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    As the World Turns CAST - Mick Dante

    Full detailed profile on Mick Dante Played by Tom Pelphrey on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey as Mick.
    Mick Dante

    Actor: Tom Pelphrey

    Who played Mick Dante over the years

    Tom Pelphrey (November 10, 2009)


    Current: "Medical researcher"/ drifter


    Mick was introduced to Oakdale when Alison stumbled upon him in the hospital basement. He told her that he was an unqualified medical researcher who had discovered a miracle cure but needed funding.


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    Thursday, February 25 2010: Law School For Morons.

    Alison chases Casey down before he can push Mick off the roof in his wheelchair. They argue, Mick taunts him to push him. Casey asks Ali if the psychopath is guy she really wants to be with. Alison says that Casey is the one he loves. Mick is outraged and ends up knocking Casey to the ground. Casey's hand is cut open and Mick wheels away.

    Alison finds Mick in the stairway. She tells him he should turn himself in before the cops find him. "Will you come visit me in prison?" he asks. She thinks he needs medical help, not a prison term and offers to speak up for him. He doesn't think she should burn any more bridges because of him. She just wants to help. He tells her that the way he felt about her was never a lie. Alison says he'll just have to learn to be Mick Dante now. A cop comes in with his gun out and arrests him.

    Wednesday, February 24 2010: I'm An Invalid. Take Me To Bed.

    Bob runs into Alison at the hospital. Things are awkward. She asks after Casey and says she never meant to hurt him. Bob doesn't think he's the one she should talk to about this. He wonders if she just came back to work so soon because Mick is there. She doesn't answer and drifts down the hall to Mick's room. When she's about to leave, he wakes up and asks her not to go. He grabs her hand. "I need you to get me out of here," he says. He assures her that James in no longer part of him and asks her to take him to the roof. Being hit by a truck knocked James out of him. He claims that he just wants to see the sky and breathe without James in his head. She wonders why she still feels safe with him and then agrees to his request.

    Alison wraps Mick up and wheels him onto the roof of the hospital. When they hear someone come up, they hide. It's Casey. He shouts for her. She rushes over to him and he demands to know where Mick is. She claims he's not there. He doesn't believe that. Casey rants at her and she swears that she isn't trying to help Mick escape. He wishes that he didn't care about her so much and didn't still want to believe her. As he shouts at her, Mick wheels out of hiding and orders him to step away from her. Mick says that Casey just wanted Ali to save him but she failed so he's angry about it. He thinks he's desperate to prove that he's a victim and Alison deserves better than both of them. Mick continues taunting him until Casey flies off the handle and wheels Mick to the edge of the building.

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