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    As the World Turns CAST - John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan Played by Bailey Harkins on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bailey Harkins (Bailey Harkins)

    Birthday: 2001
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bailey Harkins
    Height: 3"9'


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    Will You Marry Me Now?

    Friday, January 16 2009

    Jack stops by Carly's to see Parker but he is at school. He asks about Craig and Carly says Craig is not a danger to their kids or to her – he is! She tells him how the club is coming back and how Craig saved Parker. "I don't believe this is just a good deed," Jack says but she won't listen to him. Craig stops by with Johnny and sarcastically asks if this is a bad time when he sees Jack. Carly takes Johnny into the kitchen for cookies, leaving Craig and Jack alone. Carly returns, thanks Jack for the gift for Parker and he leaves. Craig and Carly sit down with Johnny and Craig brings up the proposal again. Carly puts the kiddo down for a nap and Craig asks a lot of questions about how to be a better father; she says she won't marry him. He says he is going to keep asking.

    Tom and Dusty arrive. Margo tells Tom to get Dusty out of the station but Craig walks in. Johnny excitedly runs to Katie to tell her about the trains. Dusty accuses Craig of using Johnny to keep Katie from turning on him. Craig turns toward the interrogation room to tell Johnny goodbye. Margo takes Johnny to Dusty. Katie changes her mind – again – and walks out without giving her statement! Dusty asks if Brad's statement is enough but Tom says it won't hold up. Dusty, Tom and Johnny leave. Margo asks Craig to tell the truth but he won't. Jack and Tom comfort Margo, saying Craig probably would have skated anyway. She is worried what the custody battle is going to do to Johnny.

    Dusty takes Johnny back to The Lakeview and asks about the trains. Johnny hugs him and says he likes having two dads!

    Craig Saves The Day!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    Josie takes Johnny to see the trains across from The Lakeview. Craig arrives and hugs the kiddo, making Josie uncomfortable. She tries to take Johnny back to the hotel but Craig follows, begging her for time with Johnny. Josie wants him to talk to Dusty but Craig says lawyers are taking care of all of that and as they argue Johnny wanders away! Josie finally looks around and realizes Johnny has disappeared. She and Craig frantically begin to search. She runs back to The Lakeview, grabs Dusty and they start searching together. He can't believe Josie took him from the hotel and gets very upset when she says Craig found them. Dusty worries that Craig will disappear with Johnny so they split up to cover more ground.

    Parker catches up with Liberty in the park. She is upset about Jack and says their parents are right and they have to stop seeing each other. Parker disagrees. She tells him to keep his hands off of her from now on because she can't handle it! Parker keeps hounding her, telling her that he'll wait for her. She says she doesn't want him to wait and she doesn't want to date. Parker spots Johnny and goes over to him. Neither notices a car rapidly approaching. Liberty screams and then Craig comes out of nowhere to push Parker and Johnny out of the way. Liberty runs to Parker; Dusty and Josie spot everyone and come over. Craig tells Dusty to take Johnny inside and promises to stay with Parker. Liberty calls 9-1-1.

    Dusty takes Johnny back to their room and tells him not to go off by himself again. Josie starts to cry and says she can't be trusted with Johnny! Dusty brings up everything that led up to Johnny's disappearance and suggests that Craig plotted the whole thing out! Josie can't believe Craig would do that but Dusty says he has done worse in the past. He calls Tom and says he is not going to share custody with Craig – ever! "We're going to war!" he says.

    Dusty Threatens Craig!

    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    At the hospital Dusty learns that Johnny is well enough to go home; he excitedly tells Josie and then they leave. Craig arrives a while later and is annoyed to learn that Dusty took Johnny from the hospital without consulting him. He and Parker head for the Lakeview.

