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    As the World Turns CAST - Maeve Stone

    Full detailed profile on Maeve Stone Played by Judi Evans-Luciano on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judi Evans-Luciano
    Maeve Stone

    Actor: Judi Evans-Luciano

    Who played Maeve Stone over the years

    Judi Evans-Luciano (August 26 2009 - October 30 2009)


    Maeve nursed Holden back to health after he was found by the highway. Her abusive husband Ebb was sure that Holden knew where the money from a bank robbery was. Maeve and Holden bonded and tried to escape together. They eventually broke and got back to Oakdale after Ebb had been killed. When Holden discovered that Lily had married Damian, he toyed with taking up with Maeve but ended up backing out. She got a makeover and left town.


    Current: Ebberly Stone (deceased)


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    Friday, October 30 2009: I'm Free! What's Stopping Me?

    Kids come to Maeve's door trick or treating. She's in costume and gives them candy. Lucinda comes next. Maeve offers her a candy. "And I'm not even wearing my wicked witch costume," Lucinda quips, barging in and asking her to leave town. Maeve guesses who she is and Lucinda accuses her of stealing her daughter's husband. Lucinda claims that Holden and Lily are getting back together as they speak and she should get out of town.

    After Maeve gets out of her costume and packs, she runs into Holden in the hall. She brings up what Lucinda said and he says she was wrong. Seeing that he's upset, Maeve offers him her company and he lets her into his room. He tells her that Lily and her mother tried to set him up and he ended up catching Lily with Damian. "There's nothing left there. She's married to Damian," he says. Maeve offers to help him out and kisses him. He stops her and explains that she is trying to make memories but he's trying to forget. She wishes he wasn't trying to be such a nice guy. When he leaves to get them some sandwiches, Lily comes to the door. She assumes that Maeve and Holden have slept together. "If we knew you were coming, we would have straightened up a bit. Now you don't have to feel guilty because Holden's moved on," Maeve says.

    In the hall, Holden bumps into Lucinda and tells her that things are officially over with Lily. When he goes up to his room, she reminds him that he told her she deserved a better man than Ebb. She admits that Lily came by and she let her think they slept together. Holden says it's okay. "She's got her life. I've got mine," he says. She tells him he needs a woman who will put him first. "I can't live this close to you and not be with you," she decides. In tears, she tells him to be happy and leaves.

    Friday, October 23 2009: This Is The Way Love Is.

    Damian is disappointed to bump into Lily at the Lakeview and learns she is just looking for Holden. He points to Holden laughing at the bar with Maeve. Lily walks over and tells him that their children want to throw a Halloween party. Maeve makes herself scarce. Holden tells Lily to talk to her husband and walks away. When Damian asks her to have a drink, she turns him down.

    Holden goes to Maeve's room to apologize for Lily. He spots the bag of money and warns her that the bills are probably marked. She knows but she finds it hard to give up the money. She even slept on a blanket of cash when she checked in. He offers to reimburse her if she gives the money back. Maeve doesn't want charity, she'd rather find a job and wonders if the hotel is hiring. "Lily owns the hotel," he explains. He offers to talk to Lily for her.

    When Luke goes upstairs, he bumps into Holden and Maeve. She gushes about how wonderful Holden is and then walks off. Luke tells his father that they should rent a cabin for the family and go up to the woods. Holden thinks that's a great idea.

    Damian buys Maeve a drink at the bar. When she goes back to her room, she runs into Holden who tells her he's spending the weekend with his kids.

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