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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Manufactured Evidence?

    Thursday, May 07 2009

    Dusty takes Lucy to Metro so they can search for incriminating evidence against Craig. Lucy is torn but helps him search. Carly arrives and demands to know what they are doing. Dusty says they are investigating Craig, upsetting her. Dusty shows her the ledger but Carly insists she knows nothing about it and continues to defend Craig. Lucy tries to stay on the fence about Craig's guilt but Carly pushes her, asking if she really thinks Craig could have killed a man. Dusty steps in but Carly threatens to have them arrested for trespassing. They call Jack and Dusty hands over the ledger. Carly has already left. Dusty tells Jack that they found the ledger behind the bar but he doubts them because of his earlier questioning and the fact that the cops already searched the bar. "I'm giving you what you need to put him away for good," Dusty says. Jack accuses Dusty of falsifying evidence but Dusty won't admit anything. Unable to take any more Lucy breaks down and says it's time for the truth!

    For The Love of Johnny!

    Monday, May 04 2009

    Dusty and Lucy talk about the custody suit. He reminds her of his vow to Jennifer and asks her to let him move in so he can be closer to Johnny until the suit is settled. She reluctantly gives in. Johnny comes in hungry; Dusty takes him downstairs. They run into Meg. Johnny tells him about their new living arrangements. Meg is upset. Lucy takes Johnny into the dining room. Dusty says living together is the best option for Johnny because of Craig's arrest. She doesn't believe him. They talk about Eliza and Meg says again that she is doing everything she can to get Eliza back; he tells her again that he'll help her. They argue about Paul and her feelings. She tries again to leave but he blocks her path, insisting that she came to the hotel to see him. Angry, she tells him to be happy for her. She starts crying and tries to pass it off as her cold but he doesn't believe her. Lucy spots them holding hands. "I miss you," Dusty says. He asks again if he can help. Meg leaves. Dusty goes into the dining room. Johnny is in the kitchen so Lucy talks about Craig, worried that he'll go to prison. Dusty tells her again that Craig will beat the charges. She asks about Meg but Dusty clams up. She warns him about Paul but Dusty won't listen.

    Back in Lucy's suite Dusty changes clothes while she is in the room. She tells him to get dressed; he asks what her deal is. Angry, she reminds him of their past and says he is taking her for granted. "You go out of your way to make sure I know my place. I'm in your life to help you with Johnny," she says. Dusty asks what she wants but she turns away. She nearly tells him that she wants him but then quickly leaves the room. He grabs her in the hall but she doesn't want to talk anymore. Carly spots them arguing and listens as they talk about Johnny and their family. Lucy leaves. Dusty stays with Johnny, who wants Lucy.

    Carly follows Lucy to the lounge and asks if they can talk about Craig. Carly tells Lucy that Craig is innocent and they have to work together to prove it!

    No, Not The Baby!

    Friday, May 01 2009

    Craig calls Lucy from the police station to ask her to keep an eye on Johnny. She agrees and tells him she believes in him and in his innocence. Craig is touched. Dusty arrives a while later and tells Lucy that he'll soon have custody. Lucy seems to be having second thoughts and he doesn't understand why.

