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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    But, But, But!

    Friday, April 10 2009

    Dusty runs into Lucy at The Lakeview and tells her about Meg's decision to move back in with Paul. Lucy can't believe that Meg is doing this and offers to find the babysitter again. Dusty refuses her offer. Dusty goes upstairs alone. Lucy follows him to his room. He doesn't let her in at first but finally gives in. He opens the door and sees Johnny there! Johnny jumps into his arms, making Dusty feel better. They play trains. He thanks Lucy for this.

    I Only Want To Save People!

    Thursday, April 09 2009

    Dusty goes to see Meg and says he'll prove that she was set up. Meg wants details but he won't tell her. She tells him to get out of her life but he won't leave. He asks her to give him a day to make his plan work. She angrily says she'll do anything for Eliza – even letting Paul seduce her! She cries and Dusty goes to her. He tells her not to go back to Paul and insists that Paul isn't over her. He leaves.

    Lucy goes to Fairwinds to plead with Paul. He says she can come clean with Meg about everything – but she had better be prepared for him to tell Craig everything, too! She tries to get through to him, begging him to share Eliza with Meg. Paul refuses and says Children's Services will never believe her or Dusty because of their past actions. She leaves. Eliza gets fussy and Paul can't console her so he calls Meg. She hears the baby and Paul tells her about Eliza's cough. Meg gets worried and says she'll be right there. She arrives a few minutes later and realizes Eliza has a very high fever. She grabs the baby and heads for the door, telling Paul to come along to the hospital.

    Lucy and Dusty meet at The Lakeview. She tries to think of any other option that might help Meg without ruining her plans. Dusty leads her upstairs. Lucy makes a few calls and believes they have tracked down the babysitter. She and Dusty hurry away.

    Lucy and Dusty get to an apartment building and learn that the babysitter left for South America. Lucy is excited by this but Dusty says this is the end of her private detecting and it's time they go to Meg and to Children's Services. Dusty says if they show Paul's criminal history that will make Lucy look good. She storms off, saying he is risking her work for Meg! He catches up to her and she angrily says this is his way of paying her back because of Johnny. He says this is not about Johnny, it is about Meg and Eliza. She pleads with him to understand that her humanitarian mission is more important! "If Meg really loved you, she would be with you. Wake up!" Lucy exclaims. Dusty reminds her of her reasons for going into medicine and says she can save Eliza right now and that will save both Meg and him, too! "What is that worth to you?" he asks.

    Meg rushes Eliza to the doctor. Paul follows and acts like this isn't a big deal. He gives the doctor Eliza's medication and the doctor takes the baby into an exam room. The doctor comes back and says Eliza has pneumonia! Meg turns on Paul and says she would never have allowed this to happen. "Because of your selfishness Eliza could die!" Meg says. The caseworker arrives and Meg fills her in. She doesn't throw Paul under the bus, though, and even insists this could have happened to either of them. The caseworker leaves. Paul questions what Meg did. She says Eliza is the important thing, not their fighting! Paul storms off to the chapel and Meg follows. She tells him about Eliza's treatment, obviously upset. Paul reassures her, saying Eliza will be okay. They sit down. Paul thanks her for being there and apologizes. They pray for the baby together. Paul asks God not to punish Eliza for his sins and Meg stops him. She says this isn't a punishment, it is an illness. Paul doesn't understand so Meg takes over the prayer and thanks God for the antibiotics that will save their child. Paul apologizes again and they promise to work together for Eliza's sake. Paul lights a candle and Meg asks God for strength – and then takes his hand! Lucy comes in with Dusty! They watch for a second but then leave. Lucy says she should talk to Meg now but Dusty holds her off so she suggests that Meg is back with Paul and she shouldn't tell anyone anything! Dusty walks away.

    What Do I Have To Do?

    Tuesday, April 07 2009

    Lucy goes to see Paul, who says she will pay for double-crossing him with Dusty. He crows that now that he has custody Dusty will really pay. Lucy can't believe he took Meg's child because of Dusty. He threatens that if she doesn't get Dusty in the sack now he'll tell Craig but then decides he won't tell Craig since he already beat Dusty. "What you're doing to Meg is despicable," Lucy says. A while later Meg arrives, surprising Paul. He won't let her hold the baby and tells Meg she doesn't belong there. He goes on about Meg leaving Eliza alone and rubs in the caseworker's decision. She accuses him of setting this up but he won't admit anything. Meg asks what they can do to make things right and offers to come back to him so they can be a family! Paul puts the baby to sleep and then tells Meg she doesn't love him. She says she never stopped but can't look him in the eye. She begs him for another chance, for Eliza's sake. He asks if she will uphold the old-fashioned vows and marry him; she says she will. "Prove it," he says! Meg starts to undress slowly and tears form in her eyes. Paul impassively tells her to go farther. She drops her dress and asks him to make love to her. "Save it for Dusty. You deserve each other," he says and tells her to get out! Meg gets dressed and asks how he planned this, too. He admits he did and tells her to get out. She asks to hold Eliza and he gives in. Meg hugs her and promises to get her back. The baby cries and Paul grabs her back. Meg runs out.

    Dusty goes to see Lucy at the hospital and tries to get through to her about coming clean. Lucy feels badly about what happened but insists that the courts will side with Meg. Dusty insists that she tell Children's Services about Paul's blackmail. She refuses, saying the people with the FGA need her to be silent. Dusty doesn't believe her and tells her to get the truth ready – or he'll tell everyone everything! He leaves. Lucy calls someone and says she has to deal with Dusty because she won't risk the operation.

    Custody Change!

    Monday, April 06 2009

    Paul calls Lucy at The Lakeview and reminds her how important it is to get Dusty into bed. She says Dusty is there and hangs up. Paul calls Meg and reports that Dusty is with Lucy but Meg pretends not to care. She hangs up on him.

    Lucy keeps pressuring Dusty to keep up their plan with Paul but Dusty says he isn't going to do this pretend dance with her because Paul will turn on her sooner or later anyway! Meg arrives at the suite a while later and listens at the door. She finally knocks and, seeing Lucy's outfit, asks for Dusty. Lucy misleads Meg a little about Dusty. Meg tells her about Paul, wishing she could shut him out. Lucy advises Meg to put space between herself and Dusty so Paul will back off! Meg turns to go and Lucy tells her that Dusty was there earlier but he left to see Paul. Meg demands details but Lucy refuses. Meg tells her about Dusty's warnings about Paul but Lucy still won't tell her anything. She shows Meg out. Lucy says if she needs answers, Meg should ask Dusty.

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