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    As the World Turns CAST - Teri Ciccone

    Full detailed profile on Teri Ciccone Played by Vanessa Ray on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Ray
    Teri Ciccone

    Actor: Vanessa Ray

    Who played Teri Ciccone over the years

    Vanessa Ray (July 23 2009)


    Current: Cook
    Past: Waitress
    Past: Student


    Teri coincidentally met several people from Oakdale, including Craig, and wound up in town looking for a job. She soon discovered that her big sister, Janet, who she hadn't seen for years was there.


    Janet Ciccone Snyder (sister)
    Liberty Ciccone (niece)


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    Friday, August 20 2010: I Am Ashamed To Be Your Daughter.

    Dusty goes to Metro and tells Johnny that Teri will be looking after him while they're out in the country. She sends him off to get lunch and then Teri asks her boss what is going on. He shows her the medal and she explains that her dad had one just like it. She explains that members of a burial society carried it to make sure that immigrants get a proper grave if they are poor. She assures Dusty that Blackie isn't in business with Ralph.

    Wednesday, August 11 2010: Needy And Dependent.

    Dusty meets Teri at Metro and she asks him what's happening between he and her sister. He tells her about Blackthorn and explains that he saw Janet making out with him. She suggests her sister is just confused and he should wait it out.

    Blackthorn goes into Al's and asks Janet to forgive him for kissing her. He'd still like to do it again though. He begs her for a chance but she doesn't think they have a future. She says that she and Dusty are crazy about each other but it's complicated. Blackie thinks that Dusty is 'a punk'. He asks her to promise to keep him in her mind and heart. As he's about to leave, Teri arrives. She chats with him until he leaves and then demands that her sister tell her what's going on. She claims Blackie is just flirting. Teri says Dusty thinks they're hooking up. Janet complains that both men are driving her nuts. Her sister tells her she has to straighten this out or she will lose Dusty. Janet realizes that she loves Dusty and wants to raise the child with him. Teri urges her to cook him something. She decides to bring him a lasagna.

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