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    As the World Turns CAST - Larry McDermott

    Full detailed profile on Larry McDermott Played by Ed Fry on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ed Fry (Ed Fry)
    Larry McDermott

    Actor: Ed Fry

    Who played Larry McDermott over the years

    Ed Fry (1990 - 1995, May 24, 2009 - July 22 2009)

    Useful information on Larry McDermott

    * Worked as a doctor at Oakdale Memorial.
    * Became acting chief of staff when Bob stepped down.
    * Married Susan Stewart but divorced when he took a job in Chicago.


    Current: Doctor in Chicago
    Past: Doctor at Oakdale Memorial


    Larry McDermott arrived in Oakdale to take a job at Oakdale Memorial. He had dated Frannie Hughes in the past and tried to renew their relationship but she was engaged. Larry began dating Lyla Peretti but when she realized he was still in love with Frannie she broke it off.

    Larry began pouring his efforts into his job; there he met Susan. Although she was quite a bit older than him, Larry fell for her. He proposed after Susan's biopsy and they planned to get married. She was kidnapped to Montega and when she was freed they agreed to marry immediately.

    Susan began to fear that Larry would leave her for a woman who could bear his children. Larry swore that children weren't important to him but she couldn't forget it. Seeing how upset she was, Emily volunteered to donate her eggs to be fertilized by Larry. Susan carried the baby, Alison, to term and things seemed to be perfect. However, problems soon arose.

    Larry was made acting Chief of Staff at Memorial and became overbearing toward everyone. Larry soon accepted an even more powerful job in Chicago. He planned for Susan and Alison to join him there but Susan's job fell through thanks to Emily's machinations. She remained at Memorial and the marriage fell apart when Larry had an affair. Larry remained in Chicago and even allowed his relationship with Alison to falter.

    Larry returned to Oakdale in 2009.


    Susan Stewart (divorced)


    Susan Stewart
    Frannie Hughes
    Lyla Crawford Peretti
    Emily Stewart


    LJ McDermott (Father)
    Agnes McDermott (Mother)


    Alison Stewart (Daughter, with Susan)


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    Thursday, November 12 2009: Sexual Torture.

    Lily finds Luke napping on the couch. She tells him she's been having problems with both of his fathers. She doesn't know how to reassure the other children. He tells her that Damian wants to fight for this marriage. If she thinks Damian can make her happy, Luke won't stand in her way.

    Wednesday, July 22 2009: Surprise!

    Hunter is startled at work when Larry enters. Hunter tells Larry he hates him! Larry wants to give Hunter a package, but Emily enters and tells him to get out! Larry claims he does not want to cause trouble and hands him a package from his mom. Hunter opens the package to see a music box that was his mom's favorite trinket. Hunter remains silent and Larry leaves. Emily thinks he should put the box in a special place. Hunter is sad that his mother kept everything special in her life hidden from him. Emily tries to reach out to him, but Hunter becomes angry and tells her she is not his mother!

    Larry interrupts Emily working at the Lakeview. He claims he wants to make things right. Emily tells him he stole her children! Larry tells her he can get her on a priority list for donor eggs. Susan interrupts and tells him he is outrageous! Emily tells him he is a liar and a fake. Susan does admit it is possible that Emily could get pregnant, but Emily does not want Larry's help. She orders him to leave her, Alison and Hunter alone.

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