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    As the World Turns CAST - Ralph Manzo - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ralph Manzo Played by Stuart Michael Damon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stuart damon

    Birthday: February 5 1937
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Deirdre Ottewill, March 12, 1961
    Real Name: Stuart Michael Damon
    Height: 6'2"


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    This Honesty Business Isn't Easy.

    Tuesday, October 20 2009

    On the roof, Katie tells Ralph that the best way to get his money is to use her as a go-between. "Take her somewhere where no one can find her," Ralph orders his thugs. They take her to a storage room and she tries talking them into turning on Ralph. They're shocked when she takes off her jacket and reveals that she is pregnant. She begs them to let her out for the baby's sake. Playing up the risks to the baby, she pants and begs for some organic food. They walk out and lock her in. She screams without result and then tries to calm herself, telling the baby that she won't be stuck there much longer.

    Henry finds Ralph at Metro. Before he can give him the money, Brad rushes over and asks him where Katie is.

    I'll See You In Another Life Bubbles.

    Monday, October 19 2009

    Ralph waits on the roof for Henry. He's surprised when Katie shows up. "Henry's more cowardly than I thought, sending a woman," Ralph says. Katie threatens to go to the cops about the fire if he doesn't leave town. Taking out her phone, she threatens to call the cops. "Henry is a lucky cowardly lion to have a friend like you," he says. He tells her that he has friends too and he's not going anywhere. Two of his thugs come out.

    The Last Time You Get To Break My Heart.

    Friday, October 16 2009

    At the hotel, Henry is trying to make excuses to Ralph but it only makes the mobster mad. Henry tells him how desperate he has been to get the money for him and he is losing everything. When he asks Ralph to 'do his worst', Ralph laughs. He serves him a drink and claims he admires his guts. Ralph gives him 24 hours to get his money and urges him to pull out all of the stops. Henry gulps.

    Audrey arrives at the hotel and checks with the concierge to see if Barbara and Vienna have come in. As she searches around for them, Ralph bumps into her and says that he's given her son another day. She's disappointed that he isn't being good to her son. He tells her to stay out of this. "Do what you always do and that's take care of yourself," he says. As soon as he leaves, she tries calling for a flight. When she reaches in her purse, she finds a picture of Henry and decides she can't abandon him.

    Good Luck.

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    Paul meets with a lawyer to go over some paperwork about the adoption. Ralph walks over and asks to speak to him privately. After the lawyer steps aside, Ralph reminds Paul about their little talk. He walks away again and Paul tells his lawyer they need to work fast. He gets up and bumps into his mother. She asks him to talk about the inheritance. Paul tells her he's having adoption problems.

    Teri drops by the diner to see her sister. Janet tells her that they are already re-opening and everything will be okay. Teri's sure that Ralph must have had the place repaired so quickly. Ralph comes in and hands an envelope full of cash to some workmen. He glares across the room at Dusty and then hurries out. Janet walks over to Dusty and he suggests that she ask her Uncle Ralph who started the fire. Teri asks him what his problem is. They begin trading barbs and Dusty tells Janet that her sister might be okay, but Ralph is a snake. Janet and Teri sit down and she tries to convince her sister to talk Liberty into accepting her adoption idea. Teri's reluctant to 'do her dirty work'. Janet bellows at her and orders her out.

    Ralph goes to see Paul and explains that Janet is adopting the baby but he'll give them a gift for the trouble. Paul's not impressed and tells him that Liberty picked them to adopt her child. "This is our child. Nothing is going to change that," Paul insists. "I'm going to change that," Ralph threatens. Paul offers to settle this in court but Ralph insists this is a family matter.

    We All Got Lucky Today.

    Monday, October 12 2009

    Audrey sits with Ralph and worries. She attempts to assure him that Henry isn't trying to back out of their deal. He tells her that her son just needs a fire lit under him. Dusty watches them from across the room. Teri bumps into him on her way over to give 'Uncle Ralphie' some flaming dessert. Audrey notices Dusty staring and decides to make herself scarce. Dusty walks over, sits down and takes a spoonful of Ralph's dessert. "You've gotten better at sharing. You and your buddies weren't so good about that in Chicago," he says. Teri gets upset as Dusty offloads a series of accusations against Ralph and his business partners.

    At the Metro, Teri is about to run off to get some fennel, but she stops to complain to Ralph about Dusty first. Ralph says that Dusty is just a jealous loser lashing out with meaningless accusations. "I don't care what that creep says, you are still the best man that I know," she says, giving him a hug.

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