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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    You've Got Two Choices!

    Monday, March 23 2009

    Paul gets to Lucy's room at The Lakeview and bluffs his way inside, saying he'll keep Lucy's secrets if she goes along with him. Lucy insists she only saw Dusty to get him to stay away from her but then he brings up the trip to the docks and says he knows everything. "I can go to the cops or you can do exactly what I tell you," he threatens! Lucy gives in and Paul tells her to win Dusty's heart! She refuses, saying Craig will cut her off and Johnny will be hurt. Paul remains firm, giving her 24 hours to start working for him or he'll go to Craig!

    Lucy's Up To Something!

    Monday, March 16 2009

    Lucy arrives at Craig's suite to find the place in disarray because Craig has lost a contract somewhere. He asks if she has seen the paper; she thinks about the file she stole but keeps the information to herself. Craig pushes the issue but she remains firm. When Craig takes a business call, Lucy takes the file from her bag and pretends to have found it under the sofa. Craig believes her lie. Lucy returns downstairs to call her contact; she says they are ready to move forward. They make plans to meet but then Craig walks in for their lunch date. Lucy begs off, saying she has a hospital emergency. Craig sits down alone and then Emily walks in and tries to pitch him her ideas. He shuts her down but she plows ahead and tells him about her ideas. She questions him about Lucy's involvement in his businesses. He says Lucy is a doctor but Emily keeps pushing, bringing up Craig's kidnapping past. This only frustrates Craig more. Emily asks if he trusts Lucy!

    Lucy meets her contact and pays him for a shipment. "Pleasure doing business with you – and our mutual friend," he says. Lucy leaves.

    Lucy returns to The Lakeview, overhears part of what Emily is saying to Craig, and tells Emily to question her directly! Emily backtracks, saying she was just trying to find out more about her. She questions Craig about importing and exporting the vodka line but Lucy calls a halt to the questioning, saying it is bound to make Craig look bad. He sends Emily away but she warns that she is good at digging in the dirt! Lucy leaves, too. Craig wonders if he can trust Lucy.

    In the hall Lucy calls her contact and says they are still in the clear with Craig but that Emily could become a problem.

    Parker's Bright Idea...

    Friday, March 13 2009

    Dusty calls Meg to thank her for the shopping trip with Eliza. He spots Lucy and quickly hangs up. Lucy won't give Dusty the time of day, saying she can't talk to him. She hurries away. Craig watches and is pleased. Dusty follows and listens as Lucy tells Craig she is sticking with their deal and not talking to Dusty. Paul and Emily arrive and listen as Lucy tells Dusty to leave her alone. She leaves again. Dusty tells Craig this isn't over. Paul wonders what Lucy is up to. They follow Lucy and Craig into the lounge and listen as Lucy tells Craig again that she is done with Dusty and will abide by his wishes. She leaves. Paul wonders again what is up with Lucy's decision. Paul convinces Emily to follow Lucy upstairs. She sees Lucy trying to break into Craig's room; she covers, saying she was just trying to find Craig. Emily calls her on the lie, saying she just saw Lucy with Craig. Lucy hurries away.

    Lucy returns to Craig's room and breaks in! She goes through some files and finally finds the one for Midnight Sun. Craig walks in and sees her! She covers, saying the maid let her in and that she wanted to give him updated medical records for Johnny. He is pleased. Lucy asks about Carly and Craig tells her what is going on with Parker as they sit and talk. She asks if she can help Carly. He says he'll handle things. She leaves.

    A Truce?

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    Carly goes to the hospital to talk to Lucy. She says she was just trying to help Craig and then asks Carly to go to Craig on her behalf again.

    Carly runs into Craig in Old Town. He convinces her to meet him for lunch. When Craig leaves she calls Lucy and says their deal has begun! She walks over to The Lakeview and surprises Craig with Lucy! He is upset, especially when she says he has to make things right with Lucy! Craig throws the boarding school issue in her face when Carly says they can still be a family. Lucy gets upset and wants to leave but Carly orders her to stick around and talk to her father but Lucy is too upset. She storms out trying to hold back the tears. Carly stares at Craig and then says their business relationship is over, too! Craig can't believe his ears but Carly sticks to her guns.

    Craig goes to the hospital to talk to Lucy. He says he is ready to leave the past in the past; she is thrilled, especially when he says he will always love her. She apologizes for taking Johnny but stands by her guns, saying she was only trying to protect him from the feud. They agree to take things slowly and try to rebuild their relationship. "But you have to cut Dusty out of your life," Craig says! Lucy can't believe him but gives in when Craig won't back down and keeps insisting that Dusty will never stop trying to steal Johnny back. Lucy asks for her own favor – that Craig keep an open mind about Dusty for Johnny's sake. He agrees to her terms and she hugs him. When she is alone Lucy makes a mysterious call and says, "We're in business."

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