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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Caught In The Act!

    Tuesday, March 10 2009

    Carly calls Jack to report that Parker is on-board with boarding school and they are having a special dinner. Jack agrees to attend. Lucy stops by and asks Carly to help her reach out to Craig so that he will know she wasn't trying to take Johnny from him! Carly won't do it, saying she and Craig aren't friends. Lucy begs her to try.

    Lucy is in Old Town when she sees Craig and Johnny. The little boy wants to stay with her but Craig won't let him. They go inside Al's. Jack walks in and asks Craig for information about Parker. Craig stonewalls him, even though he doesn't know anything. Lucy sees them and takes the opportunity to spend a little time with Johnny. He tells her about the car he saw Parker in but Lucy keeps the information to herself. Craig tells Jack that he pushed Parker into doing whatever he has done; Jack leaves. Craig grabs Johnny and leaves, too. Lucy calls someone and asks for help.

    Craig goes to Chicago and finds Lucy waiting at the mall. She swears she is just trying to help but he doesn't want to give her the chance to see Johnny. Lucy spots the kids and they run! Liberty falls, giving Craig and Lucy the chance to catch up. As Lucy checks out Liberty's ankle Craig tells them how stupid they were to run away. Lucy tells them how hard it is to be on the run. Liberty wants to go home but Parker refuses to consider living by Jack and Carly's rules. Lucy keeps working on him, telling him how much it hurts to never see family or what could have happened when Liberty fell. Lucy helps Liberty up. Craig offers to keep their location secret if that is what they really want.

    Lucy is at The Lakeview when Craig walks in. He thanks her for helping to find the kids but says he won't win her way back into his heart that way.

    A Trip To Freedom!

    Monday, March 09 2009

    Craig looks at the picture Johnny drew and wonders if it is really him; he questions the kiddo until he admits it is a picture of Dusty. Craig realizes Johnny has been seeing Dusty and calls Lucy to set up another babysitting arrangement. She readily agrees. After hanging up, Lucy calls Dusty to invite him over!

    Dusty meets Johnny and Lucy in his suite. They order milk and cookies – and Craig walks in! He announces he has found a nanny for Johnny and sends him off with Olga. Once the kiddo is gone Craig turns on Lucy, saying she has betrayed him. Dusty blames himself but Craig won't listen. He vows neither of them will ever have contact with Johnny again! He accuses them of trying to kidnap Johnny again; both say that wasn't their intention. Craig wonders why he should allow Dusty access to the boy when he is certain Dusty would not return the favor! Lucy begs Craig to reconsider but he refuses and disowns her! After he leaves Dusty apologizes to Lucy but she blames herself. She asks if he is sending her to jail now that she can't help him see Johnny! He reminds her that Craig can't break the bond they each have with the kiddo and sits with her. Upset, she says she thought Craig was changing into the father she always wanted. Dusty hugs her.

    What Is Lucy Up To?

    Friday, March 06 2009

    At The Lakeview Craig thanks Lucy for watching Johnny and then asks her to step in as a babysitter again. She is thrilled and accepts. Craig tells her not to get too comfortable because this doesn't mean he trusts her. He leaves. Dusty appears, happy to have overheard that she is watching the little guy. She takes Johnny upstairs to get settled. Dusty waits in the lounge for Meg and when she arrives tells her that a kiss like the one they shared will never happen again. He apologizes for going too far and doesn't notice that she is hurt. Lucy calls and he tells her about his private visitations. He quickly leaves. Meg spots Craig and tries to delay him from going upstairs. He is short with her until Meg says how happy she is for him and for Johnny. Craig wonders what she is up to but then goes upstairs. Paul watches Meg get on the elevator and immediately jumps to the conclusion that she is going to Dusty. Emily tries to calm him down, saying she could be going anywhere but he heads upstairs.

    In the suite Lucy and Dusty have a paper fight and then he pulls her into his arms and onto the sofa. She can't stop laughing. Dusty quickly leaves after Meg calls to warn him about Craig. When Craig walks in Johnny shows him a picture he drew of 'Daddy'; Craig thinks Johnny drew the picture for him! They take a walk and then Lucy invites Craig for hot chocolate, not wanting to end their peaceful day.

    Paul arrives outside Dusty's room and prepares to kick in the door. Emily stops him, pointing out that breaking into a room and making accusations will only make him lose any chance to see Eliza. She leads him downstairs. The spot Lucy and Craig with Johnny and this upsets Paul even more. Craig and Johnny go back upstairs but Paul sticks around to spy on Lucy. Frustrated with him, Emily leaves. Paul watches as Dusty comes over and thanks Lucy for the time with Johnny. He leaves and Paul comes over, demanding to know why Lucy is back in town! She insists she is back for Johnny's sake but Paul doesn't believe her.

    A Plot and A Plan!

    Tuesday, March 03 2009

    Lucy gives Meg an order at the hospital but Meg says they don't do things her way any longer! Lucy apologizes and walks off. Dusty arrives and tells Meg he needs to see Lucy. He finds Lucy a while later and asks about visitation. She says she hasn't had time to get things cleared with Craig. He pushes her, reminding her that he is the one who cleared her. Upset, she says she loves Johnny, too, but can't push things. Meg watches them. Lucy is called away so she tries to talk to Dusty and invites him to a night away from their problems! He reluctantly accepts her proposal.

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