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    As the World Turns CAST - Ralph Manzo

    Full detailed profile on Ralph Manzo Played by Stuart Michael Damon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stuart damon
    Ralph Manzo

    Actor: Stuart Michael Damon

    Who played Ralph Manzo over the years

    Stuart Michael Damon (September 18 2009 - October 30 2009)


    Current: "Real estate developer"


    Audrey brought Ralph to Oakdale to help her with her business plans. As soon as he arrived, he ran into his 'niece' Teri. He blackmailed Henry into giving him a chunk of the Stenbeck fortune. After his involvement in Brad's accidental shooting, he tried to flee town but was eventually caught thanks to Dusty and sent to jail. Later, Lucinda got him out for a day to call of Anthony Blackthorn and sort out some of her problems (they were old partners in crime). Jack discovered him and sent him back to jail before he could do much.


    Lucinda Walsh (lovers)
    Audrey Coleman (lovers)


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    Wednesday, August 25 2010: You're Free.

    On the grounds, Lucinda tells Ralph he's out of his mind if he thinks he can turn her in. She reminds him that she sprung him from prison. He wishes she'd run off with him like she would have in the old days. She refuses to go on the run. Ralph tells her she's gone so far downhill with her daughter she'll never get her back. Lucinda doubts that but asks him not to call the Feds on her.

    Jack runs down the halls until he kicks a door open and finds Ralph waiting for him. The mobster taunts him about Brad. He says that he should be thanking him for taking care of Blackthorn. They bicker about what happened to Brad and Ralph reminds Jack that he's the one who pulled the trigger. Ralph challenges him to take a shot. Carly bursts in. Jack puts down his gun and says that shooting him won't bring his brother back. Some cops arrives and take Manzo into custody.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010: Never Call Me Mom Again.

    Upstairs, Lucinda is miffed when Ralph keeps calling her Mary Ellen. He pours her some brandy and explains that the governor freed him as soon as she called him. She's surprised that he got out so easily considering he's a criminal. He points out that most of the people in Oakdale are too. She wants him to fix what she botched with Craig. She needs him to get rid of Blackie. He'd rather talk about their past and says he knows her well enough to know when she's trying to snow him. Lucinda explains that she needs him to order Blackie away and mentions that Janet is involved.

    Ralph startles Blackie in the corridor and accuses him of disrespecting him, Lucinda and Janet. He orders him to go back to Chicago and stay out of trouble. Blackthorn walks off.

    Outside, Lucinda tells Ralph all about what she did to her daughter and why. She wonders how she could have been callous like that. He says she's just used to acting that way and tells her to let her daughter stand up on her own two feet so she can make a life of her own. He advises her to slow down and enjoy things a little more. When he suggests they run away together, she laughs and tells him she left the criminal world behind eons ago. He points out that she just committed a bunch of crimes. She insists her hands are clean. He doubts the Feds would feel the same way.

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