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    As the World Turns CAST - Teri Ciccone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Teri Ciccone Played by Vanessa Ray on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Ray

    Real Name: Vanessa Ray
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Good Luck.

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    At Metro, Bonnie tells her mother that she doesn't need rescuing and says she's out of control. Jessica doesn't thinks that she should let this get any deeper when she doesn't know how Dusty really feels. Bonnie insists that she is just having a little fun and tells her not to worry. Jessica is sure that he is still grieving for Jennifer. Bonnie thinks there is genuinely something between her and Dusty, but her mother urges her to confront him about where the relationship is going. Bonnie doesn't want to force him into defining their relationship. Dusty pops up and asks Jessica what she wants to know. He admits that he has no plans beyond their trip; they're just having a good time. Jessica asks her daughter if that's enough and rants about how Dusty could ruin her life. Bonnie asks her mom to stop treating her like a kid. "Well, I had to try," Jessica says. She gives her a hug and tells her not to cry her eyes out over him. After she leaves, Dusty tells her he's impressed by her mother. Before they can leave, she admits that her mom got into her head. She asks him about their future. He says it's open and admits that he doesn't want anything more than something casual. "I need more," she confesses. "Good luck," he says. She walks away as Teri walks in. "At least I know it's not just me. You're a jerk to everybody," she says. He tells her he loved his wife and watched her die; that made him understand the risk of caring.

    We All Got Lucky Today.

    Monday, October 12 2009

    Audrey sits with Ralph and worries. She attempts to assure him that Henry isn't trying to back out of their deal. He tells her that her son just needs a fire lit under him. Dusty watches them from across the room. Teri bumps into him on her way over to give 'Uncle Ralphie' some flaming dessert. Audrey notices Dusty staring and decides to make herself scarce. Dusty walks over, sits down and takes a spoonful of Ralph's dessert. "You've gotten better at sharing. You and your buddies weren't so good about that in Chicago," he says. Teri gets upset as Dusty offloads a series of accusations against Ralph and his business partners.

    At the Metro, Teri is about to run off to get some fennel, but she stops to complain to Ralph about Dusty first. Ralph says that Dusty is just a jealous loser lashing out with meaningless accusations. "I don't care what that creep says, you are still the best man that I know," she says, giving him a hug.

    Later, Dusty runs into Teri and taunts her for being on her uncle's payroll. She says that Ralph is the rock she leans on and doesn't care for people who badmouth him. Bonnie comes out. Teri's disgusted that she would date Dusty.

    Maybe This Is All About You.

    Monday, October 05 2009

    Rosanna stops by Metro to see Teri. After watching Parker and Sage gag on the latest meal she cooked, she decided that she needs help. Teri doesn't have time. Craig pops up. Rosanna runs off to the ladies room. Craig corners her and asks her to have a drink. He tells her that he knows what she's really doing. He thinks she's looking for protection from her desires for him. They bicker and she says she needs Teri to save her from herself. "If you come near me ever again, I swear to God I'll kill you," she says. They argue some more and then agree that they are 'done'. She strides off and Teri returns to ask him what that was all about. "You two really hate each other," she observes. He seems relieved it looks that way.

    By Any Means Necessary.

    Friday, September 25 2009

    Ralph asks Teri what's bothering her. She's worried about what will happen when they see Janet. He's eager to get to the bottom of this mess.

    Janet is thrilled when Ralph and Teri come through her door. He immediately asks what the rift between the sisters is. The argument erupts and Janet tries to get Ralph on her side. He won't take sides and says that they have to find some common ground and look for what is best for Liberty. He tells them to call Liberty and make lunch.

    Liberty and Parker go to Janet's. They introduce her to Ralph. He asks Parker if he's the one who got his niece into trouble. They clarify things for him, sort of, and tell him not to worry that Parker is kind of her half-brother, cousin and ex-husband. Ralph sits her down and tells her how important family is and suggests that she can have her child adopted. Liberty is reluctant but agrees to look into it. Ralph calls a lawyer to get the ball rolling. Janet says that this is a good thing and asks Parker to go home. As Parker leaves, Ralph tells them that he's already found a couple who might want to adopt. Teri and Liberty look less pleased than Janet. Ralph explains that they can meet the family later and then walks out. Liberty wants to take a walk. Her mother tells her that she has a good feeling about this. After she leaves, Janet tells her sister that they have to give this idea a chance.

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