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    As the World Turns CAST - John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan Played by Bailey Harkins on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bailey Harkins (Bailey Harkins)

    Birthday: 2001
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bailey Harkins
    Height: 3"9'


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    Meg's Up To Something!

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Lucy and Johnny are having dinner with Dusty at The Lakeview. They have a good time and then Lucy asks Dusty to meet her for a movie later. She and Johnny leave. Dusty gives the waiter a big tip and then spots Meg and Paul coming in with Eliza. He quickly leaves and Paul goads Meg about him. She doesn't respond. Meg tries to take Eliza to change her but Paul stops her, saying he doesn't trust her! Meg leaves her bag as a sign of trust and hurries into the hall. Dusty is there and warns her that she is playing with fire! He says Paul won't fall for her plans; Meg insists she has no ulterior motives, she is just trying to stay in Eliza's life. Dusty doesn't believe her. "Being at Fairwinds reminded me of how I wanted things to be," she says. "One day, when he trusts me, we'll be a family." Dusty grabs her, saying he won't let her sacrifice him. She tells Dusty to back off as Paul comes in and tells him to get lost. Lucy returns and leaves with Dusty. Paul turns on Meg, telling her that he doesn't believe her act. Meg insists she was not acting; she insists she is just trying to get her family back and storms into the bathroom with Eliza.

    But, But, But!

    Friday, April 10 2009

    Dusty runs into Lucy at The Lakeview and tells her about Meg's decision to move back in with Paul. Lucy can't believe that Meg is doing this and offers to find the babysitter again. Dusty refuses her offer. Dusty goes upstairs alone. Lucy follows him to his room. He doesn't let her in at first but finally gives in. He opens the door and sees Johnny there! Johnny jumps into his arms, making Dusty feel better. They play trains. He thanks Lucy for this.

    A Trip To Freedom!

    Monday, March 09 2009

    Craig looks at the picture Johnny drew and wonders if it is really him; he questions the kiddo until he admits it is a picture of Dusty. Craig realizes Johnny has been seeing Dusty and calls Lucy to set up another babysitting arrangement. She readily agrees. After hanging up, Lucy calls Dusty to invite him over!

    Dusty meets Johnny and Lucy in his suite. They order milk and cookies – and Craig walks in! He announces he has found a nanny for Johnny and sends him off with Olga. Once the kiddo is gone Craig turns on Lucy, saying she has betrayed him. Dusty blames himself but Craig won't listen. He vows neither of them will ever have contact with Johnny again! He accuses them of trying to kidnap Johnny again; both say that wasn't their intention. Craig wonders why he should allow Dusty access to the boy when he is certain Dusty would not return the favor! Lucy begs Craig to reconsider but he refuses and disowns her! After he leaves Dusty apologizes to Lucy but she blames herself. She asks if he is sending her to jail now that she can't help him see Johnny! He reminds her that Craig can't break the bond they each have with the kiddo and sits with her. Upset, she says she thought Craig was changing into the father she always wanted. Dusty hugs her.

    Liberty and Parker meet near the school. She feels bad that she didn't tell Janet goodbye and hesitates when Parker gets into the car. He says this is the only way they can be together and suggests they head for LA. Johnny runs up with Olga the babysitter and Parker gets rid of them. Parker and Liberty hit the road.

    What Is Lucy Up To?

    Friday, March 06 2009

    In the suite Lucy and Dusty have a paper fight and then he pulls her into his arms and onto the sofa. She can't stop laughing. Dusty quickly leaves after Meg calls to warn him about Craig. When Craig walks in Johnny shows him a picture he drew of 'Daddy'; Craig thinks Johnny drew the picture for him! They take a walk and then Lucy invites Craig for hot chocolate, not wanting to end their peaceful day.

    In the suite Craig talks to himself about trusting Lucy as Johnny plays quietly.

    A Plot and A Plan!

    Tuesday, March 03 2009

    Craig meets Lucy at The Lakeview with Johnny. He says he has a business meeting with Carly and asks if she'll watch the boy. She is thrilled but then he says she can't leave the hotel for any reason. She agrees to his terms; he leaves. Back in the hotel suite Lucy gets Johnny settled with games. She starts to order food but then calls Dusty! She asks about his plans for the evening and invites him up to the suite. Dusty asks if Craig knows; she says he doesn't. Dusty doesn't like being so covert but she convinces him this is the only way to see Johnny. Before Dusty gets there Lucy convinces him not to tell anyone about Dusty's visit. He arrives and Johnny runs to his arms. He gives Johnny a new train and they play. They sing songs and play games and then Dusty and Lucy nearly kiss! Johnny gets between them and Dusty puts him to bed. Lucy says she knows exactly how he feels about Johnny because she feels the same way. She mentions their past and tells him that she used to dream of the day they would start a family together! Craig calls but Lucy ignores the call. Then she gets worried and tries to get rid of Dusty so that Craig won't flip out on them. Dusty doesn't want to go, he wants all of this out in the open! She sticks to her guns and calls Craig to report that she and Johnny were brushing their teeth and couldn't get to the phone. She asks about his business meeting; he asks her to stay with the kiddo for a bit longer. She says she'd love to. After hanging up Lucy tells Dusty that no one has to know about his visit. She swears she'll tell Craig soon but says this is not the right time.

    To Forgive Is Divine.

    Friday, February 27 2009

    Carly arrives at the hospital with Johnny and they run into Lucy. Lucy and Johnny happily embrace and Carly wonders why Lucy is there. Carly calls Craig and tells him that Lucy is not in jail and is at the hospital getting her job back. Craig demands to not let them out of her sight and rushes to meet them.

    Craig arrives at the hospital and tells Johnny he needs to talk to Lucy alone. She explains Dusty dropped the charges. Craig believes she is working with Dusty but she tries to convince him she is working on her own to make things right. Craig tells her he is getting a restraining order against her, but Johnny walks up and asks if Lucy can live with them. Craig tells Johnny she has other arrangements and that they have to go. Johnny begs to stay with Lucy. Craig yells at Johnny to go, as Lucy calmly tells Johnny it is okay to go with him. Craig becomes angrier, but Carly pulls him away and tells him to calm down because he is scaring his son. Craig is scared Lucy is going to take him away again, but Carly orders him to get it together or he will lose Johnny again.

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