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    As the World Turns CAST - Jade Taylor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jade Taylor Played by Davida Williams on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Davida Williams (Davida Williams)

    Birthday: September 1 1986
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Davida Williams
    Height: 5"2'


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    What Are You?

    Tuesday, January 06 2009

    Outside, Lily questions Luke. He tells her about the pass Brian made, shocking Lily. He says he didn't know what to do and then he kissed Brian! He tells her everything, including his drinking. She says he should have told someone what was going on but Luke says he couldn’t end Lucinda's happiness. He defends Brian, telling Lily how much he loves Lucinda. "When it comes to sexuality he is just very messed up," Luke says. He goes back inside and sees Jade. She apologizes but blames her words on Lucinda. Luke says this is all Jade's fault but they agree to stick together.

    Happy New Year?

    Tuesday, December 30 2008

    Jade runs into Bonnie who invites her to the party at Metro. Jade wonders why Bonnie keeps pushing her and Derek together and Bonnie tells her it’s because she might be his daughter. Jade doesn’t think Derek cares, but Bonnie still wants her to come to the party.

    Jade comes home and Luke tries to talk to her, but she’s still mad at him. Luke can’t take her calling him a liar anymore and leaves for the party at Metro.

    After Brian leaves, Lucinda comes looking for him and finds Jade in the living room. Lucinda is harsh with her saying Jade is not needed around here causing mischief. Jade retorts that Lily and Holden don’t need their mother-in-law around either. They trade more barbs and Jade leaves in a huff.

    Jade comes to Metro and runs into Bonnie and Derek. Derek tells her whatever she’s looking for, he’s not it. She tells him she wants nothing to do with him and how she prays he’s not her father. She then finds Luke and apologizes to him. Noah leaves the two of them alone and Maddie returns crying. Luke watches as Noah takes Maddie out and walks her over to the diner. Maddie cries and tells Noah she heard Alison and Casey together, while Jade tells Luke what went down with Lucinda. Jade wants to patch things up with Luke and asks if he wants to dance. Bonnie comes over to Jade and Luke goes to find Noah. Bonnie asks Jade not to close the door on Derek, but Jade says that door was never opened and leaves the club. Luke returns from outside and downs a couple of glasses of champagne and leaves. Brian sees him and follows Luke out.

    Brian finds a drunk Luke and wants to drive him home. Luke tries to get away from Brian, but stumbles and Brian helps him to a bench. Jade walks by and observes them and then sees Noah who she tries to distract. While sitting on the bench, Luke flirts with Brian and then kisses him. Noah walks by and sees them kissing. Assuming Brian instigated it, he grabs Brian and punches him. He then gets Luke and leaves.

    Lucinda finds Jade helping Brian and Brian tells his wife he was mugged. When asked, Jade says she didn’t see what happened. Lucinda wants to call the police, but Brian protests saying he didn’t see the guy so calling the cops is a waste of time. Lucinda tends to her husband and thinks if she had gone with him to the party it never would have happened. Jade looks worried as they walk off.

    Romantic Entanglements...

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    At the police station Jade says she should never have trusted Luke to help her! He can't believe what he is hearing. He asks what he can do to fix things; she says there is nothing. Margo comes downstairs and says her extradition is beginning now. Just then Holden, Lily and Bonnie arrive. Margo updates them and then Derek arrives – with Roby! He blames Jade and she blames him. Derek twists Roby's arm behind his back and tells him to start telling the truth. Jade seems worried. Holden begs Margo to listen to Derek about Roby but she says this isn't their concern. Roby grabs a letter opener and then takes Jade hostage! "Anyone moves and I stick her," he threatens! Margo tries to reason with Roby, telling him that she is his only hope. Roby won't listen. Jade says she'll do anything as long as Roby won't hurt her. Derek intervenes, telling Roby not to throw his future away. Derek lunges at Roby, pushes Jade away and the cops take Roby into custody. Margo says Derek could have made things worse but agrees to talk to Roby. She goes into the interrogation room with Roby, Bonnie and Jade. Margo comes back a while later and says Roby corroborated Jade's story; Bonnie says Jade is off the hook with Miami, too. Lily is thrilled. Margo tells them to let the police handle things in the future and leaves. Lily invites Jade to come home with them but she doesn't want to. Lily won't take no for an answer and then invites Derek to their home for Christmas dinner. He refuses and leaves. Bonnie follows. Jade demands to know who Derek is. Lily will only say that Derek is a friend of Rose and Bonnie's.

    Back at home Jade gets cleaned up and thanks them for standing by her. She is still worried about Roby and Miami but they tell her not to think about it. Holden and Lily focus on the holidays. Jade goes for a walk. Lily and Holden worry about Jade but decide to stand by her. He asks what she has in mind for Derek and Jade. Lily wants to get to the bottom of the paternity issue and thinks she should influence Jade a little bit. Holden tells her not to do that because Jade could be hurt.

    Bonnie follows Derek to Old Town and asks how he got Roby to come forward. Derek says Roby had mob connections and ended badly and he threatened to out Roby to the mob if he didn't tell the truth. He says he did all of this for her and walks away. Bonnie follows him to Metro. He has a drink. Bonnie invites Derek to come to her place for Christmas; he doesn't want to. She says it could be just the two of them before the night is over. They kiss. Jade walks in and demands to know why he helped her. "I was paid," he says. Jade asks about Rose and Derek walks out. She turns to Bonnie and asks what she doesn't know. Bonnie leaves to find Derek. They meet outside Al's and she asks why he is afraid of Rose and Jade. He angrily says he isn't afraid of anything, kisses her and walks away.

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