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    As the World Turns CAST - John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan Played by Bailey Harkins on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bailey Harkins (Bailey Harkins)

    Birthday: 2001
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bailey Harkins
    Height: 3"9'


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    A Fairytale Valentine!

    Monday, February 16 2009

    Back in the suite Liberty tells Craig to read Cinderella. Barbara plays the evil witch; Craig is 'Cinderfella' and the magic mirror. Katie and Margo play the evil stepsisters. As the women get ready for the ball Cinderfella cleans the house and makes their dresses. A fairy godfather (played by Parker) arrives to grant Cinderfella's wish: to meet the princess. The godfather lets Cinderfella borrow his car. The stepsisters and evil stepmother don't recognize Cinderfella at the ball. Jack announces the arrival of the princess (played by Carly), who is immediately enamored of Cinderfella. They dance and then the clock strikes twelve just before he can kiss the princess. Cinderfella runs for the door. The next day all of the women are talking about the handsome stranger when Jack arrives, ordering all men in the country to go to kiss the princess. They make fun of Cinderfella but send him anyway. At the castle Cinderfella kisses the princess and wakes her from her sleep! "Plant another one on me, Tiger," she says and they kiss again.

    Meg arrives at the suite with Eliza. Craig warns her about the fairytale reading and she offers to read just one more story. As she reads "The Wizard of Oz" Johnny imagines that she is Dorothy and Dusty is the Scarecrow. They search for the wizard and run into the Tin Man (Craig). They continue on their way and run into Paul, the Cowardly Lion. Meg wants to skip to the end so Johnny can rest but Craig grabs the book and reads about the Wicked Witch of the West (Barbara). The witch tries to hurt Meg but then Bob (the Wizard) arrives to save the day by melting the evil witch. She asks him to send her home and the men ask Bob to make Dorothy fall in love with each of them. Margo shows up as Glenda the Good Witch, and tells Meg to click her heels together. She does and returns home. Meg turns to Johnny, who is fast asleep. She leaves and Craig hugs Johnny. "They all lived happily ever after," he whispers.

    You've Got Five Minutes!

    Friday, January 30 2009

    At the farm Dusty gives Meg a few instructions for Johnny, getting very angry. She is worried but he says he won't kill Craig – today! Emma is riding with Johnny so they start out to meet them but Craig arrives and demands to have Johnny now. Meg asks him to give them some time but Craig makes Dusty ask! He humbles himself and asks and Craig says he'll give Dusty five minutes! Dusty storms out. Meg can't believe what Craig did but he says Dusty deserves it. Meg reminds him that Dusty was only carrying out Jennifer's wishes. She asks if he'll even tell Johnny about his other family members; Craig says he might talk about Barbara, Jennifer and Dusty. Meg can't believe him. "This isn't about Dusty. It's about Johnny," she says, frustrated because Craig refuses to consider letting Johnny have contact with any of the others. Dusty comes back with Johnny, telling him how good he was with the horses. Dusty sits Johnny down and tells him that he needs to get to know Craig by living with him for a while. Johnny asks if Dusty will come with him. "I'll always be there, even when you can't see me," Dusty whispers. "I'll always be your dad." He kisses Johnny's forehead as Craig joins them, talking about all the fun things they can do now. He and Johnny leave. Dusty follows Craig, asking if he can drop Johnny's things off. Craig says he'll have someone else pick the things up, crushing Dusty. Meg distracts Dusty by having him put Eliza's crib together. When he is done Dusty takes the keys from Meg and leaves.

    Jack and Janet are talking about the custody hearing and their housing situation at Al's. She tells him that everything worked out for the best. She waits on a few customers and their real estate agent calls – to say they've been outbid! Janet is crushed when Jack turns down a counter-offer. Jack gets a call from work. Liberty comes in and begs Janet for the concert ticket money, telling her that she misunderstood something she saw at school between Parker and another girl. Parker comes in and asks Jack for the money. He and Janet agree not to give the money because things are so tight for them. The kids leave, disappointed. Jack leaves. Craig comes in a while later with Johnny, who is upset. He won't eat and talks about going home to make brownies. Janet feels for the kid and tries to get Craig to take him to the farm. Craig has other ideas and leaves.

    Craig goes to Carly's with sacks full of groceries and manipulates her into helping him make brownies with Johnny. Craig and Johnny go into the kitchen. A few minutes later Jack arrives to tell Carly that he isn't using the second mortgage money. He is about to leave when Craig comes out of the kitchen. "Don't you ever learn?" Jack asks Carly! Carly turns on Jack, telling him that her friends are her business. He reminds her that she dropped out of Craig's marriage scam for the kids. Johnny comes out of the kitchen. Craig hustles him back into the other room. Carly tells Jack she was getting ready for work when Craig showed up and convinced her to help him with Johnny. Jack apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She tells him not to let it happen again – and then asks why he really stopped by. "About the mortgage," Jack says. Carly doesn't believe him and accuses him of spying on her when he saw Craig's car in the drive! Jack tells her to beware of Craig because he is using her. He leaves. Parker arrives a while later and tells Carly about Jack's money melt-down. Craig gives Parker money for the concert tickets and to buy toys for Johnny and he leaves. Johnny demolishes the plate of brownies. Carly tells Craig that the kiddo can't be allowed to eat a full plate of brownies. "You can't buy his love," she warns. Johnny gets sick! Craig gets Johnny cleaned up and feeling better; he falls asleep. Carly says she isn't his parental assistant and he needs to stand on his own two feet.

