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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery Played by Sarah Glendening on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening (Sarah Glendening)

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    I Want Her Arrested!

    Thursday, February 26 2009

    Dusty and Lucy walk through Old Town. She thanks him for helping her, saying she couldn't stay away from her brother any longer. She apologizes for him losing custody when she sees how torn up Dusty still is. She asks why he helped her. Dusty tells her how hard it was for Johnny after she left; she says she feels the same way. Dusty demands that she find a way for him to see Johnny regularly and leaves.

    I Want Them Arrested!

    Wednesday, January 07 2009

    In Johnny's room Dusty convinces Lucy to return to The Lakeview to rest and get cleaned up. She leaves. Dusty sees Craig, who is trying to talk to Margo again, in the hall and offers to let Craig see Johnny alone. Dusty hurries outside to catch up with Lucy. He tells her she has to leave town – quickly! He says he'll take care of Johnny and let him know that she loves him. She leaves. Dusty goes back inside and bumps into Josie. He asks her to spy on Craig for him while he goes to Lucy. She agrees.

    Dusty finds Lucy in a warehouse. He warns her that Craig is up to something and then Josie calls to fill him in on Craig's meeting with Margo. Dusty tells Lucy. She can't believe Craig is turning on her again. Dusty says she has to get out of town because Margo is a stickler for the law. Lucy refuses to abandon her brother to Craig! He says she has to go now or she'll forfeit her life. Crying, Lucy says she hates Craig. "Have faith in me," Dusty says and she agrees to leave. Lucy begs Dusty to make peace with Craig for Johnny's sake; he agrees. Then, Lucy makes him promise to help her see Johnny one last time. Dusty calls Josie, who says Craig and Margo are staying close to Johnny's room. He asks her to get Craig and Margo out of the way for a few minutes; she says she'll do it.

    What Are You?

    Tuesday, January 06 2009

    Upstairs, Craig knocks on Lucy's door, surprising her. She gets very worried about Craig but he is gentle with Johnny. Dusty arrives. Craig says all that matters is Johnny's health and suggests they all go to the hospital now!

    Brad and Katie are at the hospital so she can get ready for the procedure. Craig arrives and says he will always be grateful to her. She is wheeled away. Brad tells Craig that Katie better be okay after all of this. Craig goes across the hall to find Dusty sitting with Johnny, telling him everything will be okay. Dusty sees Craig and tells him to leave but Craig won't go. He sits beside Johnny and tells him he will be fine. Johnny fist-bumps him the way Dusty taught him to do. Nurses come in and wheel Johnny out. Lucy cries as he is taken. Dusty asks Lucy to have coffee but Craig says they need to talk first. Dusty leaves them alone and has coffee with Brad. They bond over their daddy issues. They also agree that Katie shouldn't have told Craig anything. Brad tells Dusty about Craig's blackmail. Dusty wants the details but Brad won't divulge them. Dusty says he can help if Brad will trust him. Brad gives in and tells Dusty everything. "I'll take care of this myself," Dusty says.

    Craig and Lucy go to Java. He tells her how much he has changed but she doesn't believe him. He asks if they can start over. She says he is to blame for Bryant's death; Craig agrees that he is but says he will do anything. Lucy says she will try to forgive him but says Dusty might have other ideas. Craig starts to cry and Lucy takes his hand, saying everything will be okay. Craig thanks her for bringing Johnny back to Oakdale. They both agree to put Johnny first from now on.

    Katie is brought back to her room, sleepy from the meds. Brad goes to get her some water and Dusty comes in to thank her for the donation. She asks how Johnny is but there is no news yet. Dusty says he knows about the fake alibi for Craig and tells her that she has to tell Margo the whole truth this time around! She refuses. He says he'll protect her and swears that Craig doesn't want a peaceful reunion – he wants Johnny! Katie tells him to get out but he says she owes him! "You put Craig back in Johnny's life. It's up to you to get him out," Dusty says! In the hall he sees Craig and Lucy return. Craig says they all need to make peace and leaves to talk to Katie. Lucy tells Dusty she is just pretending to give Craig a second chance and begs him to stick to their original plan! Craig goes to Katie's room and she tells him about Dusty's threats. Craig says he'll fix this and leaves. Craig returns to the other room and hears Lucy telling Dusty that she'll get the passports ready! Brad comes back to Katie's room and she turns on him, asking how he could have told Dusty. She tells him to get out! Craig calls Margo and tells her Lucy is back – and he wants her arrested!

    Lucy and Dusty Work Together!

    Monday, January 05 2009

    At the hospital Dusty and Lucy argue about Johnny's illness and the fact that she ran away without a word. She insists that she had to keep Johnny out of Dusty's war with Craig. Alison arrives and tells them Craig is there. Dusty threatens to kill Craig. Alison returns to Katie's room; together they convince Craig to be tested as a donor and Alison leads him away. Dusty and Lucy sneak in with Johnny. Katie says she has to call Brad. He arrives and when Katie tells him everything he says she can't do this! Katie says she has to do it; Lucy comes in and begs him to let Katie help them. He finally agrees.

    In the stairwell, Alison tells Craig that her needle kit is at Java and suggests they do the test there. Craig says she is crazy and heads back upstairs! As they near Katie's room Alison calls out; Brad comes out and insists Katie is fine. He suggests a lunch date, which makes Craig even more worried. Brad says the procedure is a 'woman thing' that she doesn't want anyone to know about. He convinces Craig to come to Al's with him for lunch. Alison goes into Katie's room and says the coast is clear. Katie says again that they should let Craig know about Johnny; Lucy insists that they can't do that. Lucy tells Alison she has to leave before Dusty comes after her the way he is going to come after Lucy. "You've done enough already," she says and hugs Allie. She thanks Alison again for her friendship. Alison asks what is next but Lucy doesn't know. Lucy asks the doctor if she can stay with Johnny but he says she can't. She turns to Dusty and they argue more about Johnny. He asks how she managed to stay out of sight all these years. She says she stayed one step ahead of him because she had to protect Johnny from Craig and from Dusty. He threatens to have Lucy arrested. "All I care about is Johnny," she says but Dusty refuses to agree with her, saying Johnny could have had a real life instead of a life on the run. He says Johnny will be with him from now on! Lucy asks Dusty to take her wherever he is going to take Johnny! She says she can help save Johnny's life and swears she won't make the same offer to Craig. Dusty gives in and says she can come along. She is relieved! The doctor returns and says Lucy was right in her diagnosis and plans; they say it will be a few days before Katie's body will be ready for the transplant. Dusty suggests a quick trip to Chicago and Lucy agrees with him. Dusty returns to Katie's room and tells her about the plans to do the transplant in Chicago. She says this isn't fair to Craig but Dusty doesn't care. He says if Katie keeps quiet for a few more days she will be free and clear to tell Craig anything she wants.

    At The Lakeview Josie calls Dusty while he and Lucy are packing. He says he'll call her soon but won't tell her anything more. Lucy asks about Josie; Dusty says there is nothing going on with Josie. Lucy tells him about the pictures she has shown Johnny, touching Dusty's heart. He hardens his heart when she gets emotional and says they can't go back. Johnny comes into the room and they tell him about the Chicago trip. The kiddo is still reluctant to be with Dusty but when Lucy backs up Dusty, the kiddo gives in.

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