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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Oh, Go Buy Some Happiness!

    Friday, April 24 2009

    Lucy and Dusty are walking in Old Town. He tells her he wants Johnny back but Lucy can only agree to help him see Johnny often. They talk about Jennifer and Craig; he asks her again to help him regain custody.

    Parker finds Craig at The Lakeview and angrily accuses Craig of ruining his life and breaking up his marriage. Craig tries to calm Parker down but he grabs Craig! Craig frog-marches Parker away from Johnny. Lucy and Dusty arrive, spot Johnny alone and go to him. Johnny says Craig left him alone to finish his lunch! Dusty is livid and calls Tom to start custody proceedings again. Dusty gets back as Johnny finishes his lunch. He goes to the dessert tray as Dusty tells Lucy they are going to show a pattern of neglect. He asks Lucy to help him and she reluctantly agrees.

    Fights, Galore!

    Friday, April 17 2009

    Parker angrily tells Craig and Carly that they can't control him and he runs off. Craig convinces Carly to let him go. She is very worried that Parker will run away or do something rash but Craig insists that Parker will come around. She keeps worrying so Craig offers to look for the kid. He offers her a drink and Carly angrily reminds him of her vow. He apologizes but insists that they did the only things they could to save Parker. Craig calls Lucy and asks her to watch over Johnny for a bit.

    Dusty drops by Lucy's suite and warns her again that she has to get out of the smuggling business. She says she can't. They talk about Craig and Johnny and she swears she'll get Craig to come around. He leaves. Meg calls him and they agree to meet in the lounge. Meg arrives a few minutes later and tells Dusty that she and Paul are reconciling. Dusty doesn't believe her but Meg insists it is true. She gets angry when Dusty keeps questioning her. She insists Eliza is safer with her in the home; he insists she can fight Paul in court but Meg is afraid she'll lose. "This is until I find a way to get rid of Paul – for good," she says! She insists that she can beat Paul but Dusty is more worried than ever. She tells him to stay away and leave her alone to work. Lucy interrupts them and Meg leaves. She tells him about the problem on the docks and asks if he can watch Johnny while she checks it out. Dusty insists that they reverse roles and leaves for the docks.

    Meg's Up To Something!

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Lucy and Johnny are having dinner with Dusty at The Lakeview. They have a good time and then Lucy asks Dusty to meet her for a movie later. She and Johnny leave. Dusty gives the waiter a big tip and then spots Meg and Paul coming in with Eliza. He quickly leaves and Paul goads Meg about him. She doesn't respond. Meg tries to take Eliza to change her but Paul stops her, saying he doesn't trust her! Meg leaves her bag as a sign of trust and hurries into the hall. Dusty is there and warns her that she is playing with fire! He says Paul won't fall for her plans; Meg insists she has no ulterior motives, she is just trying to stay in Eliza's life. Dusty doesn't believe her. "Being at Fairwinds reminded me of how I wanted things to be," she says. "One day, when he trusts me, we'll be a family." Dusty grabs her, saying he won't let her sacrifice him. She tells Dusty to back off as Paul comes in and tells him to get lost. Lucy returns and leaves with Dusty. Paul turns on Meg, telling her that he doesn't believe her act. Meg insists she was not acting; she insists she is just trying to get her family back and storms into the bathroom with Eliza.

    In Old Town Dusty tries to figure out what is going on with Meg. Lucy points out that Meg didn't look unhappy with Paul. Cesar calls Lucy about a problem at the docks. Upset, she tells him to stay there and hurries away from Dusty. He stops her and Lucy tells him her medicine contact is demanding another $50,000 or he won't deliver the supplies! Dusty tells her not to cave in to the blackmail and swears that he'll help her. She doesn't want to involve him but he won't back down. They leave for the docks together.

    Lucy and Dusty arrive at the docks. Dusty confronts the shipper and demands that he stick to the original agreement – or he'll disappear for good! The man gives in and starts loading the ship. They argue about Lucy's work but she won't give in.

    Lucy and Dusty return to The Lakeview. He tells her to come to him if anymore problems come up. She insists there won't be a next time and Dusty laughs. She thanks him for helping; he says he'll always help her.

    But, But, But!

    Friday, April 10 2009

    Craig calls Lucy and asks her to watch Johnny for a while. She gladly accepts. Dusty comes by and she tells him about Eliza's diagnosis. She insists that Eliza is the only reason Meg would have been with Paul at the hospital, trying to get Dusty to go after her. He leaves. Lucy gets a call from Cesar; he says a shipment is ready to go!

    Lucy is at the docks with Cesar. They go over some last minute plans. Jack arrives; he tells her about the smuggling ring but admits they don't know what is being smuggled. He asks why Lucy is there! She quickly covers, saying she likes to take walks along the water. Jack warns her that the docks aren't safe and warns her to be careful.

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