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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery Played by Jon Lindstrom on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Lindstrom (Jon Lindstrom)

    Birthday: October 18 1957
    Birthplace: Medford, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jon Lindstrom
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    You Belong Together.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Holden begins the toasts. He talks about Hal and Brad. Margo asks Jack if Parker talked to him yet. Jack's confused but Molly rushes up to make her toast to the couple and their destiny. Carly thanks her girlfriends. Jack starts looking around and wondering where Dusty is. Craig stands up to propose a toast. Everyone rolls their eyes. Craig shocks everyone by saying that the couple belong together and wishes them every happiness. Rosanna strolls over to him. He admits that he wants her to like him again... just a little. She says he's moved from detestable to mildly intolerable. The newlyweds begin dancing.

    Gabriel tells his father that he is returning to Montega. Sierra offered him a contract there. Craig freaks out and yells. Rosanna walks over and Craig explains that Gabe is his son. He begs his son to stay and make a home with him. That's not going to happen. Gabriel storms off and Craig tells Rosanna about their strained relationship. She advises him to let his son go. If he can stop chasing people, they might stop running away.

    Craig sits down with his son and tells him he's happy for him. He encourages him to get to know his sister. They talk business and Craig tells his son that he's certain he will be a success. Gabriel finally calls him 'dad' and then walks away. Rosanna wanders over and tells Craig that was nice work. He's going to be pretty lonely around town. She tells him that she might stick around town for awhile.

    I'm Tired Of Kissing Frogs.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    Craig runs into Lily at the Lakeview. She doesn't want to talk to him. He apologizes for everything that happened. She's not interested, tips him off about the wedding and tells him not to show up.

    Craig runs into Gabriel in Java and thanks him for tipping him off about Lucinda. Things soften between them but it's awkward. Craig wishes they could try to get to know each other. Gabriel tells him he has to go to the wedding and he doesn't let his father turn that into an invitation to the ceremony.

    Rosanna spots Craig heading to the wedding and chases him down. He insists that he's not there to make trouble; he just wants closure and swears to behave himself. Gabriel and Liberty arrive. He spots his father and assumes his being there can't be good. Rosanna walks over to the bride and groom and asks if she should throw Craig out. Jack says Craig can't cause any trouble.

    You're Free.

    Wednesday, August 25 2010

    At Avalon Castle, Craig is kissing Lily in his room. She breaks away. He asks her not to argue with their chemistry. She says he just has lust for her and pushes him away, accusing him of playing a game with her. Lily is sure he's trying to use her to get back at her mom. Craig claims that hurts him, but admits that he likes to hit her mom where it hurts. All the same, he wants a future with her. She tells him they aren't going to be lovers. As he tries to sweet talk her, she says he's predictable and she doesn't want to get sucked into his chaos. He's needy and never gives anything back. She thinks he's more like her mom than he'd like to admit. He tells her about Lucinda teaming up with the mob, sending Blackie after him and having Johnny threatened. Lily doesn't want to hear anymore and declares their partnership over. She tells him to be a better father and walks out.

    Craig runs into Jack and Carly. They tell him Ralph and Blackie have been arrested. Lucinda walks by so he makes a lewd comment about Lily. She wants to swat him but he says she's actually gone back to town. He tips Jack off that Lucinda is an old friend of Ralph's. He calls over to Ralph, but the mobster claims he's never seen her before. After Carly and Jack walk off, Lucinda tells Craig that her daughter must have come to her senses about him. He tells her she won't win her daughter back this time.

    Never Call Me Mom Again.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    At Avalon Castle, Lily surprises Craig in his room and says she wants to spend the night there... because her mom is in her room. She says it will only be for one night and she's glad he's there with her. He flirts but she's determined to remain only friends. She vows not to forgive her mother, no matter how many times she apologizes. Lily suggests that they go down for dinner so he leaves to get them a table.

    Craig finds Lucinda in the pool room and they begin bickering about Lily. He taunts her, making lewd suggestions and rubbing her face in them. "She's given in several times already," he says. She tries to walk away but he kicks it up and suggests they could be in-laws again. When he calls her 'mom', she shoves him in the pool. He moans and she threatens him, warning him never to call her 'mom' again. As Lucinda storms off, Carly comes in and helps him out of the water. She shoves him back in as soon as he gets out. She saunters off. Lily wanders in and laughs when she sees him climbing out of the pool. He tells her what happened.

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