    One Wedding, One Fight!

    Tuesday, January 27 2009

    Dusty gets Johnny and Meg to Reno for their quickie wedding. Meg is late but Dusty assures the justice of the peace that Meg will be there. She finally arrives and they start the ceremony. The justice of the peace tries to go slowly through the ceremony but Dusty hurries him along. He asks them to exchange rings but neither has a ring; Meg covers by saying the rings are being sized. The justice of the peace pronounces them husband and wife and Dusty gives Meg a quick peck on the cheek. "You can do better than that," the man encourages and Dusty lays a full kiss on Meg! The justice asks them to stay for a toast but Dusty insists they have a plane to catch. Dusty and Meg get the kids ready to go. Johnny asks Meg if she is his mom now. "How about you just call me Meg?" she says. Johnny wants to know if Meg will live with them. Dusty says she will and he will find them a beautiful home.

    The Engagement is Announced!

    Wednesday, January 21 2009

    Dusty is walking around The Lakeview with Johnny when the concierge stops him. He gives Dusty a note, which invites him to come to Metro. Dusty takes Johnny along.

    Brad arrives at Metro as Katie and Vienna finish up the party preps. Katie and Brad both apologize and try to be understanding with one another. Katie says she isn't ready to turn on Craig; Brad says he is done asking her to do that. They agree to focus on their life. Dusty arrives with Johnny. Katie hugs him. Dusty tells Brad he did the right thing and asks for Carly. Vienna says she'll be there soon. Jack and Janet arrive; they tell everyone about Carly's invitation. Dusty says his note didn't mention a party. Carly and Lily arrive; Carly insists she didn't plan this party. Craig walks in and says this was all his idea. "Carly and I are engaged," Craig announces, surprising everyone! Jack is livid and accuses Carly of not caring about their kids; Dusty says this isn't about their kids it is about Johnny! Katie, seeing how upset Johnny is getting, takes him into the kitchen. Craig says his feelings for Carly are real and to convince everyone he kisses her! This upsets Jack even more; Janet holds him back from hitting Craig. Craig asks if Jack is going to ruin Janet's life – by not letting go of Carly! – the way he ruined Katie's life. Things calm down a little and Katie brings Johnny back. Craig tries to hug Johnny; Dusty can't stand it and punches Craig, upsetting the kiddo. Jack and Janet stay behind after the others leave. He blames Craig for Dusty's punch but Janet takes Craig's side. "Craig is no parent, he's a parasite," Jack exclaims! They leave. Brad and Katie dance. She brings up Craig; Brad says if they keep talking about Craig they will wind up fighting. "I missed you," he says as they make up again. Vienna is happy to see them together again and pours champagne.

    Carly takes Johnny and Craig to her house. She makes the kiddo a brownie sundae to get his mind off of Dusty. Craig sits down. Johnny asks why Dusty hit him and Craig says grownups do bad things. Carly returns, looks straight at Craig and says the things that happened tonight will never happen again. Craig swears not to fight anymore. Carly asks Johnny to draw a picture. She and Craig talk in the kitchen. She says if getting to Jack and Dusty is that important he can take his proposal and get out! Craig insists that wasn't his intention but Carly doesn't believe him. "You have withstood the judgment of moral hypocrites just like me," he says but Carly exclaims that she is nothing like him. Craig finally admits he did want to hurt Jack and Dusty but swears his real motive was to celebrate their decision. Carly finally admits that Jack did influence her decision to marry Craig. "We are made for each other," he says. Dusty and Lily arrive. Craig says he didn't press charges, impressing Carly. Carly tells Dusty that Johnny is asleep; Dusty picks up the kid and leaves without a word.

    Will You Marry Me Now?

    Friday, January 16 2009

    Dusty is having breakfast with Johnny when Craig arrives, demanding to see the kiddo. Dusty says he'll never have visitation but Craig brings out the old visitation schedule which was never rescinded. Tom arrives and instructs Dusty to go along with this or things will be much worse for him. Craig takes Johnny to the park. Angry, Dusty asks Tom how they stop Craig this time. Tom asks if he is having Craig followed and Dusty gets quiet. Frustrated, Tom says Dusty can work with Craig or he can take Craig to court, but both scenarios have risk. Dusty walks away, saying he'll handle this himself.

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