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    As the World Turns CAST - Jade Taylor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jade Taylor Played by Davida Williams on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Davida Williams (Davida Williams)

    Birthday: September 1 1986
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Davida Williams
    Height: 5"2'


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    Are You Out Of Your Mind?

    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    Casey finds Jade in Old Town and asks about Matt. She says Matt wouldn't sell anything to her because of Alison, upsetting Casey. Jade says Casey made all of this blow up because he told Alison too much too soon. Casey tells her about the pills and she tells him what Matt said – that he would set Casey up before Casey could set him up. Margo and Tom arrive and Jade leaves. Margo takes Casey in for questioning; he can't believe they don't trust him.

    Alison and Matt go to the police department and Matt makes his statement against Casey. Margo walks in with Casey, who immediately attacks Matt! They each accuse one another of being drug dealers and then Matt brings up the drugs in the backpack. Margo realizes Alison has been going between both men and demands that Alison tell exactly what has been going on. Alison insists Margo knows everything. The officer from the house returns with a wad of cash; Casey says it is his! In the interrogation room Casey hedges but finally tells Margo that he won the money they found at the horse tracks. "It was the first time I slipped and it made me want to puke," Casey says, swearing it only happened once. Margo doesn't believe his story, even when Casey begs her. She orders a full investigation into Casey and says he isn't free to go until she questions Jade. The officer comes in and Casey sees Alison. He lashes out at her. Matt has finished his statement. Margo says he can leave but tells him not to leave town. Matt and Alison leave as Jade arrives. Margo questions Jade, who says she and Casey are only friends. She questions Jade about the plot against Matt and she backs up Casey's story, including her suspicions about Matt. Margo asks if Casey has sold her drugs. Jade says Casey would never do that and tells Margo about Matt's threats against Casey. Jade practically begs Margo to believe in her son; she wonders if she can. Jade goes in to see Casey and tells him everything. She tells Casey to have faith in Margo but Casey is too upset to listen. She points out that some of Casey's anger toward Matt is because of Alison, making him angrier. Casey pleads with her to help him; she says she is done with him. Margo asks Tom if this is their fault. An officer brings back the toxicology report on the pills; they are the same as the pills found on Reg! Margo believes this is proof against Casey and goes into the interrogation room. She tells him and then arrests him! Tom tries to keep Casey calm but he is very upset. Jade promises to help him, and Casey is grateful. Tom closes the interrogation room door and holds Margo.

    What, Exactly, Do You Want?

    Monday, February 23 2009

    Jade leaves another message for Casey and then bumps into Derek. She is rude to him and he calls her on it and follows her through Old Town asking what she wants. Jade angrily says her parents have been running from her all of her life. Casey bumps into them and Jade practically begs him to let her tag along wherever he is going. Casey walks away and Jade tries to get rid of Derek but he keeps following her until they reach Al's and see Alison and Matt inside. She keeps walking and Derek keeps following, telling her not to let Casey walk all over her. He tells her to be a stronger woman than she has been in the past.

    Home alone, Luke calls Elwood's dorm, trying to get a list of visitors. He pretends to be Elwood's parole officer but the ruse doesn't work. Noah arrives and tells Luke – again! – to let the cops do the investigating. Luke won't listen. He insists that Reg deserves to be avenged and that the police aren't doing enough. Noah points out that they may not have seen anything in that alley. He suggests that instead of this crazy investigation they use the foundation to start a drug program to help kids like Reg who have trouble with alcohol and drugs. Luke likes the idea and pretends to go along with it. Casey arrives and tells them that Matt has to be Elwood's supplier! Casey tells them how evasive Matt was being; Noah says none of this means anything but Luke and Casey think they are on to something. Casey suggests another fake drug deal – using Jade as the mule! Casey calls Jade, apologizes for blowing her off and asks her to meet him at Lily's. She arrives a few minutes later and Casey tells her their plan to find out if Matt and Elwood are in the drug business together. "You want me to play junkie to his dealer?" Jade asks, upset. Noah tells her she can back out but Jade says she'll do it. Casey sends her off to Yo's. When they are alone again Noah says Casey's plan may be more about getting back at the guy Alison is dating than proving who killed Reg!

    Outside Jade questions Casey's plans and brings up Alison. Casey says Alison could be dealing, too! Holden and Lily arrive and Casey hurries away with Jade. They go inside and confront Luke, who insists things are under control. Noah pipes up that things aren't okay at all! Holden angrily confronts Luke, telling him that planting drugs on another person to frame them is a horrible thing to do. Luke insists he is just helping a friend. Holden yells at him to stay out of this for good!

    Jade goes to Yo's and gets friendly with Matt. She orders a drink and whines about Casey, the one night stand and her life in general. She eventually asks about his relationship with Alison, hoping that means Alison might be moving on. She beats around the bush for a while and then asks for something stronger than alcohol! Matt says he doesn't do or sell drugs. Alison walks in, hears them and says Casey is behind this! Jade brings up Alison's drug past, saying she should understand the need for a pick-me-up. Matt tells her to look for drugs somewhere else as Derek walks in. He grabs her and hauls her outside. He tells her to start demanding respect instead of just going along with boys' plans and doing drugs! Jade says none of this is his business and walks away. She gets to Java and orders coffee. Matt comes in and tells Jade to remind Casey that payback is a two-way street! She wonders if he is threatening Casey. He tells her Casey was just using her and walks out. Jade checks her phone but there are no calls from Casey.

    Breaking and Entering!

    Thursday, February 19 2009

    Lily catches Jade getting ready to go out at Fashions; Jade admits she is dating Casey now. Lily doesn't like that idea, given Jade's history with Adam but Jade insists it is not a big deal. Lily notices some expensive jewelry and questions Jade on how she got it since she isn't working; Jade says she always finds a way to get the things she wants. Jade shows Lily a dress and while she is trying it on, Jade corners Emily across the store and tells her to buy the dress – and give her more money because she's completed her job! Lily spots them and asks what is going on. Jade distracts her with a plan for dinner with Holden. Lily asks if Emily is upset that Jade is dating Casey; Jade says that is what Emily was upset about but says it is not a big deal. Lily warns Jade to be careful around Emily. Jade walks out.

    Emily drops by Lily's to talk to Jade. She angrily calls Jade a snake and verbally attacks her for sleeping with Casey. Jade insists she and Casey are a good fit because they are both hard partiers. Then she blackmails Emily, saying she'll tell Alison everything unless Em gives her more money! Casey walks in and asks what is going on! Jade covers, saying it is severance pay for the hassle of being hired and fired in the same day. Emily tells Casey to watch out for Ms. Troublemaker; Casey tells her to get lost. She leaves. Casey questions Jade some more. Jade says she threatened to sue Emily for racial discrimination and suggests that Casey sue her for sexual harassment! Casey tells her to back off and then breaks their date for that night and leaves.

    Lily arrives at home to find Jade wearing her new dress. She fills Jade in on the Luke situation and wonders what she can do to help him. She convinces Jade to talk to Luke for her and then asks about the dress; Jade says Casey broke their date and then decides to go out anyway. She leaves.

    Jade tracks down Casey in the medicine room at the hospital. She locks the door and closes the blinds and then kisses Casey! He pushes her away and hurries out. "What is wrong with you?" she asks angrily but Casey doesn't stop running.

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