    Talking to Craig, Katie tries to figure out what is going on. Craig insists he is innocent but won't say much more. Brad needles him, reminding Katie of all the bad things Craig has done and how Brad has never believed in Craig. Craig accuses Brad of setting him up! Katie stands by Brad, who says he didn't set up Craig and demands that Craig stay far, far away from Katie. Katie drags Brad out of the interrogation room; Craig congratulates them on their pregnancy. Lucy arrives. Craig tells her about Katie's visit and suggests that the Snyder men are behind the set up. Lucy defends Brad but Craig won't let it go. She beats around the bush but finally gets Craig to shut up – and tells him about Dusty's custody plans! Craig now believes Dusty is the set up man. Lucy defends Dusty, too. Craig begs her to help him keep Johnny out of Dusty's life! She says she can't because Johnny needs a stable environment – and Craig can't give him that in jail! Craig can't believe it. She swears she is on Johnny's side, just as she has always been. He swears he loves Johnny and vows he is innocent, begging her to help him keep Johnny. Lucy gives in. Carly arrives next and questions Craig about the guns and the dealings on the dock. Craig insists he doesn't know anything about the gun running. She keeps questioning him about the smuggling ring and the death. She asks him about other people he has seen on the dock. He tells her to tell Jack that he won't fall for any tricks! Craig says Jack is manipulating her into thinking she'll be a suspect so she can help frame Craig! She admits Jack asked her to come here; he asks why he would jeopardize their business! "I started this business so I could get closer to you," he says. Carly is stunned. He swears he wouldn't jeopardize their relationship for some guns. She asks who would frame him and Craig implicates Dusty and even implies that Jack could be involved, too! Carly defends her ex but Craig reminds her of how badly Jack wants Craig out of Oakdale for good. Jack comes in and an officer takes Craig to his cell. Jack questions Carly who insists that Craig is innocent!

    Dusty and Lucy meet up at The Lakeview. She is having second thoughts about Johnny's custody and tells him that Craig believes Dusty set him up! Dusty can't believe what he is hearing. Dusty insists he did nothing wrong but Lucy can't get past what happened to Cesar and Craig taking the blame for it. Dusty says they can figure out who killed Cesar after Johnny's custody reverts to him! Lucy agrees to back down.

    Craig Takes The Blame!

    Wednesday, April 29 2009

    Dusty, Johnny and Lucy are putting puzzles together when Lucy gets a call from her contact about Cesar's murder. Dusty isn't surprised but Lucy is freaked out. She blames herself for getting Cesar involved. Dusty puts Johnny to bed and then sits with Lucy, trying to make her see that Fredo is the bad guy in the situation. Margo arrives to tell them about the murder; she is not thrilled to see Dusty. Margo tells Lucy that Craig is facing murder charges because of Cesar's death. Lucy is shocked. Margo questions Lucy but Dusty interrupts, telling Margo that they shouldn't talk about this with Johnny in the suite. Lucy turns to Margo and says Craig is innocent. Dusty runs interference, making Margo curious. Dusty asks her not to tell Craig he was at the suite. Margo focuses on Lucy, who insists her father would never run guns. Angry, Dusty turns on Lucy and they argue over Craig's criminal past. Margo leaves. Dusty angrily reminds Lucy that she could be the one who winds up behind bars! Dusty asks if she can be tied to Cesar but Lucy assures him there is nothing but she desperately wants to clear Craig. Dusty points out that she was setting up Craig all along but Lucy insists murder wasn't part of her plan. "He wouldn't think twice about putting you in the slammer," Dusty says and tells Lucy to start acting more like her father! He points out that she can't help her refugees in jail and reminds her that Craig's lawyers will have him out of jail by morning. He calls his own lawyer – to start custody proceedings for Johnny! Lucy is stunned and tries to get Dusty to back off but he won't. Johnny wakes up. Dusty holds him as he asks for Craig. Dusty says things will be okay.

    Oh, Go Buy Some Happiness!

    Friday, April 24 2009

    Craig tries to get Lucy to care for Johnny but she can't. He calls around to other sitters but no one is available. Lucy continues upstairs and spots Dusty. He demands that she get out of the smuggling business but after a call from Cesar, Lucy decides to go to the docks. Dusty goes with her.

    On the docks Cesar opens a crate – and there are guns inside! Lucy is shocked and swears she didn't know about the guns. Dusty grabs a few weapons and wishes Fredo was there! Dusty has Cesar double check all of the crates and trash the guns. They agree to call the cops after the medical shipment is cleared. He pays off Cesar to keep Lucy's name out of any police investigations. She worries this won't work and he angrily says she has to stop smuggling or Johnny could be hurt! They leave. Cesar is unloading the guns when someone comes by and stabs him!

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