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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman (PAST)

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman (PAST) Played by Kelli Barrett on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelli Barrett (
    Madeline "Maddie" Coleman (PAST)

    Actor: Kelli Barrett

    Who played Madeline "Maddie" Coleman (PAST) over the years

    Kelli Barrett (December 22, 2008 - present)
    Alexandra Chando (2005 - October 2007)

    Useful information on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman (PAST)

    * 2005 - She was staging a fall at Katie's cottage, but Henry fell down the stairs instead, injuring his back.
    * 2005 - Breaking and entering in the Lakeview Computer system.
    * 2005 - Breaking and entering Mike Kasnoff's house.
    * 2005 - Pretended to be Katie online.
    * 2006 - Kept Will Munson and Gwen Norbeck hidden from the police.
    * 2006 - Took Lia McDermott's sweater and set it on fire.
    * 2006 - Vandalized Lia McDermott's car.
    * 2006 - When Maddie was confronted by the police about the rape, she lied about the details.
    * 2006 - When she was questioned about where she was when Lia McDermott was murdered, she lied to the police.
    * 2006 - She was a suspect in the murders of Lia McDermott and Nate Bradley.
    * 2006 - Threatened her brother in law, Louis Browning with a knife.


    Current: Student
    Past: Intern at WOAK-TV


    Maddie Coleman came to Oakdale right after Henry married Katie. Henry was surprised to see his baby sister show up in Oakdale, but he welcomed her. Shortly after arriving, she realized something wasn't quite right with Henry and Katie, and discovered that Henry was still living out of his limo. She knew Henry was very much in love with Katie and tried to help him hold onto her. However, Henry finally accepted the fact he and Katie would never be and moved on. Maddie moved in with Tom and Margo Hughes for a while. When she first arrived, Margo and Tom's son, Casey didn't like Maddie very much and they argued frequently. One day, they got caught up in the moment and shared a kiss. They couldn't get enough of each other.

    One day, Maddie answered the door to see Dallas Griffin standing there. He was looking for his aunt Jessica and he thought she might be there. Before Maddie moved to Oakdale, she was raped by her brother-in-law. When she went to the hospital, she had to report the crime. She told the police officer that she sneaked out to a frat party and was raped there. The police officer was Dallas. Maddie had not told anyone about her rape, not even Henry. Now, she was worried that Dallas would tell. She immediately assumed the worst and even accused him of stalking her, but Dallas assured her it was just a coincidence that he was there too, and promised not to reveal her secret.

    Maddie and Casey decided they were ready to move their relationship up a level. Margo and Tom were going to be out of town for the weekend and they decided to use that time to get closer. But when it was time, Maddie changed her mind and ran out on Casey. Seeing Dallas brought up the past. They broke up and Casey started dating Lia McDermott. Maddie sliced her tires one night out of anger. On a date with Casey, Lia was murdered. The police named Maddie as their top suspect. Maddie confessed to Margo that she was raped back in Chicago but it wasn't at a frat party, it was by her own brother-in-law, Louis Browning. When Louis came to Oakdale to see if he could get Maddie to come back home, her sister, Eve showed up in Oakdale to comfort her. Casey told his mom that he knew Maddie didn't kill Lia. Then another teenager was murdered. Maddie got the blame for it too. The police couldn't find enough evidence to name her the killer, but all of her friends said she was acting really strange. The teens decided to get away, before they had to start back to school. They went to Raven Lake. Once there, another teen was murdered. Shortly after, Maddie shows up looking confused. Everyone blamed Maddie and guarded her so she couldn't kill again. Over the next several hours, several more teens were murdered before it ended. When the slasher came after Maddie, she ran. Casey stepped in and brought the killer to the ground. Maddie removed the mask and was shocked to discover Eve! She was killing everyone hoping that Maddie would get the blame. Eve was jealous of Maddie and angry that Louis had fallen in love with her. She wanted Maddie to pay for it. Eve was put in prison.

