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    As the World Turns CAST - Teri Ciccone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Teri Ciccone Played by Vanessa Ray on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Ray

    Real Name: Vanessa Ray
    Height: 5' 3"


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    I'm Free! What's Stopping Me?

    Friday, October 30 2009

    As Henry walks into Metro and pours himself a drink, he notices Teri is bound and gagged on the floor. She tells him that Dusty did this to her. Henry doesn't understand. She tells him to tell the cops.

    Teri runs to Margo and tells her about what happened with Ralph. Margo tells her to stay out of this. Ralph and Dusty come out of the elevator. Margo whips out her gun. Dusty runs at Teri and tackles her to the floor. Ralph grabs someone as they walk by and uses them as a shield. As he runs off, Margo runs after him. Teri pushes Dusty off of her and asks him what he's doing. She just wanted to help make amends. She hyperventilates into a paper bag and then argues with Dusty.

    It's Not A Case, It's My Brother.

    Wednesday, October 28 2009

    As Ralph holds a gun on Teri at Metro, she can't believe she was foolish enough to ever believe in him. He assures her that he will vanish as soon as his friend shows up. When the police begin knocking on the door, he warns her to be smart. Opening the door, she tells the cops that she is alone. They inform her that Brad is dead and ask her to contact them if Ralph appears. After they leave, Ralph tells her that he didn't kill Brad. "I can't even breathe the same air that you do," she says, disgusted. He warns her not to test him and orders him to get her to the back of Yo's. "You are a liar and you broke my heart!" she shouts at him. There's another knock at the door. As Ralph hides, she answers it. It's Dusty. He tells her that what her uncle is doing to her sucks. She feels terrible about what's happened and shoves Dusty out. Ralph comes out of the shadows and leads her out. Dusty is waiting for them. He tells Ralph to put the gun down and offers to help him escape. Ralph is skeptical. Dusty thinks this would be best for everyone and offers him a passport and a jet and then begins tying up Teri. He asks Ralph to get some tape and whispers in her ear to be quiet. Dusty lays out the options for him.

    I Feel So Funky.

    Monday, October 26 2009

    Ralph stumbles into Metro to see Teri. He tells her that he got involved in something he doesn't have anything to do with. She wants to help. He asks her to let him clean up his own mess. Since she can't stop his bleeding, she suggests he go to the hospital. He refuses so she leaves to get antiseptic and bandages.

    Dusty follows Teri down the street and confronts her again. She continues defending her uncle but Dusty tells her that there needs to be justice, especially for the baby.

    Teri returns to Metro and tells Ralph she knows about the warehouse. When she sadly suggests they go to the police, he advises her to stay out of this. "I'm going to stand by you... but I can't lie," she says. Ralph takes out his gun and orders her to put the phone down.

    Dude, I'm Sorry.

    Thursday, October 22 2009

    Ralph is packing his bag when there's a knock at the door. He answers with his gun drawn, but it's only Teri. She sees that he's limping and wonders what's wrong. He pants. She thinks he should see a doctor. He loses his cool and then complains about betrayal. Teri still wants to take him to see a doctor.

    Teri brings Ralph to the hospital. He's not helpful when they ask him questions. After he's led in to see a doctor, Dusty comes out and suggests that her uncle must have something to hide. She thinks that he's being spiteful but he tells her that he bumped into Ralph's thugs and they were so freaked out, they started praying in church. He pushes into the examining room. Ralph is gone.

    Dusty follows Teri back to her uncle's room. She tries making excuses for Ralph but Dusty is sure he's bad news for all of them.

    Good Luck.

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    Teri drops by the diner to see her sister. Janet tells her that they are already re-opening and everything will be okay. Teri's sure that Ralph must have had the place repaired so quickly. Ralph comes in and hands an envelope full of cash to some workmen. He glares across the room at Dusty and then hurries out. Janet walks over to Dusty and he suggests that she ask her Uncle Ralph who started the fire. Teri asks him what his problem is. They begin trading barbs and Dusty tells Janet that her sister might be okay, but Ralph is a snake. Janet and Teri sit down and she tries to convince her sister to talk Liberty into accepting her adoption idea. Teri's reluctant to 'do her dirty work'. Janet bellows at her and orders her out.

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