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    As the World Turns CAST - Jade Taylor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jade Taylor Played by Davida Williams on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Davida Williams (Davida Williams)

    Birthday: September 1 1986
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Davida Williams
    Height: 5"2'


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    Romantic Entanglements...

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    Jade returns to Lily's. She asks about Derek and Rose. She asks if Derek is her father and Lily says they don't know!

    Paul is Committed!

    Friday, December 19 2008

    Holden arrives at the police department just before Lily returns with Derek. Bonnie is surprised. Derek says he'll help them only if they keep his connection to Rose out of it. They agree to his terms. Lily hugs Holden and he tells her about Meg's early delivery. Bonnie leads Derek into the interrogation room. He questions Jade and becomes angry when he learns that Jade went home with Roby after only knowing him for a few hours. She tells him to stop acting like a disapproving cop. Bonnie leads Jade out a while later. She sees Holden and apologizes to him. He says things will be okay. Jade asks them to try to get her home for Christmas and an officer leads her away. Holden hugs Lily.

    Welcome To The World, Eliza!

    Thursday, December 18 2008

    Luke finds Jade at Lily's and invites her back inside. He rambles on about Oakdale and then asks where her things are. Jade says she is only there for a little while. She says her adoptive parents are in desperate financial straits and asks Luke for several thousand dollars for them. Luke says he is tired of lies and demands the truth. She says she needs the money to disappear – forever! He insists on knowing everything. Jade says she met a guy who got wasted on their date; he went into a convenience store to get aspirin but robbed the place and made her drive the getaway car. Luke says she should have gone to the police; she says she had to get away from there. Luke says he'll help but not by giving her money. He says she has to come with him to tell the police everything. She refuses and tells him not to tell Lily or Holden anything. She grabs her coat but Luke stops her at the door, promising to get her some money. He sends her upstairs to get cleaned up. Luke calls Lily and says Jade is in trouble; Lily tells him to stall and she'll be right there. Jade is ready to leave but Luke stalls, saying he has lost his car keys. Lily arrives with Bonnie and Jade pretends this is just a holiday visit. Lily cuts her off and says she knows everything. She tells Bonnie about Jade's past run-ins with the law and she says Jade has to come forward. Lily and Luke convince her to turn herself in.

    Lily, Luke and Jade get to the police department. Bonnie tries to talk to them but an officer grabs Jade, handcuffs her and hauls her off to holding! Bonnie says until the police find the guy, Jade is going to be in custody; she says they are extraditing Jade back to Florida! Luke can't believe it. Bonnie says she'll keep working with her Florida contacts. Luke turns on Lily, who says Luke did what he had to do. Luke says he is a screw up and storms off.

    This Is Not A Good Idea!

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    At home Lily decides to call Jade; Holden thinks she should stay out of it because Jade isn't Rose and Derek may not want to be a father. "This won't bring Rose back," he says. She says she can handle this and insists that Jade needs to have the chance to know her father. Holden still isn't in favor of calling Jade but Lily says this could be the connection Jade has been searching for all of her life. Holden says this reunion could hurt Jade more than not knowing would. Lily calls Jade but her roommate says Jade is gone and she doesn't know where! Holden tells Lily to let Jade come to her for once and says if Jade really needs help she will be in touch. He leaves to pick up more baby things for Meg. Lily calls Bonnie and asks for legal advice because of Jade's possible situation. She asks Bonnie to make a few calls to her contacts in Florida to find out what is going on. Bonnie agrees to call. Lily leaves. Moments later, Jade walks into the house! She looks around the house.

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