    Maddie was finally able to tell Casey everything. They shared a kiss and decided to give their relationship one more chance. Henry supported his sister every step of the way. Casey defended Maddie from the beginning, which made Maddie realize he was her true love. Casey loved Maddie enough to wait for the right moment to make love. He decided that he wasn't in such a hurry anymore.

    Maddie became involved with newcomer Noah Mayer during the summer of 2007. Soon after becoming involved, Noah began having feelings for Luke Snyder. Trying to denying his feelings, Noah pressured Maddie to move in with him; she did and decided to attend Oakdale U rather that her dream college, Wesleyan. She eventually found out about Noah and Luke's attraction and broke things off with him. Not sure what to do next, Maddie finally decided she needed to be alone for a while and left town to attend Wesleyan.


    Noah Mayer
    Casey Hughes (lovers)
    Nate Bradley (dated - deceased)


    Henry Coleman (brother)
    Eve Browning (sister)
    Bernadette Coleman (sister)
    Four other unknown sisters
    Louis Browning (brother in law - deceased)


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    Monday, January 05 2009: Lucy and Dusty Work Together!

    Henry and Vienna are holding a book signing at Al's when Casey arrives. Vienna spots him and pushes him together with Maddie. Both are uncomfortable because of the incident at The Lakeview. Vienna, meanwhile, keeps hawking Henry's books to their patrons. Henry convinces an unwilling customer to stay for the book reading. As they read Casey and Maddie both think about their past. Maddie leaves the diner and Casey follows. He brings up New Year's Eve and insists that nothing happened. He says he was in bed by himself but then Alison came on to him before turning cold. Maddie can't believe him. She asks if he likes Alison and Casey can't answer. She says it was wrong to come back and try to recapture the past. Then, she tells Casey he has to be better! The reading makes Henry and Vienna hot for one another – and convinces several patrons to buy more books! Henry spots Maddie behind the counter and asks about Casey. She says he is gone for good this time. "You know he is nowhere near good enough for you," Henry says and Maddie cries. She says she has to leave. Henry tells Vienna, who is angry on Maddie's behalf. Maddie leaves.

    Alison runs into Maddie outside of Al's and makes her talk. She says the hotel room was a rental for a friend but she and Casey were just playing around. "There is nothing between us," she says and insists that Casey is the last thing she needs. This only upsets Maddie more so Alison backtracks. She says she doesn't have time for a project like Casey; Maddie tells her that Casey has fallen for her. Casey arrives and Maddie leaves. Allie asks why he put her in the middle of the mess with Maddie and Casey can't explain. She leaves.

    Tuesday, December 30 2008: Happy New Year?

    Maddie meets Noah at Metro and they discuss their prospective dates for the evening. When Maddie notes that Casey is late, she realizes her phone isn’t with her and leaves to get it in case Casey calls.

    Maddie walks by Alison’s hotel room and overhears Casey and Alison. She’s crushed when she realizes they are spending the night together.

    Jade comes to Metro and runs into Bonnie and Derek. Derek tells her whatever she’s looking for, he’s not it. She tells him she wants nothing to do with him and how she prays he’s not her father. She then finds Luke and apologizes to him. Noah leaves the two of them alone and Maddie returns crying. Luke watches as Noah takes Maddie out and walks her over to the diner. Maddie cries and tells Noah she heard Alison and Casey together, while Jade tells Luke what went down with Lucinda. Jade wants to patch things up with Luke and asks if he wants to dance. Bonnie comes over to Jade and Luke goes to find Noah. Bonnie asks Jade not to close the door on Derek, but Jade says that door was never opened and leaves the club. Luke returns from outside and downs a couple of glasses of champagne and leaves. Brian sees him and follows Luke out.

    Casey comes out of the elevator at the hotel and runs into an upset Maddie. He lies saying he was with his parents, but Maddie knows better. She can’t believe she trusted him and gets on the elevator. She angrily says, “Happy New Year.”

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