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    As the World Turns CAST - John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan Played by Bailey Harkins on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bailey Harkins (Bailey Harkins)

    Birthday: 2001
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bailey Harkins
    Height: 3"9'


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    Don't Take Me On.

    Friday, May 28 2010

    Back at Dusty's, Johnny is still upset about Craig. Dusty tells him how sorry he is. Liberty and Janet arrive. Janet sits with the little boy and he gives her a hug. They look at Johnny's drawing and Dusty suggests they give it to Craig. Liberty and Johnny go off and Janet says that he'll be okay. Johnny returns and feels the baby kicking. She smiles. Dusty tells her that this is what being a family would be like. Jack calls and asks Dusty to bring Johnny to the station. After Dusty and the child leave, Liberty admits to her mother that Gabriel asked her to leave town with him. She worries. Liberty admits she has feelings for him.

    Dusty brings Johnny to the station to meet with Craig. Johnny gives him a picture and Craig tells him how much he loves him. Craig tells him to get to know his new big brother and tell him how much he loves him.

    You're His Father.

    Thursday, May 20 2010

    Johnny and Craig are at home playing video games. Craig sits him down and explains that Gabriel is his brother. "He's way cool," Johnny says. Jack shows up. After Johnny is sent off, the questioning starts. Craig thinks Jack is sitting on the truth about Parker. Jack threatens to make sure he goes down for everything unless he throws himself on the mercy of the court. Things heat up and they scream at each other. Jack encourages him to take the deal for Parker's sake but Craig doesn't think Jack would be able to live with himself if he bought his son's freedom with lies.

    Off The Hook.

    Friday, May 14 2010

    Johnny runs into Al's and hands Janet a flower. As she sniffs it, Dusty walks in and sits with her. They flirt and she talks about her new place. Dusty and Johnny leave as Liberty arrives. She sits with her mom and informs her that her doctor says she can stop radiation. Janet is thrilled. They hug and agree to have lunch. After Janet bustles away, Liberty calls Dusty and asks him to meet her for lunch.

    You're Not A Weak Woman.

    Friday, May 07 2010

    Dusty meets up with Johnny and they head for the park. They bump into Janet on the way. She's looking for an apartment. He tells her his offers still stand. He tells her the latest about Craig and she thanks him for not pushing her into anything. They talk about the apartment she's going to see.

    Let Her Go.

    Tuesday, April 20 2010

    When Craig is greeting Johnny at home, he notices Gabriel, who informs them that he is moving in next door. Craig tells Gabriel to stay away from his son. "You mess with my kid and you'll pay," Craig threatens.

    What Do You Want From Me?

    Monday, April 12 2010

    Back at Monte Carlo, Craig spins Johnny around in a chair until Gabriel arrives. Johnny explains that the young man is the one who talked to him on the playground. Craig gives the boy his sandwich and sends him off so he can confront Gabriel for stalking him. When Craig threatens to call the cops, Gabriel threatens to tell them about Craig stealing Parker's trust fund. "What do you want from me?" Craig asks. Gabriel wants money.

    A Handful.

    Tuesday, March 30 2010

    At home, Craig gets Johnny ready for school and urges him to call his teachers if a strange man approaches him again.


    Monday, March 29 2010

    Craig takes Johnny out for a sundae and olives at Al's. He explains that Dusty has had an accident and promises that this will be nothing like what happened with his mother. Johnny tells him that a man was asking questions about him. Craig gets nervous.

    Limp Flesh.

    Tuesday, March 23 2010

    In his room, Craig asks Johnny if he's been playing around with his desk. Some papers have gone missing. Johnny says it wasn't him. He calls housekeeping and says that someone has been moving his stuff around.

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