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    As the World Turns CAST - John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan Played by Bailey Harkins on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bailey Harkins (Bailey Harkins)

    Birthday: 2001
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bailey Harkins
    Height: 3"9'


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    Only If We Do It Badly.

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    Dusty is at home hanging out with Johnny. His son wishes he had a house with a yard. "You just gave me a great idea," Dusty says.

    You're Like Alcohol To Me.

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    Dusty takes Johnny to the hospital for a checkup. Liberty's doctor spots him and offers to tell him the latest about her. Dusty insist he's only a friend of the family and suggests that he talk to Janet. "Is Liberty going to die like my mommy?" Johnny asks.

    Dusty takes Johnny out for ice cream and tries to reassure him. Margo comes in. Dusty corners her and they begin talking about how fast he runs through women. She suggests that he find someone special for his kid's sake.

    I Cannot Be Second Choice.

    Friday, December 18 2009

    At the courthouse, Craig and Carly's eyes lock as she puts on his boutineer. Rosanna watches them for a moment before interrupting. Carly slips away with her to fix her dress. Johnny comes in and asks when the wedding is going to start. Craig tells him they will be a family in a few minutes. Carly fixes Rosanna's dress. Rosanna wonders why she is so nervous. As Carly leaves to get a band aid for her finger, Craig checks on her. She wonders if he is really ready.

    In the courtroom, Jack is startled to see that Janet has come to the wedding with Dusty. Jack tries to be polite and leaves to find the judge. He stands at the front of the courtroom as Craig and Carly enter. Johnny leads Rosanna in. Craig recites his own vow, promising to give her all the love and family she deserves. He promises never to fail her. Rosanna has problems speaking. He asks her to say what's in her heart. She loves what they've shared and will always treasure the idea that he's meant everything he's said. "I also know that you have never looked at me once the way you were looking at Carly a few minutes ago," she says. He insists that he wants to be with her. She thinks he has undeniable chemistry with her sister and might never get over her. Carly tries to urge her into the marriage anyway. Craig asks Rosanna to speak in private. After they leave, Janet asks Jack if he wants to leave with her. He's still on best man duty, he claims. She leaves. The judge follows. Carly wants to talk some sense into her sister but Jack tells her that's the last thing she should do. She explains that she tested Craig and he passed. Carly admits that she was drawn to Craig because they are so much alike but he's even worse than her.

    Rosanna goes to Craig's. Johnny runs into her arms. She sobs and tells him that she won't be his mom but she will always be his friend. "I need you to look after your daddy," she tells him. After she ushers Johnny into his room, Craig tells her he doesn't regret a minute of what they had. Neither does she. They kiss and she walks out.

    I Am Ready To Be Your Wife.

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    At home, Carly flashes back to Craig asking her to sleep with him. Jack snaps her out of it. He taunts her about Craig and wonders how she can be letting his little overture go. Craig and Johnny walk in. "Everyone decent?" Craig asks. "Not anymore," Jack snipes. At Carly's prompting, he takes Johnny upstairs to change. Craig tries apologizing. "Meet me at your hotel room," she says. He's confused but plods off. Carly makes an excuse for Jack and leaves.

    Jack puts on Johnny's tie. He says that he's a real man because he's wearing a real tie instead of a clip-on. As Jack tells him how important family is, Rosanna listens from around the corner. She comes in and hugs the little boy, promising him that they will make things right.

    Everybody Wins.

    Wednesday, December 16 2009

    Rosanna goes to Craig's and tells Johnny a story about a princess who always lost everything. Finally, she realized she had to be more forgiving if she was to find love. Craig comes in, surprised to see that they are still awake. She continues telling her story and Craig adds his voice, putting himself in the story as an ogre. Craig tells Johnny that the princess' love was enough to give the ogre the strength to redeem himself.


    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Craig brings Rosanna and Johnny to the Metro. He says that they started out backwards so they're having a backwards Thanksgiving. The meal is brought in with dessert first. After dinner, she tells Craig that backwards Thanksgiving was pretty great. After they kiss, he pulls out a ring. He wants to spend the rest of his life making sure he doesn't screw things up with her. As he slips the ring on, Carly walks in. She declares that she's through with both of them and stomps out.

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