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    As the World Turns CAST - Molly Conlan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Molly Conlan Played by Lesli Kay on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lesli Kay as Molly Conlan

    Birthday: June 13 1965
    Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia
    Marital Status: Married; Keith Coulouris (December 25, 2003)
    Real Name: Lesli Kay


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    That Sounds Like A Lot Of Work.

    Thursday, March 25 2010

    Molly finds Parker at Java and quizzes him about Faith. She asks him to keep an eye on her.

    Meant To Be.

    Monday, March 22 2010

    At Lily's, she and Holden worry about Faith. Molly repeats that Faith was using drugs. The women bicker. Lily threatens to hold Molly responsible if anything happens to her daughter. He drags Molly across the room so Lily begins bellowing at them, saying that Molly has been playing up to Faith to impress Holden. He decides to go looking for his daughter and Lily leaves with him.

    Carly walks into Al's to see Molly. They complain about Lily and Molly insists that she is not 'the other woman' in all of this and she just wants Lily to get over Holden. Carly turns the topic back to Jack and says they are meant to be. 'Meant to be' doesn't mean much to Molly. She says what counts is work and warns her that Jack won't walk away from his new baby so easily.

    Molly arrives at the farm house. Lily is there. She tells her to stop trying to be Faith's friend because it is confusing her. Molly refuses to agree to her demands. They bicker and Molly refuses to back off.

    Guess I Beat You To Him.

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    Holden and Molly are at the farm house. He tells her that he won't hide their relationship from anyone anymore and asks her to move back in. As they kiss, Lily walks in. "Guess I beat you to him," Molly says when she sees her. Molly and Holden give a public display of affection and then she sends him off with Lily. When they leave, a call comes in for Holden from Faith's school. Molly is informed that Faith has been suspended and why.

    Lily and Holden arrive at home. He calls out to the kids. Lucinda declares that they can all be normal again. Faith doesn't think that's likely. Holden admits that he won't be moving back in but he'll still see them. They send the kids off to wash their hands and the adults tell Faith she needs to go back to school. After a little prodding, she admits that she can't go back. She claims she's not happy there. Molly arrives, much to Lucinda's chagrin. Cake is announced. As they file off to it, Molly corners Faith and asks her about the suspension. Faith asks her to stay out of this. Holden and Lily walk over to them and Faith announces that she wants to go back to school immediately. As they prepare to leave, Faith promises Molly she will tell her parents as they drive.

    Lucinda goes to the farm house to see Molly, who already know what she has to say. Molly refuses to leave. Lucinda offers her money. "Save your zeros old lady," Molly says, explaining that she moved back in with Holden. Lucinda says he can climb into Holden's bed but his heart will always belong to Lily. Molly kicks her out. After she's gone, Lily and Holden arrive. She fills them in on Faith's secret. They aren't happy to hear it or to learn that she's talked to Faith about this behind their backs either.

    Glutton For Punishment.

    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    Molly barges in on Damian and Lily in the garage. She snaps a picture of him to prove he's alive and threatens to alert the authorities. Lily begins bickering with her. They get in a cat fight and call each other names. Damian eventually gets bored watching this and gets between them. They shove him down but he pushes back and pulls Lily away. She claims she's seen the real him for once. He still thinks she might change her mind about swanning off with him. Before they can leave, Holden arrives. Damian holds the three of them at gunpoint. After shoving Molly in a closet, Damian levels his gun at Holden. Lily tells him she won't run off with him and begs him to turn himself in. Damian refuses. She refuses to leave with him unless he lets Holden live. Holden tells Damian that her love for him was never real, unlike his love with Lily which was pure and real. Molly listens and weeps. Damian continues taunting the couple. Molly runs out. Damian and Holden struggle with the gun. Molly knocks the gun out of his hands and Lily grabs it. He begs her to run off with him but she says it's over and hands the gun to Holden. A cop runs in and takes the gun. Damian is arrested and dragged off. Holden hugs Lily and then the cops cuff him. He notices that Molly has left. She returns and tells him she almost went home but stopped herself and came back. "I'm a glutton for punishment," she says. They review the situation and she wonders how he's going to move on. He reaches out to her. She pushes him away and asks him what their future is. He makes it clear that things were wrong between he and Lily even before Damian came into the picture. He's happy to be with her. They kiss. He's taken away.

    Only If We Do It Badly.

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    Holden and Molly are in her car bickering about what to do. She thinks they should call the police. He points out that they would just lock him up again. He calls a contact who hacks into Faith's phone account and gets the address she was going to. They drive off to the address. He runs up to the house alone. Through a window, he spots Faith bound to a chair. Before he can open the door, Damian clobbers him with a log and then runs off to the woods with Lily.

    Molly sneaks into the house and frees Faith. They run out and find Holden unconscious. Molly wakes him up. He mutters Lily's name. Molly rolls her eyes. Holden hugs his daughter as she worries.

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