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    As the World Turns CAST - Jade Taylor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jade Taylor Played by Davida Williams on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Davida Williams (Davida Williams)

    Birthday: September 1 1986
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Davida Williams
    Height: 5"2'


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    Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    Alison returns inside, and introduces herself to Hunter. She offers him tips on how to get along with Emily better. She instructs him to never correct Emily or argue with her. She then invites him to hang out with Casey and Jade. She introduces Hunter, who accidently spills a drink on Jade and runs away embarrassed. Jade angrily states she is not that desperate and to quit trying to set her up and leaves, as Casey and Alison laugh.

    I Want Your Firstborn To Be Mine!

    Monday, April 27 2009

    Alison and Casey run into each other at the hospital. Both wonder where Jade is. Jade arrives. Casey teases her about being late. Jade lashes out at him about Luke's kidnapping, clearly upset. She is freaked out so Casey hugs her. Alison sees them and turns away but Casey stops her and tells her about the kidnapping. Jade asks about Pisces pendants but neither can think of anything. Casey leaves with Jade to investigate, despite Alison's warnings about the danger. Alison warns them that they might mess up a rescue attempt, just like the time Matt tried to rescue her. Casey angrily tells her to stop letting fear rule her life! He leaves with Jade. Alison finds a new nurse, Zoe, in the hall. Zoe asks for drugs and she sees the Pisces pendant. Alison sends her into the medicine lounge. Alison follows her inside and plays dumb about the uses of the different meds. Zoe gets nervous but Alison remains firm that she must have the patient's names. She starts to call security but Zoe grabs her and locks her in the closet! She grabs the drugs and runs! Alison bangs on the door and calls for help.

    Jade questions the staff at Java but they have no information. Casey arrives and they return to the hospital. Casey tries texting her and then they hear her yelling from inside the closet. He opens the door and she jumps into his arms, telling him the kidnapper was there! She tells them about the drugs and the girl. They find a receipt on the floor. Casey calls Margo while Jade tries to reach Lily and Holden.

    Holden calls Margo, who says Damian is just trying to thwart the law. He gets home but Lily isn't there. He calls but she doesn't answer. Damian calls and both men get worried when they realize Lily is missing now, too! Holden calls Margo; she can't reach the police guard, either. He gets Lily's message. Damian arrives but no one is home. He sees the guard's feet around the corner and checks him. Jade, Casey and Alison arrive. He tells them to call the cops because the officer is dead! They show him the receipt and he shows them the picture. Alison recognizes Zoe! Damian leaves. Alison is even more worried about the guys and apologizes for not helping with the search. He says she didn't do anything wrong and they hug. Jade watches them, annoyed.

    Liberty Breaks Free?

    Thursday, April 16 2009

    Alison meets Casey at Al's for breakfast. They talk about his first day with the seniors and when Casey tells her about his first client, Alison warns him that the woman is a man hater. They walk to the hospital and spot Jade with Susan. Casey and Jade hurry off to pick up their charge. Susan questions Alison about Casey and Jade. As they walk to Java Susan points out that Casey has a lot of history with Jade and with Emily and Alison needs to watch her step. Alison swears they are taking things slowly but she is finally ready to take their relationship to the next level - today!

    Jade and Casey pick up their charge. She is just as ornery as Alison told Casey. Jade makes Casey sit with the woman but then can't get the van started. She and Casey take a look under the hood but can't figure out what is wrong. They call for help but are told it will be a few hours. They argue about who should go back to town and who should stay with their charge. Alison calls to ask Casey about allergies and reminds him of their lunch date. He tells her about the van and cancels. They explain things to the patient and Casey says he has already gotten her a new appointment. She comments that they are a good couple – and tells Jade to hold on to Casey! Their tow truck arrives.

    Alison hangs up from Casey's call, tosses her groceries in the trash and sadly walks away. She goes to the hospital and picks up an extra shift. She runs into Susan and tries to be brave about Casey and Jade being stuck together. Susan drags her into another room. Alison rants about pushing Casey to take the job with Jade because Jade is comfortable with her sexuality and she isn't. Susan calms Alison down by telling her that she is doing things right with Casey! "It will happen if you let it," Susan encourages. She tells Alison again to take her time and let things happen and then says she won't be home that night because of a patient. A while later Alison spots Casey and Jade talking about work. They seem very friendly and she gets worried. Casey sees her and calls her over. Jade leaves and Casey asks Alison about their dinner plans. She says she can't leave work and postpones. She leaves.

    Meg's Up To Something!

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Jade is nervously wandering around Old Town when Casey sees her. She brings up their affair and defends her actions again, telling him that taking money for something she wanted – him! – was just business. He can't believe her. Casey notices that Jade seems jumpy and asks what is going on. She asks if he can get her some pot (marijuana)! Casey angrily turns on her, reminding her of Mark and Elwood's drug issues. They argue and Casey storms off. Jade sits down with a strange guy and asks him for drugs! He arrests her!

    The cop hauls Jade to the police station where Alison takes over. She asks Jade what is going on; Jade insists that the cop tricked her but Margo sides with her officer. She tells Jade about the surveillance camera and Jade breaks down, telling her the truth. Margo threatens jail time and demands to know what is going on with Jade. She tells Margo about her tough life – the crazy ex-boyfriend, Derek the no-account father and the fact that no one will hire her. Then she brings Casey into it, saying the possibility of having him for a boyfriend was the only bright spot in her life. She begs Margo to keep this from Derek. Margo says she'll drop the charges – if Jade does her a favor! She tells Jade that community service is the only option; Jade hates the idea but has no choice. Margo tells Jade to start at the hospital. After Jade leaves Margo calls Bob to smooth the way for Jade. Bob is happy to accept another volunteer, especially with Margo's recommendation. Margo says this is exactly what Jade needs to turn her life around.

    Alison and Casey return to the hospital. They find Nancy and Casey excitedly tells her that he is going to help organize the seniors and drive the bus. Nancy is thrilled with the turn of events. Bob comes in and says Jade is going to help, too! Casey and Alison are not thrilled; neither is Jade. Jade and Casey don't want to work together but Bob orders them to work out their differences. He leaves. Casey tells Jade to get another volunteer job but she refuses. He storms out, saying he'll find something else to do. Alison follows him. Jade tries to leave, too, but Nancy won't let her. "You volunteered, now get to work!" Nancy exclaims!

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