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    As the World Turns CAST - Jade Taylor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jade Taylor Played by Davida Williams on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Davida Williams (Davida Williams)

    Birthday: September 1 1986
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Davida Williams
    Height: 5"2'


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    I Can Be A Bride, Too!

    Thursday, January 22 2009

    At Metro Bonnie calls Jade and asks her to meet at Metro in a few minutes. Jade arrives a few minutes later and gets upset when she sees Derek there. She turns away but Derek stops her, saying he was too overwhelmed earlier to stay at the hospital. Jade puts on her I-Don't-Care act again. Bonnie urges both of them to give this some time. Derek extends an olive branch, saying he would like to know more about her but immediately asks about Roby, upsetting Jade. She says she doesn't need lectures from an ex-con! Bonnie plays peace-maker, telling them both to start over. Derek makes another mistake – by giving Jade several hundred dollars! Jade throws the money in his face and storms out.

    Derek Is Shot!

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    At Java Luke and Noah bump into Jade; they thank her for helping them get back together. Luke worries that he and Lucinda will never heal their relationship. Jade says Lucinda doesn't deserve any pity because she had to know that Brian was gay from the beginning! Noah gets to work. Luke brings up Derek but Jade won't talk about him. He goes to get coffee and Robby calls! He demands that she meet him – and Derek! – at Metro! Jade hurries away and bumps into Casey. He follows her.

    Jade arrives at Metro to find Derek tied up and Robby with a gun. She explains why she did what she did but Robby won't listen. Casey barges in, upsetting Robby even more. Jade's phone rings and Robby grabs it; Casey texts Margo for help. He tries to talk Robby down but Robby won't listen. Derek joins Casey, telling Robby that he can't escape this time. Robby grabs Jade and when Casey pulls her away from him, shoots Derek! "Who's next?" Robby asks angrily! Jade tries to talk him down again and when he looks away, Casey lunges. They fight and Robby knocks Casey out! Jade keeps Robby talking and then Casey grabs him as Margo, Bonnie and Lily arrive. They take Robby into custody and Jade points them to Derek, who is bleeding from the chest.

    The group gets to the hospital. Alison goes to get information about Derek for Bonnie, Lily, Jade and Casey. Lily tries to encourage Bonnie. Jade thanks Casey for following her and saving her. She hugs Casey and Alison sees, getting jealous! Margo takes Casey aside and says he has to stop getting into fixes like this. Casey finds Alison a while later and she says he did a brave thing. She offers to look over his bruised eye. He wants to kiss her but then Jade walks in and asks Casey to lunch; they agree to meet later. Casey invites Alison to come along but she declines and leaves the room.

    Bonnie and Jade are shown into Derek's room; he is recovering well. He is glad that Jade wasn't hurt and says it is time they found out if he really is Jade's father! Jade leaves the room and tells Lily about the paternity test. She is obviously unsure about the test so Lily reassures her that she has all of the Snyders' love whenever she needs it. Back in the room Bonnie tells Derek she believes in him. They kiss.

    You're Selfish!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    At home Lucinda tries to reach out to Luke but he turns her away, saying he knows she hasn't really forgiven him for the incident with Brian! He walks out. Jade comes by and tells Lucinda the same thing. Lucinda leaves.

    Lucinda goes to Java where Noah is working. She tells him they are in the same place but they both need to move on. Then she tells him to make up with Luke! Noah won't give in so Lucinda makes herself comfortable at a table and refuses to leave. She blames herself for the problems Luke and Noah are facing; Noah insists none of this is her fault. They don't reach any kind of truce so Lucinda leaves as Jade walks in. She tells Jade she couldn't change anything. Noah asks Jade why she sent Lucinda to him! Jade tells Noah he is about to lose the best thing in his life and walks out. As they are arguing Luke and Casey arrive! Jade and Casey make themselves scarce. Noah and Luke argue about who is more wrong and then Luke accuses Noah of being selfish with his feelings and pushing Luke away! Frustrated Noah kisses Luke! Casey and Jade watch from across the street!

    Casey takes Jade to Al's. They have a pleasant meal. Alison sees them from outside and watches, wondering what is going on. Casey sees her and waves her inside; he tells her about their matchmaking. Both are thrilled. Alison makes excuses and returns to work. Casey wonders what is going on.

    Maybe I Can Help...

    Thursday, January 08 2009

    Casey sees Jade at Al's. She snottily asks about his prison record. Luke walks in. Casey tells him to watch his back around Jade and then leaves. Casey sees Ali outside. He says he wanted to call her but wasn't sure he should; she says next time he should just call. She brings up Noah and Luke's break up, surprising Casey. She says Noah and Luke need to be reminded of their love – and they are just the people who can help them with that! She hurries inside Al's and asks Luke to help her with Casey. Jade leaves rather than help. Alison convinces Luke to come with her. Jade returns a while later and sees Lucinda. She asks why Lucinda is blaming Luke for everything instead of Brian. Lucinda walks out.

    What Are You?

    Tuesday, January 06 2009

    Lucinda arrives home, excited. She goes into the kitchen. Brian apologizes to Luke, who says the New Year's kiss was all his fault. They make peace and shake hands as Lucinda returns with a container of pills. She asks what is going on between them now! Before either can answer Jade arrives. Lucinda makes a smart remark about Jade. "Well at least I don't have a gay husband," Jade says! Lily overhears. Luke tries to take Jade out but Lucinda demands that she stay and explain herself. Jade apologizes and says she was just upset. Lily asks what is really going on. As they argue Brian yells at all of them to stop. Lucinda asks to speak with Luke as Jade makes a quick exit upstairs. Luke and Lily leave, telling Lucinda to talk to Brian. He says he loves her but she says she wants the truth. "I made a pass at your grandson," Brian admits. "I kissed him!" Lucinda asks if he is bi-sexual or homosexual but Brian says he doesn't use labels. He apologizes and suggests that they put all of this behind them. Lucinda can't believe what she is hearing and calls their marriage a lie. "All the while I was dreaming about having sex with my husband he was dreaming about having sex with my grandson," she exclaims! She asks if he is attracted to Luke and Brian admits he is but says they can get past this. She kicks him out!

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