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    As the World Turns CAST - John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John "Johnny" Dustin Munson Donovan Played by Bailey Harkins on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bailey Harkins (Bailey Harkins)

    Birthday: 2001
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bailey Harkins
    Height: 3"9'


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    Take It Or Leave It.

    Friday, August 13 2010

    In his room, Craig opens a box and finds a clock ticking inside. It has a note that says it's not a bomb... this time. Johnny comes in and asks about the clock. His father tells him this was a mistake and drops the clock in the hall. Sierra walks by. "Looks like I caught you at a bad time," she says. She interrogates him about the perfume factory and worries that Lucy is being used as a pawn. He claims that he's a victim of Lucinda and then they bicker about Lily. Craig claims that he can be good for her.

    Needy And Dependent.

    Wednesday, August 11 2010

    When Craig returns to his room, he's surprised to find Lucy there. They hug and talk about Johnny. He's shocked that she's been around for a few days and wonders if she is there to do Lucinda's dirty work. She tells him she's missed him. The babysitter brings Johnny in and explains that a man knocked him over. Craig flips out. When the women leave, Craig asks Johnny about the man who knocked him down.

    All This Joy Might Be Too Much For You.

    Friday, July 23 2010

    Dusty is surprised when Lucy shows up at his door. Johnny runs into her arms. She tells Dusty he looks good. He takes her into the hall and tells her a lot has changed; he's been involved with someone else. Johnny comes out and pulls her back inside. She's happy to see that things are working out for her little brother. Dusty tells her that Craig uses his son like a bargaining chip. She's not surprised. Johnny draws a pizza and says he's hungry so they go out to eat.

    Dusty, Lucy and Johnny go to Al's for a meal. He fills her in on the Janet situation. The woman herself arrives and Dusty introduces them. Lucy and Dusty leave with Johnny and Janet sadly stares out the window at them.

    It Always Ends Badly.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    Janet, Dusty and Johnny go to the movies and then Dusty offers to take Janet to dinner. She balks at first, but then agrees to meet him at Metro.

    Look Who's Talking.

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    Craig takes Johnny for a walk and they talk about baseball. Craig tells him he's going to buy them a luxury box and one day everything will belong to him and his brother.

    Taking One For The Team.

    Monday, June 21 2010

    Dusty goes back to his place and hangs out with Johnny. Craig shows up and Johnny leaps into his arms. He explains that he's out on bail so everything is going back to normal. Dusty growls as Johnny packs.

    She's Toxic.

    Friday, June 04 2010

    Craig calls Dusty's and Liberty answers. He asks to speak to Johnny and tells the boy to get Liberty to bring him to see Gabriel and tell him he wants them to be a family.

    Liberty, Johnny and Gabriel go to Al's. Johnny talks about how much he misses his dad. Gabriel starts to feel uncomfortable. He stares sadly. Johnny runs off for ice cream and Liberty tells Gabriel not to feel guilty for putting his dad away. He walks out and she trails after him. She tells him that his father is a great father to Johnny and not a total creep. Gabriel is sick of Oakdale. He tries to kiss Liberty but she backs him off and says she can't.

    Don't Take Me On.

    Friday, May 28 2010

    At the Lakeview, Johnny seems depressed as Janet shows up to see Dusty. He explains that the little boy isn't taking the news of Craig's incarceration well. Liberty calls her mom from the police station.

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