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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Custody Change!

    Monday, April 06 2009

    Dusty returns to The Lakeview. Lucy looks at his banged up hand and he says Paul finally got the message and she is safe. Lucy tells him about Meg's visit. Dusty wishes Meg would trust him. Meg arrives and tells Lucy to leave. When she is gone Meg tells him about Paul's custody move and blames him for beating up Paul! "How could you fall for that? Don't you know him by now?" she asks. Dusty says he went after Paul because of the blackmail against Lucy and Johnny's well being. This angers Meg more, even when Dusty promises to get Eliza back. She tells him to stay away from her from now on and walks out!

    Craig's A Standup Guy!

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    At The Lakeview Paul demands to know if Lucy got Dusty into bed. She coyly says they spent three nights together! Paul is relieved and she says he has to back off now. Paul says he'll back off as soon as he confirms that her story is true!

    Paul storms into Lucy's hotel room and tells her to get Dusty into bed or he'll tell Craig about her plans. He says he just saw Dusty with Meg and says the rules of their arrangement are changing! Dusty calls and says he has to talk to her. Paul tells Lucy to seduce him – or else! He leaves. Upset, Lucy talks to herself and then Dusty arrives. She starts to cry and Dusty asks what he can do. She says the stress in her life is too much and she needs help. He says he'll help – by finding another way to see Johnny. Lucy says she loves him and wants him back! She kisses him. He pulls away, says this isn't love and asks what is going on. She finally tells him that she has been using Craig's ships to send medicine to needy people. Dusty can't believe what she is doing. She says Paul knows and has been blackmailing her. She says she can't risk putting the people who helped her and Johnny out of business and begs him to pretend that they are back together. He says he won't do it but she begs him. He says he'll talk to Meg! Lucy keeps pushing him to make the decision now and not tell Meg. She swears she only needs a few more days and the shipments will arrive and no one needs to know. "If you tell her now the mission will be at risk and Meg and her daughter could be in danger, too," Lucy says! He says he'll handle Meg and she thanks him.

    Lucy Makes A Move!

    Friday, March 27 2009

    Paul meets with Lucy and gives her an ultimatum – sleep with Dusty or he'll tell Craig everything. She says she needs more time but he stands firm. After he leaves Lucy calls her contact, worried that he'll ruin their plans. She says she has no choice but to try to get Dusty back. Craig calls and Lucy puts on her happy voice so he won't catch on. He asks her to watch Johnny for the afternoon and when he mentions the docks, Lucy gets worried. Carly brings some papers to Craig and he says the numbers are wrong. After he hangs up Lucy seems worried.

    Craig and Carly finish checking the shipment and then give their contact the go-ahead to send everything off. Their contact is the same man who is working with Lucy! Craig and Carly are talking about the business when Lucy arrives and the contact nearly gives away that they know each other. Lucy covers but Craig is still curious. Carly steps in and tells him to trust Lucy, who tells them about a presentation that Bob needs her to finish in Chicago. She asks if Johnny can come, too. Craig finally gives in but says this is a test that she had better pass. She leaves to get the kiddo. Lucy meets the contact at the edge of the dock and says she'll contact him later. Craig and Carly have a celebratory drink while they are waiting for their car to arrive. She says he did the right thing for Johnny and Lucy. The contact, Cesar, returns to say their shipment is on the way. Craig grabs a box of booze and they leave.

    Meg and Dusty have coffee at Java. They decide to keep ignoring Paul. Meg leaves. Dusty is walking in Old Town when he sees Lucy and she tells him about the trip to Chicago. She invites him to come along and he readily agrees. He leaves to pack and Lucy calls Paul to report that she is making progress with Dusty.

    In Chicago Dusty starts reading Henry's book and then Lucy sits beside him, telling him how close to the truth Henry's book really was. She tells him how lonely she was when she was in hiding – especially since he wasn't around! She says she has loved him for a long, long time. Dusty wonders what she is up to and brings up Meg; Lucy says Meg isn't a problem but Dusty disagrees. She comes on to Dusty again but he pushes her away, saying he is there for Johnny. As he leaves the room he says they'll always be friends.

    You've Got Two Choices!

    Monday, March 23 2009

    Dusty tells Meg about Lucy; she can't believe Lucy is siding with Craig. Lucy listens from behind a closed door. Dusty defends Lucy but Meg isn't as generous. He kisses her and tells her not to worry. He leaves and Meg sees Lucy. She confronts her about Craig but Lucy won't say anything incriminating. Paul arrives and calls for a doctor. Meg is the only nurse around and looks at his wound. Paul makes up a story about being mugged and she shows him into a treatment room, questioning him the entire time. She looks at the wound and tells Paul that she knows he did this to himself! She says this won't help him win her back! Paul says Dusty can have her – but he won't get Eliza.

    Lucy catches up with Dusty at The Lakeview and asks him if they can talk in private about Johnny. Dusty agrees and they go upstairs. Emily sees them and follows them until they reach Dusty's suite. Lucy tells him about Meg and then explains that she is only going along with Craig to protect Johnny. She promises to find a way to smooth things between him and Craig. He thanks her and she leaves. After leaving Dusty Lucy calls her contact and sets up a meeting. Emily follows Lucy again.

    Emily follows Lucy to the docks where Lucy meets with her contact. The man says they are ready and she says she'll be in touch. Emily ducks behind some barrels as Lucy leaves.

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