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    As the World Turns CAST - Audrey Coleman

    Full detailed profile on Audrey Coleman Played by Lynn Herring on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lynn Herring
    Audrey Coleman

    Actor: Lynn Herring

    Who played Audrey Coleman over the years

    Lynn Herring (July 24 2009 - October 27 2009)

    Useful information on Audrey Coleman

    * Killed James Stenbeck


    The mother of at least eight children, has been absent for most of their lives while she traveled the world gambling. She returned to Oakdale to run a scam with her former lover James Stenbeck. In the end, she double crossed him and killed him. During this time, it was revealed that Henry was actually James' son. This led to a battle over the Stenbeck fortune with Henry. She brought in an old mafia friend, Ralph Manzo, and offered to help wash his money for him. Things soured between he and Henry when Paul kept fighting with them. This eventually led to Ralph and Henry battling it out. When Katie attempted to rescue Henry, Brad ended up getting caught in the crossfire and killed. Barbara went back on the run.


    James Stenbeck


    Madeline 'Maddie' Coleman (daughter)
    Bernadette Coleman (daughter)
    Henry Coleman (son)
    Eve Coleman Browning (daughter)
    Other unknown children


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    Tuesday, October 27 2009: I Hate Goodbyes.

    Audrey chases her son down at the hospital. She needs her share of the inheritance so she can run. When she tells him how hard she's worked to get it, he drags her in to see Katie. They're shocked that she's gone. His mother asks him where the money is. He hands her the check and tells her to get out of his life. After he storms off, she kisses the check. Looking up, she can see the cop at the door. He follows her as she goes to the ladies room. As he stands at the door, she goes inside and pretends to cry loudly as she opens the window and jumps out.

    Barbara catches Audrey kissing the check on the street. Barbara swipes it away and they wrestle for it on the lawn. When Audrey snatches it back, she says she deserves it more than her because she actually made James Stenbeck happy. "I hate goodbyes," Audrey says, running off. "Too bad there won't be one," Barbara shoots back. Audrey drives off. She has to stop to get gas. When she goes in to pay, Margo and Barbara drive up. Audrey spots them and runs out the back. "Farewell my lovelies," she bids as she runs through the trees.

    Monday, October 26 2009: I Feel So Funky.

    At the station, Audrey complains to Margo about being cooped up there. Margo points out that they have evidence she tried to kill Barbara. Margo demands to know where Ralph is but Audrey says no one will find him if he doesn't want to be found. When she's left alone, Audrey calls Maddie and tells her she's been accused of murder. "Spare me the melodrama," Maddie says. Audrey asks her to come over and bring Casey with her. When Maddie arrives, her mother tells her that Barbara was trying to kill her. She asks her to get Casey on her side to talk to Margo for her. Maddie rolls her eyes and refuses to say anything. "You're on your own," she says. She walks out and Casey asks her to come to the hospital with him. He turns to his mother and asks her to let him know if there is anything he can do.

    At the station, Margo continues questioning Audrey, who refuses to say anything unless they drop all charges against her. Margo says she doesn't have to make a deal with her so Audrey tries to guilt her into it. She admits that she doesn't know where Ralph is but offers to find him. If they release her, she will set him up. Margo agrees to give her the day. Audrey sashays out and Margo sends a cop to trail after her.

    Audrey goes to the hospital to see her son. She tells him the deal she made and threatens him into helping her. Audrey wants her half of the inheritance. "I just want you to leave and I never want you to come back," he says. She says she always does what's best for her children and asks for some traveling money.

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