distracted by a gossip magazine with her and Silas on the cover. She hallucinates that she sees blood on her hands and freaks out and leaves!

    Holden meets Lily at her house. Holden is worried about his children being exposed to Craig and Gabriel. An angry Lily yells that she is a good mother and the living situation is temporary. Holden thinks there should be another way. Lily reminds him that Molly is a murderer. Holden claims it is a clear-cut case of self-defense. Lily points out that she saw him and Molly destroying evidence at the pond. Molly arrives and says, "If you want answers, ask me." Holden claims they owe no one any explanations. Molly says she likes taking care of herself, unlike Lily. Molly claims the DVDs she was burning were part of her past and she was getting rid of it. Lily doesn't think that environment is good for her children and her past deeds will come back to haunt her. Molly angrily says she is leaving with her fiancé to plan her wedding.

    Molly and Holden return home to the farm. He wants to focus on planning the wedding and starts to look through the wedding magazines. He sees the gossip magazine and asks her why she bought it. Molly breaks down and admits she can't get that night out of her head and sees the blood and still smells the gunpowder. Molly worries that Lily will run her mouth. Holden doesn't care what Lily thinks and wants to marry her. She asserts that Silas is still in her thoughts calling her a whore. She goes on to admit that Lily is right that she can't just walk away from her past. She cries that she wants to call off the wedding! Holden orders her to forget about Lily and let him keep her safe. He tells her they should get married today!

    Something Fishy.

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Holden goes to Lily's to say that Molly has accepted his proposal. She stares and then congratulates him, but wonders if this is the best time for him to get married. Lily worries he's making the same mistake she made with Damian but he doesn't see the similarity. After he leaves, she sobs. Lucinda arrives. Lily tells her that Holden and Molly are getting married. Lucinda refuses to accept this and claims Holden is just trying to rescue Molly but Lily is the love of his life. She's sure something fishy is going on. Lily refuses to let her mom get involved but that doesn't accomplish much. Lily refuses to fight for Holden anymore and leaves for a walk. Lucinda gets a call. It's a message from Craig.

    Molly goes to Carly's to tell her that she's accepted Holden's proposal. Carly's happy for her. Molly smiles so much her face hurts. They wonder how Lily is taking the news. Holden arrives to tell Molly that everything is good. Carly hugs him. Jack arrives and the couple break their news. He hands her the DVD. Carly demands to know what's going on. Jack explains. Holden and Molly depart and Carly accuses Jack of covering things up for Molly when he wouldn't do the same for his son. He says that Molly was the victim of a sex crime but she isn't swayed. He accuses her of never having faith in him.

    Holden and Molly go back to the farm. He promises that this mess won't be haunting her for long and suggests they burn all of the evidence.

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