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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Let's Make A Deal!

    Tuesday, May 12 2009

    Back in the lounge, Lucy worries that Craig will keep her from Johnny, too. Craig and Carly walk in. Lucy leaves. Craig tells Dusty that they can work out a new custody arrangement. Dusty is relieved. Craig walks back upstairs with Carly, who tells him she is proud of him. He starts to kiss her but she backs away, telling him that things aren't settled with Lucy yet!

    You're Doing It Again?!?

    Monday, May 11 2009

    Margo is questioning Lucy about the medical smuggling when Lucinda walks in. After getting rid of Margo, Lucinda questions why Damian would get involved with Lucy's humanitarian efforts; Lucy insists that Damian was turning over a new leaf but Lucinda doesn't believe it. Lily and Holden arrive. They tell Margo about Damian and Luke. Annoyed, Margo heads for the docks.

    Back at the police station Damian, Luke and Noah explain about the fight on the docks. Margo returns, puts Fredo under arrest and releases Lucy. Lucy tells Luke about Damian's involvement in the medical shipments. Holden confronts Damian, telling him that he is constantly endangering Luke's life. "What is it going to take to get you out of his life?" Holden asks angrily. Damian is hurt and insists this wasn't his fault. Luke gets between them, telling Holden that Damian tried to make him leave and he wouldn't. Holden storms out.

    Damian's The Smuggler?

    Friday, May 08 2009

    At Metro Dusty tries to stop Lucy from confessing but she plunges ahead and tells Jack that Dusty and Craig are innocent – because she was the one smuggling!

    At the police station Craig can't believe that Lucy would have turned on him. Jack arrives with Lucy and Dusty, who keeps telling Lucy to shut up. She won't. Craig tells Lucy not to confess to save him but Lucy goes ahead and tells Jack that she was using Craig's ships to smuggle medical supplies to African refugees! She insists that she didn't know about the guns at first. Craig can't believe it. She says Cesar alerted her to the guns in the crates and Fredo's threats. "I assume he was disposing of the guns when he was killed," she says. Jack questions Dusty but he won't say anything. Lucy insists that Craig and Dusty are each innocent in the killing. She asks Jack to release Craig but Jack won't. Dusty points out that Lucy's story is full of holes. Carly reminds Jack of Dusty's fake shipping log. Jack refuses to release any of them and takes Dusty to another room for more questioning. When they are alone, Craig asks Lucy how she could do this. She apologizes left and right, but Craig can't believe that she has turned on him. "I'll never forgive you," he says as she cries. He listens as she apologizes for not coming clean sooner. She swears she was only afraid that her contacts in Africa would be hurt if she told what she knew about the medical supplies. Craig still can't believe he used her.

    In the outer room Jack questions Dusty, who will only say Lucy's story doesn't clear Craig. He reminds Jack of all of Craig's past crimes, insisting that he deserves to be jailed. He even makes threats about Craig's future crimes. Jack finally lets Dusty leave to pick up Johnny, but warns him not to leave town. Carly comes out and begs Jack to free Craig and then returns to the other room. Lucy tells Craig she started out using him but that she has seen how he has changed and just wants her father back. She throws Dusty under the bus but Craig says this isn't Dusty's fault! He says he'll never get Johnny back now and tosses her out. Carly tries to stop Craig but he says he wants nothing to do with Lucy. In tears, she leaves. Jack stops her and says she can't leave because they haven't checked out her story! Jack returns to Craig and reluctantly releases him. He warns Craig not to leave town. Jack demands more information about Lucy's smuggling ring but she refuses. Damian arrives! "I can tell you everything you need to know," he says! Lucy tries to make him leave but he tells Jack that Lucy really was only shipping medical supplies; he insists that none of them knew about the weapons. He tells Jack to release Lucy but Jack won't do it. He sets Lucy up with a sketch artist. Damian promises Lucy he'll get her out and leaves. Jack warns Lucy not to trust Damian – and get a good lawyer! Lucy calls Lucinda for help.

    Lucinda arrives and Jack sends her into the interrogation room. She warns him that he better not be overstepping his bounds. He hurries out. Lucy hugs Lucinda and apologizes for not spending time with her. They sit down and Lucy tells her about the smuggling ring, the murder and Fredo. Lucinda is shocked, especially when Lucy keeps defending Craig. Lucinda insists that Damian has to have been involved; Lucy insists that he was only part of the medical shipments.

    Manufactured Evidence?

    Thursday, May 07 2009

    In their suite, Dusty tells Lucy about stepping in for Meg. She tells him to forget about Meg – because they have enough problems. She tells him that Carly believes he is behind Cesar's death and the smuggling ring and is going to convince Jack of his involvement. She insists that they have to come clean but Dusty refuses to listen, playing the Johnny card again. He convinces Lucy to lie to Carly and pretend to be investigating Dusty but to really do nothing. Lucy leaves. Jack arrives and questions Dusty for the time of Cesar's death! He warns Dusty that they need evidence to hold Craig and so far they haven't found anything that connects him to Cesar.

    Lucy gets to the police station and tells Craig about Carly's spying plans. Craig tells her not to spy on Dusty because it could put Johnny in jeopardy. Relieved, she leaves.

    Lucy returns to the suite and tells Dusty that they are off the hook because Craig doesn't want her to spy on him. He says things are worse because of Jack's visit. He says they have to come up with something to make Craig look guilty!

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