    Josie and Dusty get Johnny settled at The Lakeview and give him a train to play with. Johnny calls Dusty 'Daddy' for the first time, touching Dusty's heart. He vows to give Johnny anything he needs but Josie advises Dusty to go slowly or Johnny will be overwhelmed. Dusty goes to pick up Johnny's prescription, leaving Josie in charge of the kiddo. Craig and Parker arrive; he goes inside and Johnny shows him the train. Parker settles in to play with Johnny as Craig grills Josie about Johnny's release. He asks Johnny to come with him for ice cream but Josie says he can't. Craig grabs the phone and programs in the number; he leaves before Josie can call Dusty. Josie calls Dusty, saying she couldn't stop Craig! Dusty immediately calls Jack and says Craig just kidnapped Johnny! He and Dusty arrive at the hotel room moments later and Josie explains everything, including the fact that Parker was with Craig. Dusty blames himself. Josie gives Jack Craig's cell number and Dusty tries calling it. Craig answers and asks why he wasn't informed about the hospital release; then he invites Dusty to come to the party downstairs.

    Carly and Lily have lunch at The Lakeview. Carly explains why she needed the money. Lily changes her mind about the loan but Carly won't let her loan any money. She tells Lily that Craig came to the rescue, worrying Lily. They see Craig come in with Parker and Johnny; all of them sit down together to have ice cream. Carly questions Parker who says he wanted to give Johnny a gift. "You don't even know him," Carly points out. The ice cream is served and Carly starts feeling strange; she tries to get Parker out the door but Craig stops them. They toast to Johnny. Parker gives Johnny the gift – another train set. Jack, Dusty and Josie arrive. Dusty gets upset and threatens Craig. "Stop yelling! Why do you have to be so mean?" Johnny asks from the table! Jack defends Dusty, telling Craig that he has to inform Dusty before doing anything with Johnny. He tells them both to hire lawyers and sort this out. Dusty warns Craig not to take Johnny; Craig warns Dusty not to upset Johnny. Jack returns to the table. Carly and Lily say they joined the party at the last moment. Jack tells Parker to come with him to explain his actions. Carly leaves. Craig returns to find only Lily at the table. He cries on her shoulder; Lily says Craig should have told Dusty first. He explains about Josie. She says, because of his past, he will have to go that extra mile or no one will give him a second chance. Craig insists that he only wants the best for Johnny; Lily points out that living alone in a hotel is not a good way to bring up a child. "You need more to prove to a judge that you can be a stable influence. You could start by getting a wife," she jokes! Craig reminds Lily of his past marriage mistakes; she says he just needs to try harder. He asks if she will divorce Holden and marry him; she declines and suggests a mail-order bride! She grabs her things and says they can't make Johnny suffer with more fighting.

    What Are Your Terms?

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Barbara bumps into Josie in the hall, upset about Paul's delusions about Johnny. She says Paul isn't delusional and Johnny is alive! She runs down the hall, upset. In Johnny's room, Barbara calls him her grandson but Dusty stops her, telling her that Johnny doesn't remember any of them. He takes Babs into the hall and says he'll explain everything. They leave for coffee, leaving Josie to look after Johnny. Josie goes down the hall and hears Paul calling out for Barbara. He calls her Jennifer and convinces her to take him to see Johnny. She takes him down the hall. Johnny wakes as Paul walks in; he confuses Johnny by calling Josie 'Jennifer'. Josie drags Paul back into the hall and tells Paul she isn't Jennifer. She reminds him that he hired her to pretend to be Jennifer, who is now dead. Paul is heartbroken. He goes back to his room and Josie returns to Johnny, who is sleeping. Paul watches until Josie goes into the room and then leaves the hospital! Barbara and Dusty return. She goes into Paul's room and finds it empty. She asks the nurse where Paul is but she doesn't know. Josie comes into the hall; Barbara blames her for Paul's disappearance. Dusty says Barbara needs to let go of Paul because he is sick. They argue; Barbara says her feelings for Paul are no different than his feelings for Johnny. She storms off. Dusty goes into Johnny's room – and then Josie follows Babs!

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